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Today, I stopped to smell the flowers. [12 Aug 2003|03:37am]
My mother called me today. She wanted to have a 'talk' with me. See the previous entry that describes the usual talk between her and I. That's exactly what it was again today, only I didn't have to look at her. She wants me to come home. I'll come home tomorrow. The only reasons are I want to wash clothes, eat some food, apply at two more places, and steal some food/random stuff for Kurt. Might be making a trip to the thrift store, it all depends on who is managing there tomorrow night.

Kurt and I went out to get some coffee from Caribou Coffee. I had the best drink ever. It's called a Lite Berry something. I had the raspberry one. Someday I will get another. Afterward, we went and ate at Que Tal. No more of that. Then we were on our way to Kinkos, where I filled out an application. Hopefully with my 2 years of Graphic Design, random college classes of Graphics, printing at April Color Lab, and eye for design will get me in. This would be an interesting job. Working with transmission00? Yee-ha!

We got back to the dorm and were at each other's throats for a bit, then I told Kurt we were going to go for a walk. We saw bunnies, walked up a really awesome stairway, and wandered up to the dorms on the hill. The scenery on Southside is a hell of a lot better than on Northside. I stopped to smell the flowers, and yoinked some for myself/dorm. My dad lily is dying. :(

Last night I had a dream. The word 'fallen' kept coming to me. I woke up and realized that Memories of Dreams Forgotten was too long of a comic book title. Fallen it shall be. I think it suits the storyline a lot better, plus, it gives me an excuse to make a new web page.

I have to be up at 6:30, so, goodnight stars, goodnight moon.
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