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new journal [21 Apr 2003|03:24pm]
i have a new journal its un_attached..comment me there and add me..and ill add u back
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unLoved.. [21 Apr 2003|01:22pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | hott in here~nelly ]

yeah yesterday fucken sucked! my mom didnt get me anything..she a bxtch..im really pissed...but we ate at my grams..but i hung out with alex michelle and jeffrey..which was fun..i ended up sleeping over..and it was fun..lol..but now im home, at my moms =/..yeah if u were me, ud be pissed too! but i think im goin over my dads later..bc he got me candy. atleast he thought of me =] ill update later

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tired [18 Apr 2003|11:38pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | air force ones~nelly ]

whoa; am i tired..i just got home..lastnight i ended up staying at my cousins..she is soo cute..but her brother is mad annoying..we went to bed at like 12:30ish..yeah thats little kids for yah..jessie made me play hospital..lmao shes ad0rable =] and john..i was gunna kill him..i beat his ass and his mom was like ashley!! i was cracking up and he was crying and his mom was trying to hold her laugh in...it was great! and we were watching tv and jessica is like 'ashley when will I start to grow boobies' im like jess i dont no..and she just wouldnt shut up about boobs the rest of the night..and then john asked me why hair grew 'in that certain spot' and im like because ask ur mom..lmao yeah enough with that..their mom had work at 11:30 so i got up at 10:45..brushed my teeth and went across the streets to my aunts..and who was there ofcourse..saraya..she was like omg ur hair! im like yeahhhHH..and then we just like hung out..my mommerz picked me up at like 1:30 and we went shopping..i got two shirts..and lo0ked for a dinner dance dress..but they are fugly and everyone i like there is none in my size..when we were done shopping..we went to my grandparents properties..jimmy was laying the carpet and im like heyy jimmy..and he goes hows my beautiful bitch number 3 doing..im like great jimmy great..and he goes come here..and he gave me a hug and i statted to walk away and he like tackled me im like omg jimmy u do this alll the timme! it was funny..hes a great guy! after that we came home and i got a shower and i went to the living stations..after that i went to my grandma and grandpa's..nobody is better than them..they would do anything for me..like they are the shit! i love them..if anything ever happened to any of them id like die..not even joking. and my grandpa made me go to walmart with him.. i didnt get anything..lol and i got home like..15 minutes ago..and now im goin to watch tv <33

he dosent no what he does to me

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stomach ache.. [17 Apr 2003|04:04pm]
[ mood | blah ]

hey..i didnt update yesterday bc i didnt go home until like 7..but heres yesterday..well my chorus class is stupid and dosent sing so now mr.coates hates us..its terrible lol..and then in american cultures..it was great..i have a daily routine of getting a drink. lol i get to keep a pass on the last day of school haha. mr.romo is great..and whoa u had to be at lunch..nora stole my seat and lauren told her about it and she was like shut the hell up..i was like 'wow can u say excorcism'..or however u spell it..her face got like as read as a fricken ripe strawberry..lmao and megan and nardone got introuble for i dont no what reason..but i felt bad for sailus bc she was crying..luv yah hun! when i came home i couldnt go online bc my dad was on a conference call..so he didnt get off of that until like 4:15..so he loaded his stuff in the car and we went to eat at the dough company..it wasnt good..i ended up taking all of it home besides like 2 bites lol..and when we were done he dropped me off at one of my grandparents properties bc my mom was cleaning..and dude i was like helping my uncle and we had to hang the clothesline up..i got to go up the ladder..i was like yeahh! and then hes like ur a good help..im like yeahh i no =] he gave me 5 bucks..hes like go by shampoo..lmao long story..so i was there for about an hour..then we went to my grandparents house..we were only there for like 20 minutes..and then we picked joey up and went home..as soon as i got home i got changed and went running with joey..omg it was like all up hill..pringle has too many hills lol..and when i got home from running i hate ofcourse lol and then i went online until like 10..and then i watched willy wonka and the chocolate factory..that movie is stupid..i saw it like 10 times..and then today..normal day..i wore bunny ears ti school! megan had the same ones..they are soo great..nothing exciting happened at lunch..school was pretty boring..but im gunna go..i have to decide where im going tonight..i am not sitting home..well ill update later..mL*am

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w o w . . [15 Apr 2003|09:13pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | all my life~k-ci &JoJo ]

hey hey! whats goin on? nothing here..dude i am madd hyper! my mom is like shut up! im like ugh mom maybe after u worship the ground i walk on..but yeahh im calming down..a.c was sooo fun..i was way hyper and im like mr. romo if u let me go get a drink ill be good the rest of the class!! so i was lol..but now im wayy bored..i went to eat with my dad...and he was gunna take to the mall but my gay mom said she was in a hurry..but no i was home like 20 minutes before we went to gay CVS...all i got was face wash..i was gunna get more wet shine but they didnt have the clear..and then they didnt have the pen i wanted..remember tucker?! lmao that was great..she liked died her hair blue ; shes gay like that ;] lmao jk luv yah girl..well im gunna go!

i dont wanna run away but i cant take it i dont understand..

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jammin ;] [12 Apr 2003|10:59pm]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | country grammar~nelly ]

hey..i had soo much fun today..between kara and i dont no..it was a great day..yeah i got my heair dyed..it looks good i think..but i dont think my friends will like it...but i dont care because i do..lol but tonight was soo fun and i dont no why..this dude called my moms cell and was like dee its me..im like yeah buddy this is her ashley and he was like im sorry hun can i talk to ur mom im like ugh im afraid she dosent recall ur name..and hes like im sorry for talkin to u rude but can u get her to the fone..then i just hung up..but tomorrow i have a bday party to go to..which is gunna be gay but saraya better be there!! ill like go buck on her if she dosent...well im goin to watch a movie<3

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;] [12 Apr 2003|02:27pm]
[ mood | drunk ]
[ music | ignition[remix]~rKelly ]

heyy!! tonight was the shat 'and a half'..lol kara stayed here..and we read this 'book'..then we went online..dude we went in this spanish chat room..it was mad wacked..and then i was like half asleep and karas like who does tabitha like and im like im gunna have to get a locker by him..tehe i was tired..but i think today im going to my cousins birthday party..and then to my aunts to hang out with saraya..well im gunna go..luv yah!

how can i follow my heart when its more confused than my head?

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confused.. [10 Apr 2003|08:07pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | angel~amanda perez ]

wow..these past two days were really hell..i really like him..but there is nothing i can do..and i dont want to break him and his girlfriend up..thats just wrong..and i wouldnt do something like that..but yeahh i am madd bored..alycia is making me an icon..tehe..my mommy made my hair appointment for the dinner dance..i dont no how im doing it tho..omg joey is here..hes mad annoying!!! he answered my cell phone..i like flipped..but it wasnt anybody important..well my dad hahah..well im going luv yahh <33

take it..dont leave it

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awesome day.. [08 Apr 2003|08:05pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | 50 cent~in da cLub ]

highlight of the day:stephanie and i get kicked out of homeroom!

yeahh...so that was hilarious...she said we can pass notes..so we did...and she said we were being too loud..and werent even talking..and she kicked us out! lmao u had to be there..well i really like him<33 and im going bc i wanna lmao

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snow day.. [07 Apr 2003|03:27pm]
[ mood | blah ]

hey..today was such a waste of a snowday.. lol.. but i slept until like 12:00.. ofcourse my brother jeffrey had to blast his music when he was in the shower.. lol.. i think im goin to the mall after we go out to eat later.. i want outback.. that place is the shxt!.. im gunna make a new blurty name.. but i dont have any ideas.. if you have any.. comment me..lol well im gunna go. ill update later

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longg day.. [05 Apr 2003|06:32pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | we right here~dmx ]

hey..today was like such a long day! i woke up around 9:00 because i was supposed to clean the cemetry..but it was cancelled..so i went food shopping with my dad..lol..it was great..i had a pepperoni sandwich at 10:00 in the morning...but thats just me for you...and then i had practice for living stations...and then my dad picked me up and then my mom picked me up at my dads...and i went to price chopper..again..lol..and when i came home..brilliant me fixed the keyboard...and hooked up the dsl thing...i was like yeahh go mee! and then i did my saint report..yeahh how much fun did i have? hhah...so now im sitting here..kinda talkin to sophia..but i think im going over my cousins for a couple hours to hang out..bc i dont feel like staying home alone..bc my mom is going somewhere..hmm? lol but if i do stay home alone...ill be way bored and prob call everyone lol..i was going to go to the movies..but im kinda sick..im gunna go <3ashLey

the same things they do to me, will be done to them*

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unL0ved... [04 Apr 2003|11:47pm]
[ mood | sick ]

well..i went the dance..which wasnt that fun..i dont feel good at all lately..i think im getting sick..ok well i no im getting sick...i pray to god that it rains tomorrow bc i dont want to clean the cemetery..lol..i dont like anyone anymore..its just a waste of time..soo..i dont no..hahha..alycia was supposed to stay over but people are gay!!!..well im gunnna go! luv yahzz<333

phat farm?..lmao mac

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hi! [04 Apr 2003|04:17pm]
[ mood | excited ]

wow..i havent updated in a longg time..well anyways...today was like madd fun!! i was so hyper after lunch! i like was sooo loud..it was fun tho..hhaha...omg i really hate when certain people stare t me...i mean dosent she the picture that i no she does...what a fricken blonde..haha im mad-my background wont show up...so now my blurty is kinda plain..lol..well im going to go..ill update tonight.luv yah<33

duckk umbrellas ;]

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heyyy =] [15 Mar 2003|07:14pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hey baby! i am soo bored..this week seriously sucks! i did nothing fun..and today all i did was sleep and i went to rich's house..hes amazing !!.i think this blurty drama is over..thank god..i think i fallin for him again.. heheh..well im goin to get my clothes together..im goin with to eat with jimmy and saraya later...and thn im staying at her house...ill update later

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boring day ! [15 Mar 2003|12:54am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

well..lemme tell ya this..today wasnt the shat! i was soo tired this morning..i did really bad on my engLish test..and i didnty go anywhere tonight!! i feel asleep when i got home and woke up at like 6..and i ate at like 6:30..so i wasnt gunna go to the dance bc they are boring sometimes and i had like 30 minutes to get ready..and i didnt wanna go late...so i went food shopping!! now..how fxkcen fun is that? the only good part out of it was there was a hott kid at wegmans and i got new makeup..and one of the lipglosses are sooo good! yeah it was scary..i was trying to find my dad and some chinese guy was like following me..so im like omg child mollester..i found my dad safely..but i stayed with him the rest of the time..i wonder if im gunna get any more comments..i mean cant people just grow up already..i can go on forever..about everything...especially him..ughh! oh well!! well im gunna go watch tv and call sophia..love yahh <33

you have no idea

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at my aunts =] [12 Mar 2003|07:27pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

hey hey!! whats goin on? im so fxcken sick of the little immature jealous comments!! grow the hell up already!! im not the jealous one..ur just some fat ass skank..ok well im at my aunts..so i cant write much more..oh and if ur soo great and sexii say it to my face <33

skinny skanky ass bitch

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friday/saturday [08 Mar 2003|01:57pm]
[ mood | hungry ]


well we had a two hour delay which was good..but i wrote about that in school..and when i came home i went online and i ate a peice of pizza...lol...and i got in the shower again about 6:OO and then i got ready for the dance..there was like nobody there..but i had fun with the people who were there..and then i went to tommys..thank god he wasnt there..but i had sooo muchh fun there! i made up two new songs "i shot the carrot..but i didnt no shoot the celery" and " i shot the spoon..but i did not shoot the butter knife"..it was hilarious you had to be therE! and my french fries were spicy..so the lady brought me new ones..so we walked to britts house and on the way there we stopped at daves..and when we got to the corner there were these kids in a car and they were like who are u..so we told them;]..right girls? haha and then someones "cool hip brother john" took me home!! lmao..and then i went online..and i watched a movie with allen..kristi..and sophia..which was one odd moive!! hhaha


i woke up around 11:15 bc my fone was ringing...and then i took a shower bc my mom sed she picking me up at 12..but ya no its 2:00 and she still didnt pick me up..grr..im staying over candi's tonight!! YAY! we are gunna have a blast...but im gunna go....ill update later <33

know the limits ;]

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in school..again [07 Mar 2003|12:20pm]
[ mood | drunk ]
[ music | ^lmao^ ]

hiI! today was goo bc we had a two hour delay.but i woke up at 63O and got ready bc i didnt no..and my mom was like i think uu have a delay..im like omg ur not serious...i was p/o bc i got ready and everything..so i stayed up and studied for english and then science...this is the last day on computers..then i got to practical arts..i kinda dont wanna leave cp but oh well....im outt<3 luv yahh

im free fallin..hahah tc bm

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in school -- [06 Mar 2003|12:04pm]
[ mood | sad ]

heyy im soo bored..its snowing like whoa outside and we still dont have an early dismissal.!! today is going by even slower than yesterday!! but after school im goin to dq..i think i want vanilla ice cream with sprinkles or an oreo blizzard or chocolate milkshake..lol theres too much to choose from!! i still have a half hour before lunch..and i did soo many things already!! grr i have a spanish test after lunch, but thats really easy!! well im gunna go and be bored i guess...luv yah!!

i will always love youu

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in schooL! [05 Mar 2003|01:54pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

hey babes..im in school..being bored..i just finished my web page..but i dont think we make it into a real site..well im soo bored...and i have spanish next..but thats last class so it dosent matter..its still gunna go by really slow!! today was soo boring tho..and it went by soo slow..i want fried chicken..but i cant bc its ash wednesday..i am soo hyper tho!! ill update when i get home..luv yahh!

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