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Moving to.......... [13 Jul 2004|10:58pm]
Moved to

and Dont forget to sign the slambook
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Yet another destination.. a new begining [27 Jun 2004|11:12am]
After all the fun I had in IITK for the past four years. Being there I was lucky enough to be told by everyone around that you are the best and you are there because you deserve to be there. Its time to pay back, its time to strengthen the confidence they had in me, its time to bring proud to my alma mater.As I move out in the corporate world as a young professional dedicated to make a change to the world I live in. A very beautiful part of my memories at IITK comprises of me knowing you all and this blogworld. Meeting you all changed me a lot, lots of friends, lots of inspiring people, It was wonderful. You all have this special place in my memories. Dont worry I am not going away from the blogworld. Just that this new challenge might be a little more demanding so I might not be as frequent as I used to be in IITK. Just felt like saying thanks to all you wonderful people. And some which were always so close as childhood friends... luxie, girl, shobz, alaknanda, sona, candy, ridhish, rash, shalin, reeyu, neha aparna and richa.

I have made a new blog layout. Finally am moving from blurty but not now .. will announce when I will.

And I would love all of you to fill up my slam-book

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All the Best [22 Jun 2004|10:58am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | love love you do - Beatles ]

Today is an important day for the sweetest and bubbliest human being ive ever known. All the Best. Wishing you loads of luck Mishhh :)

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Procrastination :(( [20 Jun 2004|11:41pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Above Ground - Norah Jones ]

You know what people .. I was planning to post something since a long time ... and just out of laziness kept avoiding it ... for long. Actually whenever I sat to blog I found some friend online and then kept talking so it never happened. And yeah friends Rosa la Misha is about to complete and it has turned out to be really beautiful now I will have to find some way to share it wid you all. Well the life here all these days was sheer fun. Meeting friends and relatives .. and going on walks ..fiddling with this new cellphone of mine and loving the lovely weather and food of this place.
I sometimes feel I am so different in myself ... at time I feel that I will go mad in nostalgia but the next moment I find myself gazing at the stars looking forward for the new endeavours. I recently saw Lakshya, was really impressed with the effort put in by the team. The thing which impresses me most in a movie is the Cinematography and this movie was a Cher Doeuvre in that respect. I will write another post praising this movie. There was one song which somehow I found really inspiring .. the lyrics and all ... it really gives me a feeling that I feel all the more focussed, still I dwell around with the nostalgic feelings about IITK ... watching videos and snapshots of the place once in a day .. contributes significantly to my daily routine. It really feels nice to write a post after a long time ... I feel like goin on and on but my mom realy doesnt like me glued to comp all the time so will have to sign outtt ... mom ... thodi aur der naa :P .... *pinches himself* dumbo this aint ur iit :))

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Blogging back on track [16 Jun 2004|12:21am]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Hit the lights - Metallica ]

wowww feels so good .. after a long time .. i replied all the comments to my posts.. :)
so people i am back fulltime :P and will start the bloghopping soon ... sorry all for not being to ur blogs since a long timeee

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Happy Birthday to the bubbliest and the most regular (;)) blogger, moi sweet dosthni [13 Jun 2004|02:40pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | Aisa kyun hoon ... yucksss ]

Happpppy Birthday Dear Dear Dosthni :)
Wishing you all the success in your life ... may you get all sweeet friends like your dosth :)
Miss yaa :)
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Monsoon [09 Jun 2004|01:08pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | Give me a Reason ... Corrs ]

Despite all the mess around monsoon is a long awaited season...and its even more enjoyable in Indore... I just love the climate of this place... the evening breeze that flows here is just amazing. The greenery all around .. the clouds, the pakoras, the tea, the football matches, the raindances(chak dhoom dhoom). Amidst all this love bestowed upon by the nature and my family mates ... am missing some people real bad ... and of all the place I loved soo much ... I I T K :(( ... the place where there were soo many friends.. the place where you are never far from an internet terminal, a phone and a cold water tap and yaa an SIS guard ...i keep goin through the snaps and videos of the place all the time ... talking to iitk friends about the place ... damn i miss it soo much. The place brought soo much change in me :P some things which others notice very easily I grew from 5'10 to 6 ... and the weight from 56 to 68 Kgs ... dumb hehehhehehe and a lot many things in me ... yeah one more thing I found average girls a lil more beautiful than i used to four years agooo :)))) and the list of my friends has grown radically in these 4 years ... awrite time to sign off... my cousins really dont like me glued to pc all the time :p so i better get my @ss movin :)))))

mishhhh, girl.....shalin .. riddy .. laks ... i miss u sooo much

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Here I am [05 Jun 2004|03:20am]
I am not going anywhere leaving all my blogpals :) ... how can I ... Will have to change the Ethernet Card to a Modem soon ... after that it will all be same again .... and that wont take long :) so till then lemme have fun here with my cousins ... and u all have fun tooo ... miss ya all soo much
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Convocation :) [26 May 2004|04:54pm]
At last the convocation day has neared.... mom dad and my cousins coming for the ceremony and I am feeling excited about it. Tommorow is the rehersal for it and we plan to have lotsa fun during it. And friends please please dont forget to watch the Webcast of the Ceremony ( ) you will find a link to the convocation site here.... the Convocation will be starting 1300 Hours by Indian Standard Time :) . I will upate in a lil whilee......
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Happy Birthday to the living doll [21 May 2004|02:21pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Elements : Band of Boys ]

Happpppy Birthday Dollly .. the sweetest and the most innocent blogger... she always reminds me of barbie dolls .. and whenever I design something for her .. it comes out cladded with barbies, be it a blog template or her place in my blogroll :P . So heres wishing a very very Happy Birthday to The Girl!!!!

sorry for bring late by 14 hours 22 minutes and 45 seconds :( ... all thanks to Indian Railways ...
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I love you mumma and papa [17 May 2004|11:46am]
A very happy wedding anniversary to you mumma and papa.

updating soon ...
goin to varanasi...nother extempore trip .. be back on 19th
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Sindhu's Questionnaire [15 May 2004|01:36am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | A R Rahman's AirTel ingle :P ]

1. Name a blogger you would like to have a cup of coffee with, chatting away, about anything and everything.
==>Shalin: We have soo many common interests and common likings and only the Rahman's music is a topic sufficient to keep as busy for hours.

2. Name a blogger you absolutely, definitely, surely, ESPECIALLY want to meet in person.
==>Ridhish Mera kumbh ke mele me bichuda hua bhaiyaa :P

3. Name a blogger you wanna squeeeeeeeeeze.
==>Girl... She is soooo diabetically sweet ...shes just like a Barbie Doll

4. Name a blogger whose voice you wanna hear.
==>Sonaa Shes is so full of enthusiasm and is sweet and fizzzy just like a bottle of Fanta :P

5. Name a blogger whose blog you obsessively visit every single day, every other hour, but they have no idea about it. (Hah, they will now.)
==>Neha Go see her taggie you will know :P but these days shes not updating it :(

6. Name a blogger who charmed you immensely during the very first visit to their blog.

7. Name a blogger you would like to catch a movie with! And then some shopping. And maybe dinner too? :)
==>Misha Shes sooopercool :P

8. Name a blogger to star opposite you in a Bollywood movie. (LOL!)
==>Reiya in a tapori movie :P

9. Name a blogger whose inner beauty astounds you.
==>Girl Her innocence and sweetness is just beyond words.

10. Name a blogger who you would miss beyond words if they stopped blogging.
==>Rash I am kinda addicted to her sweet and elegant posts I wanted to write her name too in the elegant posts thing but this was more appropriate ;)

11. The blogger you adore the most
==>Shobha my blog behena :P

12. Name a blogger who makes you purrrrrrrr. (You know, they're just too sexy!)
==>Candy ...ayeonhi!! I was soo impressed with her blog at the very foist visit.

13. Name a blogger you think is your mirror image.
==>Shalin, Our taste is quite similar and so are some of the passions :P

14. Name a blogger you would start a rock band with.
==>CC Just got this feeling that we can Rock!!! together :P

15. Name the blogger who you've known for the longest time.
==>Khushee :) .. It was her blog from where I got this inspiration of blogging and hers was also the first blog I ever visited.

16. The blogger who can light up a smile on your face whenever he/she likes:
==>Richa She has angelic ways of making you smile and cheer you up... sweeet enough to be called Shakkar ki Bori

17. The most sophisticated and elegant blogger
==>Priyanka Oh she keeps alive the UP chapter of blogging with rare ones like me. Just read her latesr post and you will be all over the floor.

18. Whos the bubbliest blogger around
==>Luxie my naughty dosthni keeps smiling grinning and gigglin:P Toothie and Sonaa are equally appropriate :D

Phew... I had a tough time filling this man!!!

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The lines I read so many times ... [13 May 2004|03:05am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Remember - You've Got Mail OST ]

One of the most crucial part of my B.Tech Project (IITians read btp :P ) was in the imaging and microscopy lab and I had to wait there for a loong loong time for the lab incharges.. and there were these words I read almost everyday .. somehow used to find them really cool :

He is quick, thinking in clear images
I am slow, thinking in broken images

He becomes dull, trusting to his clear images
I become sharp, mistrusting my broken images

Trusting his images, he assumes their relevance
Mistrusting their relevace, I question their relevance

Assuming their relevance, he answers the fact
Questioning the relevance, I question the fact

When the fact fails him, he questions his senses
When the fact fails me, I approvemy senses

He continues quick and dull in his clear images
I continue slow and sharp in my broken images

He in a new confusion of his understanding
I in a new understanding of my confusion.

These lines also go along with things other than imaging... think about it ...

PS: A research paper is going to be published on my work on this project :) yayyyyyyyyyy!!

I'm Joey Tribbiani from Friends!

Take the Friends Quiz here.

created by stomps.

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Nostalgica - Lethargy- Heat [10 May 2004|06:51pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Moonbaby - Godsmack ]

Viciously gripped into the jaws of these three phenomena. If someone asks me what are you upto? I serisouly have no answer to relax the strained muscles on his/her face.. and they finally remain unanswered. The sleeping cycle has reversed according to the temperature. Food,um well let alone some odd trips to some local friend's place, its terrible. The wing has become empty too, it looks more like a dark corridor than a bunch of lively place full with hooligans all the time. Most of the friends are now gone home and it adds a handsome bit to my boredome. The thing I am enjoying is the compilation of my departmental yearbook. Spunning a collection of memories we all shared being in the same department. How we xeroxed Pranav Garg's notes and the collective effort we shown in Asim Tewari's "Take Home" exam and in the Phase Transformation course, the mailbox spamming sessions after the exams, the fun in Mumbai and Pune, the photo sessions, the Takers' Times, the rest of the batch growling at poor Mayank Goel who wakes up to find a clash in time table a couple of days before the exam, the failed plans of a trip to Agra, Khaujraho or Rave. I am really good at blending this nostaliga stuff with the art so I am sure I will give it my best. And yeah in between some phone calls from friends really make me feel a lot better. My mind is all blank ..I have no idea what to write, so will get back to this post soon..may be after a long shower or some soothing phone call.

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Chanda re Chanda re... [05 May 2004|05:36pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | damn i blew my speakers :( ]

Update: Some old snaps.. of my childhood are scanned. You can see them here

All the best to the Banasthali Friends for their exams: Neha, Richa, Aparna and Ankita. I have made a special prayer to Ganeshji to help these four sweet girls crack the exams (they never forgot to wish me for my exams)

A new blog on my favorites list: Shadowgal. Got addicted to it in no time, its a wonderful blog from someone whos in love with IITK campus as much as I am.(There were atleast 20 hits from to her blog in past 8 hours)

------- The post -------
Yesterday night was one of the most beautiful ones I have seen in past few months. Ever since my childhood I loved gazing at the night sky, stars and ofcourse the moon. The sky, lit up with candid and divine light of the full moon gives such a soothing effect to the eyes. I never actually saw a lunar eclipse before and yesterday happened to be a total one. We climbed at the terrace of the topmost building of our campus(Illegaly ofcourse, it was a little dangerous). It was all so romantic, lying down there at the top, the beautiful campus and the diffused lights of the Kanpur (which most of the time is drowned in darkness, all thanks to the power cuts) were looking good, the earth eating up the sun's light to the moon slowly, the hide and seek of some lonesome clouds. I had a little nap there, one of the most sweetest nap ever. When I opened my eyes the moon was slowly coming out forming a shape, which crudely can be called as similar to the diamond ring during a solar eclipse. Open clear sky, lovely stars and the beautiful game of nature was a lovable view. I wish I kept staring at all this all night but we had to move.We roamed about in the campus, also looked at the moon closely at the Astro Club obsevation.

Some snaps we clicked somehow.. wish I had some hi-fi camera to fiddle with the exposure time and stuff :( .. still these snaps are nice, Ravi's new Sony digicam rocks!!

My Inner Hero - Warrior!

I'm a Warrior!

I'm courageous, straightforward, and charismatic. I'm a born leader, but I'm also not afraid to face danger on my own. Nothing stands between me and victory... nothing that lives to tell the tale, anyway. If you need someone to charge into battle for you, call on me.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.
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It aint no pasta ... and it aint no eclaire' ...its my bhelpuri again!! [04 May 2004|01:18am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Hum Kaise Log Hain : Bhopal Express OST ]

Bhelpuri time... happnens a lot when you have lots of things going around and your blogging frequency is in the ICU (lolz helluva PJ).

------- Happy Birthday to my doll----------

Happy Birthday to the most prettiest, sweetest and the most loving sister Siddhi. And also to my chachi.

------- Ghar ka Khana!! ----------

Today we went with our local friends to their homes. As usual we went in a Vikram to Shishir's place and then in his car to Chacha's place.The roller coaster ride on Kanpur's bumpy roads and add to it Shishir's driving it was such a fun. We had lunch at one Shishir's place and dinner at another's. We played cricket on the terrace. Imagine 9 people playing in a 20ft*20ft area and shouting like mads. His neighbours went crazy with all the shouting and people like me who always find it difficult to control their tongue. The power situation in Kanpur city is horrible so the power went off just before the dinner. So we had a dinner lit half by both candle and moon. Oh and the Tea made by Jhawar was mindblowing. The fun we had riding back home and yeah ofcourse when all my friends were shouting around me while I was talking to M on Jayesh's cell. M you sound sooo bubbly.

some snaps at :

This is our wing: A bunch of people who were with me all these years and we all would be the bestest of friends forever.
Family A-TOP

------- Neo Bhai B.Tech ----------

Throughout my B.Tech, I have employed this formula: "Have fun the whole semester, slog hard for the final exams and crack them bigtime". The formula never failed and never did I miss cracking the final exams. Once an instructor asked me:Pranshu, do you study only for the end sems! Anyway, there was this course called Order and Chaos in Nature, it was all too chaotic and I kinda messed it up real bad initially but then managed to get it back on track. Thank God I studied for the end sems atleast though the wishes of Tinkerbell, Richa, Dolly and Mish backed me bigtime!!!

------- Meenaxi ----------

I loved this movie.*Gets into the good old matrix pose to dodge the chappals and all you are gonna throw*. Actually if you watch it considering a work of art rather than a movie you will be able to appreciate it in a better way. It really is a Connoisseur's choice. The picturisation of songs was really exotic. The "Cyclist's Rythm" rocked bigtime. The camera work was really awesome and the music goes sooo well with the video, it was mindblowing.Throughout the movie the use of colors, shadows, light has been fantasti. Its been a bliss to watch soo many artistic sequences every now and then. I believe every shot can be conceived as a painting in itself. The story was really interesting and new to Indian scene. Was a li'l inspired from Vanila Sky, Rosa la Misha and to some extent goes really well with my last post about illisions. As these paintings move along the frames, the superb background score give them a perfect rythem. Tabu as usual was fabulous and I think its needless to mention the ever-so-impactful Raghuvir Yadav.

------ I love Ridhish -------

Thanks soo much dadda for awarding me a life membership of I love Ridhish club. It already has star members like Shobha and Vidya.

------Thankx Luxiee--------

Thanks you soo much to my sweet dosthni Luxie for creating a Google Mail account for me.


there are a few more things I wanted to post.. but well... lets have this much only for this Bhelpuri.
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Camera Obscura [02 May 2004|02:50pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | Lady Marmalade : Moulin Rogue OST ]

Living in illusions! I dont know if its bad or good, but we all live in illusions and the only thing that varies is the extent to which we do. There are many names for these illusions each one bearing some special purpose within. Spirituality is one of those illusions which atleast I think are really imporant in ones life. I have many friends who consider being spiritual as idiotic. I agree there wont be any divine power which can help you in the problems of your life directly but they can help a lot virtually. Imagine a hypothetical situation: You have lost almost everything in life, no hope left. Still your spirituality can give you some hope to live. In a nutshell I can say: It helps you being positive.
     There are many illusions which you want yourself to be in. There are certain dreams you always want to remain in. There is one illusion which happens to be the most beautiful thing in my life. We live in a Camera Obscura and such illusions are like the single ray of light which is sufficient to paint the whole canvas of our life.

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Main hoon naaa!! [01 May 2004|03:01am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Chand Mera Dil : Mohammad Rafi ]

Its been a while I was away and I missed blogging and all the interesting people out here. The series of night-outs and exhausting exam schedule often leaves me dwelling deeper into the realms of insomnia. This was the last time I was going through these unforgettable experiences of my undergraduate studies. The exasperation has its own special ways to come out when the exams are messed up, poor professors, what not we say them. Funny creatures arent they? infact everyone out here in our institute is funny in its own way or you may say our appreciation and creativity knows no bounds, we can make a joke out of anything. Writing hoodwinking answers, finding out the clues for some questions on another questions, somehow make your attempt at it to seem honset enough to be graced with a couple of dangling mark tags which finally add up to give you a commendable total. At the end of the day you can go back home feeling satisfied and ponder about the learnings of this semester sipping a dispropotionate tea in the mess. After exam discussions in the mess, gaalis to profs and yellings of the sufferers and screams of the ones who are never gonna settle for anything less than a cent, the discussions about the answers turn into affrays as quick as the sambar of our mess splits into layers of water and some gross vegetable content. My artistic creativity knows no bounds so I might stop here or else I might even describe observing the face of a beautiful lady in the chawal-rasam-rayta spread in my plate. Gosh the post as of now is a perfect not-so-blatant way of saying This is my blog and I can spit anything in here :))) ...Anyway as a farewell to the graduating students the Kanpur weather for a change is loovely in April end. It rained three times in the week which just strolled by, and the weather was cool, cloudy and breezy for most of the time. The peacocks dancing around and the diffused light through the clouds, the dark sky and and greenery around make it something really sublime. I love the nightouts because at the end of it I get to see one of the most beautiful natural phenomena, the color of the sky transforming from that darkness with a bluish tinge through a series of the most beautiful hues of the blue color, which happens to be my favourite. There are a few songs I love to listen in the morning time: two tracks from Monsoon Wedding, Bombay Theme and Om Jai Jagdish Hare and a few ragas. The birds chirping around, that music, the slight chill in the air make it all so adorable.
     When I started writing this post I had something else in my mind...actually wanted to give some comments on one of the most hopeless enocounters with the crappiest stuff from the bollywood. Well I wasted this lovely evening and around 100 bucks for this obtuse attempt to copy as much fancy stuff from the hollywood movies. Is it really neccessary to show everything in that medley of gross scenes and incoherent wits. Shahrukh should never have done something like this, he lost a good share of points in my list today. I wonder why is everybody so crazy about the Matrix action sequences. They just stuff it in anyhow in their movies just like I stuff the relevant jargon after writing a base for the answer to a question when I am in desparate need of marks. The concepts of gravity and time were all over the floor at the end of the movie. The good old projectile motion was seen traversing a reverse parabola (Farah Khan u trying to proove that "g" can go negative in Darjeeling??), In a scene Shetty kicks Shahrukh and he stays in air till Shetty goes for a stylish turn back, gives a idiotic grin and then hits him again before he falls to the ground. But still at the end of the day you can find people coming out of theatre satisfied or rather amazed by the "phight" and "ackson" they just saw on the screen. I have full faith in such people of my country who are gonna make this movie earn an honest share of success, just like Koi Mil Gaya did. I used to say I can watch anyhing for Shahrukh, not anymore!! The only thing worth liking was the voluptuous, flamboyant still gracious Sushmita and the caramel-clad, butter doll Amrita!!! Sushmita was breathtaking in that saaree. I have always placed her abover Aish, in all aspects and she hasnt disappointed me. Overall I would say if you have good internet resources or have access to pirated cds... watch it on your comp or something.. the movie aint worth goin to some theatre. In fact I dont see any reason to see it, except Sush and Amrita. As I look at it from all angles I must say the camera work and photography was really impressive. Music ummm I would say :not bad and Zayed Khan ...aaargh cheap and intolerable I wont wonder still some girls will find him cute!!

PS: I wannna thank some people from the bottom of my heart for sending me wishes and luck all these days. It was really touching to see all that. Especially little Tinkerbell, Dolly,Richa,Mishiii,My deaar Dadda,Shalin, Neha,Sonaa, Luxiee,Shobhz, Reeyu, Blueye,Mint,Geetu, Angelica, Aparna, Ankita, Priyank and of all my sweet sister Siddhi

Another addition to my blogroll my sweeeet friend misha now into blogging @

My Blogroll

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Happy Birthday to The Sweet Mermaid [22 Apr 2004|11:12pm]
[ music | Love Me - Enigma ]

Heres wishing a very very Happy Birthday to a sweet friend who listens to my non-stop chattering so patiently and strangely founds it sweet.Hope you have a great day and a wonderful year ahead.

Happy Birthday Neha

ps: i am posting this a lil early .. as i am feeling sleepy .. i might fall on my table anytime :P
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Sarfaroshi ki Tammana [20 Apr 2004|02:01am]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Take My Breath Away - Berlin, Top Gun OST ]

Like the fragrance of the grain
We'll live in every crop our farmers raise
Like the humming of life
We'll live in the breathe of every generation to come

Come the time,
We'll leave for all the world to see
What joy there is in obsession
in pursuit of goal

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