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OOC 1 8 03 ·· 11:45p
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I felt the need to post this to explain my own inactivity. Its considered "year end" where I work. I work for a payroll company and around this time its extremely busy and hectic. I work 12+ hour days nearly every day and dont' really have time to update my journal(s) daily. I'm going to try the best I can to perhaps update them at least on the weekends when I'm not busy with various other things going on in my life.

I'm still here. ^_^ Life is just getting in the way.

- Kellie

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Hmm 1 6 03 ·· 08:16p

Well it's okay if you two go inactive. We've all kinda migrated over to "theseventhyear" and to "hp_rpg" so those two are totally open if you two would like to continue your characters. As for potty I finally have an idea for it but it'll require me to shut the community down for a bit while I tweak it all out. Of course I'd need Meg's heads up but yeah. So yeah, but I know we'd love to keep you on board if you can manage. I see that you're both quite busy running your own games but we'd love to have you.
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Sorry. 1 6 03 ·· 10:10a

# mood : blank

I know this is my fault. For being inactive. .. It's just that I'm slowly losing interest in Blurty. I was counting how many RPs I'm in last night, and the number is just crazy! 75% of them I don't even look at anymore, and it just isn't fair to the community itself.

If you all still desperately need a Pansy, let me know. If not, I'll just pack my little bags and be on my way.

But, [heh] I still need you all to join this LJ community, so we can finally start the RPing.

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1 5 03 ·· 09:57p

[[ooc: I don't know if I will be staying or not. No one seems to be active anymore. No one seems to need a Blaise, anyways. Lol. So, if you want to join my RP, we now need Harry, Ron, Millicent, and Viktor Krum. hogwarts_ww and I might stay, if enough people want me to. ]]
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OOC and an rpg pimp. 12 2 02 ·· 09:16p

# mood : bored
# music : WATCHINGtv

so here's the deal. i am starting my own rp. just because i want one w/o having to deal w/ all the plot nonsense. soooooo, you all need to join! the username is hp_rpg ... and i don't really know what else to say, but i AM leaving this rpg. sorry y'all. you all rock which is why you need to join mine. only lavender & parvati are taken. so yeah. thanks for rocking y'all!

hp_rpg >> go join!

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::waves:: 12 31 02 ·· 06:12p

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA but the holidays took their toll. I have some downtime before the New Year's Festivities starts so I can make this little message. The game will hopefully start as soon as Meg comes back. I have a few things to run by her first. You'll also be recieving a little email from us regarding your character's background (i.e. what's been going on around you all summer) as well as what's going on in the world. Hopefully this will give us an interesting start. Oh! And if anyone wanted to do double duty with characters that would be fine as well, but we're limiting it to two each. Please spread the word about the game and Happy New Year!

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ooc 12 28 02 ·· 08:28p

[seeing meg's ooc i decided to do mine, too.

i am leaving january 3 to spend a week in california and then a week in new zealand. i won't be back until january 19 and probably won't get back into whatever game until the following week. you can email me at ron@disenchantedlullabye.com if you wanna get a hold of me. i'll be around up until then...

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[[ooc notice]] 12 28 02 ·· 10:00a

Hey everyone, I'm going on vacation for the next week, so I won't be around very much at all; I'm officially passing the reigns to Des for the week. I'll miss you all! If you have any questions, want to say hi, or whatever, e-mail me at Swish_and_Flick@hotmail.com. out of curiousity, can I get a hand count for folks wanting to swtich over to TheSeventhYear? Ok, now I'm letting go, for real, honest....

See y'all in a week!

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ooc 12 25 02 ·· 04:08p

# mood : awake

hey guy's sorry i have not been very active here..But im still alive lol :P i just have been really busy
family stuff for christmas. And Merry christmas guys!. i'll be around anyone wanna talk to me.
IM Me at troubletimestw0 .

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new pb. 12 24 02 ·· 11:21p

# mood : anxious

i am such a pain in the ass. sooooo sorry. thanks to jo for the new played by. and if i ever change it again i give each and everyone of you the permission to kick my ass. it's marion raven from M2M.

- steph

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OOC! 12 24 02 ·· 08:57a

Hallo, Guys. Listen, I was wondering... can I maybe quit as Justin? I want to play Seamus Finnigan ;_;

I'll keep the Justin journal open for any possible Justin RPers in the future, though. Yanno? So they dun have to make a whole new one or...whatever.

<33 Jo

p.s.: I'll be more active! Swear! O.o;
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-- ooc -- 12 24 02 ·· 12:08a

# mood : complacent

...oy vey, all the lalaine pics i found SUCK and i've deleted all the katie icons i had ... so would anyone mind much if i switched to hillary duff, yeah, i know she's a blond, and thats the issue. or does ANYONE have an idea for another played by? thanks!!!!

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12 23 02 ·· 09:00p

[[hey guys...I know Claire's leaving and it's super sad...I'd like to adopt potty_rpg and Hermione -- maybe get a good plot line going, have more group chats, you know the like...sound okay?

-- Meg]]
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changing user pic pb 12 23 02 ·· 12:46a

# mood : tired

i'm switching from katie holmes to lalaine. lalaine is younger and fits vati better.

<3 steph

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12 22 02 ·· 01:25a


Guysss. I have to leave the RP. I've been really busy these past few weeks and I can't keep up with it. I'm going to visit family soon and I just feel like I'm missing out.

Would anyone like to take this community over for me? Steph will if no one else does.

Sorry, everyone. I love you!

- Claire

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OOC 12 21 02 ·· 09:23p

# mood : cheerful

hey y'all. do we have any idea yet as to when we're gonna have the yule ball for sure? ... and can everyone tell me their screennames? =) thanks! <3 steph / vati

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OOC: sorry... 12 15 02 ·· 04:45p

# mood : disgusted

huh....sorry, that wasn't supposed to appear there....you can delete it...or tell me how to delete it
I'm still new and don't know how to make everything work yet :(

sorry.... :(

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i hate muggle stuff 12 15 02 ·· 04:45p

# mood : disgusted

i want to curse albus. i really do. a lot of students started writing in those...stupid diaries, now the teachers have to do the same! it seems that i'm the only one doing this...why am i? simple, albus said he would turn my wardrobe pink if i didn't...he said i need to express what i'm feeling. so, what am i feeling today?

5. have i mentionned...disgust?

potter did well today in potions...damn! i had to try even harder to take points from him, but then he asked granger what time it was, i deduced points for talking in class, i'm so good. i asked the sixth year to make a simple crying potion, at first it was quite fun to look at, but at the end of the class, my head wanted to blow; i hate cry babies. of course, nevill forgot to add the butterfly's wings BEFORE the newts so once again, his cauldron blew up. when i think about it, i think nevill blew up about 15 cauldrons since he arrived in my class; congratulations you damned little idiot. enough about classes, minerva asked me what i was getting the staff for christmas...i hate this time of the year. i might go to hogsmeade soon, i need to buy the new potion book that just came out. i might also take a little bit of my precious time to buy some heating socks for albus, a new outdoor hat for minerva (the one she has right now is so awful even a bird wouldn't want to stand on it) for the rest, i have no idea, anyone know what i can buy for them? of course, i could keep my money for myself, but if i stop buying them gifts, they'll stop buying me some and most teachers bought me someting useful last year. i have tons of essays to correct, i think i'll just drop them down the stairs and give the highest grade to the one that lands on the higher and the lowest to the one landing downstairs...i just hope potter's one will land very low, there's nothing that could make me happier right now than my hand drawing a perfect zero on his copy...*evil laugh*

traumatised students: 1 (haha you should have seen neville's face!!!)
evil stares: about 10000000 when i was with the first years
sneers: only 4...i need to improve this

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[OOC:First post 12 15 02 ·· 03:38p

# mood : creative

Hello everyone! I'm new here and I'll be posting as Severus Snape, my favorite character :) I added everyone in my friend list, I hope you'll add me too! Last comment, don't worry about what I write, I'm not mean in real life :)

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12 15 02 ·· 10:04a


Yay for our new Snape!

Okay, but anyway. I keep forgetting to post this but we can't have the ball on the 23rd because some people won't be able to come and I can't have it before then. We're going to have to do it after Christmas which is fine. Can you all tell me what days you'll be able to do it and what days you absolutely won't be able to make it? Thanks! :)

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