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Maria's Journal

1st February, 2004. 6:52 pm. "Why can't I be YOU!?"

yo yo yo...umm this has to be the LONGEST time i haven't written. I got a whole bunch of shit about a week ago. A JUICY set, louie vuitton, stuff from Armani, my Diesel shoes, etc. i'm sad to say that eric colman broke i won't have to hear my brother singing they're songs around the house nd he won't have to go to anymore record release it is pretty sad tho...eric came for dinner today so he isn't completly gone...too has been goin ok, except today sucked...i was supposed to go to the mall, but i cudn't..i got pretty bummed I RELLE needed some new this is very strange all of the sudden A LOT of guys like me nd it's kinda gross, only because they lykk me for the wrong reasons. And the guys i like don't like me cuz i like all the shallow guys, but fuck it as soon as i find out they're shallow, i just say fuck you i can do better then a shallow ass mother fucker..hah cathia..well i'm gonna go..lata

Current mood: disappointed.
Current music: The Cure-Why Can't I Be You.

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