+Once I tried to sniff coke,but the ice cubes got stuck+   
07:58pm 07/09/2003
mood: bored
music: Bring me to life-Evanesence
Another one of those none-productive days where you spend hours..doing nothing. I'm still debating whether to do my algebra homework or not,since I don't have to turn it in until Tuesday. Greg and I talked about going streaking lol. And he likes my saying Jesus Christ on a Fishstick. lol.Well I'm out for now.
10:53pm 06/09/2003
mood: worried
music: This is Not-Static-X
boring,boring,bleh bleh day.All I think I've done all day is Chat and sing. yes singing,my new pastime. lol.I'll listen to anything,as long as I can sing it. I feel bad, I'm not very good at talking to Adam. Am I being neglegent?I hope not. I'm worried.He Hates me. I really want to take up Jazz Dancing,because I want to be in a show like "Chicago" or even "West Side Story" (yes I am aware that is not Jazz) I hate how Love doesn't turn out as it does in West Side Story, someone doesn't spot you across the room,and long for you. Oh no. Someone spots you across the room,and asks you who your hot friend is.yep thats how it is here, maybe they should make "East Side Story" the opposite..yeh kno?I mean it could be like 'Emily spots [insert a name here] across the crowded room,he spots her too, and her incredibly attractive friend, he smiles and advances towards Emily,Emily gets excited 'Finally someone wants me!' [random guy]: Hey,who's your hot friend?' yep thats East Side story for ya. lol,Well I'm bored...I'm gonna see if I can find something to do.
+Theres a cool breeze from the window, and the feel that fall is coming soon+   
12:31pm 06/09/2003
mood: bored
music: Pretty Girl-Sugarcult
I didn't write yesterday so I will fill it all in. 1st period, English as usual.Mr Nixon's class. I can't complain,it's a pretty fun class. 3rd period,boring Social Studies,all we did was like a bunch of boring worksheets.5th period,German,I got to fell sehr blod. lol I'm not too good in it so far..But I did my homework already so its all good. 7th period was Algebra,now that has to be the MOST boring class. Andy and I talked some,he made these cool graphs I can't make..Andy,you suck. lol j/k.The bus ride home..was HELL. My Cd player died so i had to listen to Justin Timberfake since thats what was on the bus radio :*(. not cool. Man I need some tea (lol Dominique "I can just see you Emily,sitting at home,watching TV and..drinking tea" lol)I think its gonna rain! yay! WERE GOING STREAKING! Yay! bring your hat! hahahaha..Ben,I'm glad you found someone you like. Travis ...yes you are hotter then greg but i didn't say that so Greg can't get mad at me ..lol..yinz have to see this picture of Travis and Stephanie, its soooooo sweet! I was like AWWW! Well I'm out
03:05pm 04/09/2003
mood: bored
music: Ben Kweller-Commerce Texas
Today was BOOORRRING!! and kinda scary with all the Tornado warnings..but lets see..First period,well it was fun cause Mr.Nixon's cool. 2nd period..kinda boring ..kinda funny with the TP thing..and Lorenso cheated...he tore some of his..but i didn't tell you that! lol shhh...4th period..health/gym..we got our gym lockers and heard a speach..that was about it..and then 6th period was most boring..for an hour and a half..soooo boring!!Same song over and over and over again..and I have marching tonight..ZzZzZzZ! Tommorow will probably be about the same ,besides getting to see that one reallly hott guy 7th period :-). We still don't have our laptops working yet..probably not until next week..oh well! I'm out
04:31pm 03/09/2003
mood: content
music: I'll never let you go-Third Eye Blind
Today was looonng and boring!First period I had Mr.Nixon,He's actually really cool and nice. I think this year will be fun.We had homeroom for like an hour..or so ..again...Its SOOOO boring!Then third period I had Mr.Tucker,he seems alright.It should be fine. And then I had Mrs.Cremer,for German and I realized I really need to brush up on mine. But it was a fun class and she seems reallly nice. I just feel sorry for her daughter because she had to suffer with Ms.Bsat for German at carver.ha..what a hell that was! 7th period was Mr.Garland,Algebra and a really cute guy sits across from me! Too bad hes a junior, but maybe he wont be like some guys and be going on the whole "freshman suck" thing as Eric says.I got a good few comments on my outfit today,but i have to say I was realived when I finally got to take those 4 inch heels off! I'm glad to know people think my artwork is good. there are soooo many hott guys in my grade this year! It will be fun 0:-) . Best part,I'm single and I don't have my eyes set on anyone right now, I'm just browsing! There are alot of good lookin guys but I don't know them well enough to like them like that! Today at lunch I almost killed Jeff! You are EVIL! lol j/k I wouldnt really kill you...I think.lol.Hope you had fun learning German,Jeffrey. hahaha...I hope I get to go to Germany this year,it will be SOOO fun! Well I'm Out

-Liebe +<3