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Hey [18 Oct 2003|10:08am]
Well I'm not going to reconcile with my wife. I have no prospects of a sexual partner in the near future(I'm not even ready to look yet). So there's no reason to keep this journal open. But I invite you all to check out my LiveJournal. http://www.livejournal.com/users/myq13/ I'll keep this up for a week or so, then close out the journal, no reason to waste memory on blurty's servers.

Hope to see you all on LJ!
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haven't benn here for a while. [02 Aug 2003|11:16am]
Sorry I haven't updated, but I haven't had a lot to write about. Actually, I have, just not in this forum. Right now my wife and I are seperated. Not divorced, but that still is a possibilty. I don't know when or if I'll be back to posting, but I'll check in and still be commenting on my blurty-friends lives. But keep all our bits crossed that we'll get back together soon, so I can get back to frightening you with all my perversions.
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Tried mixing thins up a little [23 Jul 2003|02:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]

My wife has a serious blood fetish. She cuts me and drinks from me almost every time, either before during or after sex. Yesterday I thought I'd give it a try. Since I'm a clutz I let her do the cutting. I have to admit it was very erotic watching her cutting, and bleeding. I didn't get much out of the drinking though (i'd be a shitty vampire). And afterwards as we were cleaning up, I got a look at her, and it fealt ooogy. It's not like she was gushing or anything, if anybody saw her, they'd think she had cat scratches all over her. But for some reason it just turned me off. I still like when she does it to me, and she goes ballistic over it. But it's one of the few things I don't like.

Oh well live and learn.

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The things I do for friends [19 Jul 2003|04:56pm]
[ mood | productive ]

I'm doing a favor for my best friends gf. For some reason, he can't look at/watch porn with her. so He gets it, and keeps it all for himself. she has no problem with porn, or him looking at it, but it's the fact that he won't share that bothers her. So we/I am making porn for her. No not like that. About 7 years ago Peter Steele from Type O Negative did a Playgirl spread. So a couple of years ago, I got it on ebay for my wife for xmas. And last year I found out that back in 1979 Anne rice wrote a piece for Playboy, in which the Vampire Armand critiques some of the models. So back to ebay in time for xmas. And now I'm here scanning, and printing them out so She (best friends gf) can have her own private stash).

We're wondering what's gonna happen when my friend finds it. He's a huge fan of Type O, but hugely homophobic. Which will win out?

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[18 Jul 2003|05:35am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Infomercials ]

Don't worry I still exist.

I haven't been online for a while because my wife's been hogging the internet.

Things have been pretty good, but I felt we were in a bit of a rut: cuddling, biting, fucking, cutting, drinking blood, repeat. But today, she sprung a blowjob on me without me even having to ask/beg for it! Bonus! Then we went to Walmart, and she got some more razor blades, and stuff to make a "butterfly board". If that store knew of all stuff they sold that could be used for fetishy people like us, they'd probably just lock the doors and close up shop for good. Because being the good southern baptists that they are, they wouldn't dare support my deviance. But if they stopped, they store wouldn't have much of an inventory.

Beware of freaks with an imagination!

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[13 Jul 2003|12:04pm]
My first REAL entry.

I think I realized I was a masochist in High school. (how's that for an opening line?) It wasn't even sexual. I was in drama, and one of my upperclassmen friends was walking around all pissed off. I asked him if there was anything I could do to help. He said he needed to hit someone. I, trying to be accommodating, and kiss up to the older kid, said, "Well, hit me." He looked at me confused for a moment, then smacked me across the face. After my head whipped back around, I had this shit eating grin on my face, and started laughing. He said "Dude, are you ok?" I told him I was fine. He again looked at me confused, said thanx and walked away. I was then given the name M the masochist.

Things stayed like that all through HS. It wasn't sexual, I was a full time masochist, whenever one of friends needed to blow off steam, I'd let 'em haul off and hit me. Occasionally the girls would say I didn't need to do this. There are better ways to "get attention". I tried to explain this was what I wanted. No one really understood, but they all took advantage of it, and just thought it was another one of eccentricities.

If there was nobody around to hit me, I'd slam books into my head or run into lockers and what not. I never went around trying to get beat up, or let just anybody hit me. It had to be someone I cared about on some level.

It wasn't until college when I met my future wife, that I realized pain and sexual activity can be combined for all sorts of fun. We didn't do anything major at first. Mostly scratching, play biting, and a few little "love slaps". She also go me into piercing, and tattoos.

At her urging I got my nipple pierced. Not the one in the picture. at first I had them done horizontally. Recently I had to take them out for surgery and couldn't get the rings back in. So after I healed up, I decided to get them re-done vertically. The healed much better that way too. I always enjoy getting work done, but I try to curb my enthusiasm, so my artist isn't uncomfortable. I've got 9 tattoos, and have had just about everything pierced at one time or another, but have had some removed for work, or medical reasons.

Up until recently when my wife and would play, it was still minor, but I told her I want more. She was uncomfortable at first. Afraid she'd go too far, or upset me in some way. But after reassurance from me, and telling her what I do and don't like, she's gotten the hint, and is starting to be more creative, and do things without me even asking for them. And our sex life has never been better.
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[12 Jul 2003|11:25am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I've been busy.

Well I did a search and found some potential friends. I hope it works out, I can't stand rejection ;). The pic I posted is of me getting my nipple repierced last month. It's the only picture of me that looks even close to good. scary aint it? Well I'm gonna get going for now. Either later today, or tomorrow I should hae something "interesting" to post.

Buh bye.

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[12 Jul 2003|10:46am]
I just realized that this whole thing might come off as a lame way of trying to find people to hook up with. I'm not about that. I'm happily married, and have been for 7 years. We're monogamous...for now.
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[12 Jul 2003|10:25am]
[ mood | horny ]

Hey out there!

For a long time now, I've been kicking around the idea of doing a mostly sexual journal. I've always liked talking about sex, and sexual things, but most of my friends in the real world aren't interested. Maybe because of my various and assorted fetishes. Maybe it's because they just don't wanna think of me that way. Who knows. But I figured I'd start a journal here. I've already got a Live Journal, but that's for everyday things. So feel free to check out my info, post comments, or IM me. I'll be updating soon.

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