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  2004.10.23  20.37

omg its only been two weekes since ive been grounded. its like the longest weeks of my life. i llike cant stand my house. evry1 gets on my nerves. my brothers a dick my grandmas a syco n my moms bipolar or sumthin lol. and i feel like my friend aubrie is like taking over my life lol. like all the ppl i used to hang out with b4 i wus grounded she hangs out with them now. like she never did before. and im so jeolous. i miss my friends so much i feel so sad and down. i dont even know what to do anymore. i just feel like after im ungrounded im not gona have any friends. but i know thats not gonna happen because i live in maplesahde and i cud just walk uptown n every kid that lives here will be there. i just feel like i wont know anybody anymore if that makes sense. well today i had cheerleading game. our team lost of course because they suck really bad. atleast i gott to talk to jenn n evryone. i love jenn. shes my bestest friend ever! lol! well im out xoox candace


  2004.10.16  22.20

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haha that ammused me! im the slut? lol! man o man
well today i sat around till like five. i remembered i had cheerleading so i told my dad to drive me there. he lives an hour away from my town. and it wus pouring and thundering and stuff. and when were like right up the street from the field my coach calls and says its cancelled! we drove an hour for nothing! what a waste of my life. then i came home ate tacos and watched some TV and thats my day more later xoxo <3 candace


  2004.10.16  11.06
new layout!

omg i love it!! thanks to Rockin_layouts im in love with it ! <3 candace


  2004.10.15  22.20

im sitting here so bored at my dads. i didnt do much 2day. im grounded for three more weeks and im counting down the days. god. i should of thought before i did anything dumb. im such a morran. lol. man. im such a mes up. it wus worth it though. i mean i dont regret it at all. well ill b back later <3 candace xox

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  2004.10.15  22.01


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  2004.10.15  21.59



  2004.10.15  21.51