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Thursday, October 30th, 2003

Subject:Let your knife say all that your mouth couldn't say...
Time:3:43 pm.
I can't believe everything that happened today! OMG I have never EVER been this pissed before. Chet is such a dick! I dont believe him!!!
First, he is TOTALLY racist and also follows the crowd. He's such a fuckin POSER!!! And that pissed me off. But then I wanted to go get coffee and he grabbed my wrist and wouldn't let go. I had a red mark around my wrist for a whole period after that. It really hurt!! Then he yelled at me about how I'm wrong and he's right. And I'm stupid cuz I wont admit that I'm wrong. I WONT ADMIT THAT I'M WRONG WHEN I'M RIGHT!! loser! so then he yelled at me some more. I hate it when he yells at me. People yell to make others feel inferior, and I dont wanna feel inferior to him. We're supposed to be equals in this relationship right? So I decided that I was gonna dump him. But I havent gotten the chance to yet.
Here I go!!!
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Monday, October 27th, 2003

Subject:In study hall...
Time:12:04 pm.
I'm online talking to Harry, Alex, and Meg its fun. I have 20 more minutes. We're so hyper its funny. blah blah blah. i need to update this thing more.
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Thursday, October 16th, 2003

Subject:havent updated in a while...
Time:3:52 pm.
First off, have you ever been to a concert?: uh huh
How many?: umm...ok dont laugh... haha 1
How old were you when you went to your first concert?: 14
What was the last concert you went to?: warped tour baby
Who have you seen in concert?: well...the bands on the warped tour...only the ones i liked tho. let's see here: rancid, dkm, nhoi, NOT cts (even tho i lied to chris and told him they rocked mwahah), hottie simple, suicide machines, NOT AAR CUZ I WOULDNT WASTE MY TIME ON A SUCKY EMO-POSER BAND, the used, etc.
Has a concert you were going to ever been cancelled?: nopers
Postponed?: YES ACTUALLY!!! b/c see i was gonna go see Xtina/Justin with my BFFLLLL xtiney but it got postponed and we couldn't go!!!
Have you ever had front row seats?: actually i did but i wasnt allowed to go. i won them. i was like 7 lmao
Been onstage?: no but jared has and i saw him when rancid was playing. i wish i was with him.
Been crowd-surfing?: HA!!! NO BUT GRACE DID!!!! and it's all chet's fault. HAHAHAHA oh goodness that was funny!!!
Been in a mosh pit?: uh huh
Passed out at a concert?: nope
Bought any merchandise?: yea...too much lol
Left a concert before it ended?: yes sadly. my feet hurt.
Paid $6 for water?: 3$ actually.
$10 for beer?: i wish.
Done drugs at a concert?: no i dont do drugs! i'm too cool for that! but lauren vanilla might tell you otherwise. DONT LISTEN TO HER!!! she lies. mwahahahha
Been to a concert you didn't enjoy?: no way.
Felt pain in the back of your neck after attending a concert?: hell yea
Headbanging?: sorta. but then i stopped cuz grace said i looked stupid and i was embarrassing her. and i didn't want her to feel more uncomfortable than she already did. lmao

-Would you see..?-
System Of A Down?: no way in hell
Linkin Park?: nope
NIN: not particularly. but if they went thru my eyelids then yea. LMAO EMINEM ROCKS
Marilyn Manson?: HELL YEA!! sweet dreams is my favorite song!!
Rob Zombie?: no
Slipknot?: no
Metallica?: no way. that new guy really freaks me out. he's like dark but poppy. like davey havok. but i love davey havok anyways. he's a woman. i love men-women. like chet.
AC/DC?: possibly...
Orgy?: nope
Papa Roach?: well if they were on the anger management tour then DEFINITELY
Disturbed?: no
Dope?: no
Britney Spears?: hahahahahahaha
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Saturday, October 4th, 2003

Subject:Loooonnng time
Time:10:11 am.
Wow i like stopped updating! So much has happened since the last time i updated. Christine and Chet are in the same spanish class and they talk a lot. So their gay-model teacher decided to call their parents!! He never spoke to Mrs. O'Halloran but he did talk to Mrs. Burchett. ahhhh i hate him. he said that chet's! chet's far from crazy! in fact, i think he's one of the sane people in this world! he said some other crap too. then chet got in big trouble. how unfair is that?! Mr. Webster is just ur typical Wilton "I-grew-up-here-so-I'm-perfect" kinda guy! He hates chet cuz chet pushes boundaries and is unique. fuck him. i cant believe he'd call up a parent and say "ur kid id mentally unstable..." what a dick!
Ughhhh so anyways, guess who DIDN'T get to go to the concert on thursday night. yea me. grrrr.
i'm gonna make a layout for this thing. i just don't know who to use. i'm thinking about using those pics of Xtina when she's a poser. like me.
<3 Mwahhhhh
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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003

Subject:Guess what!
Time:5:21 pm.
I was just talking to Chelsea online. And omg! This guy that she knows, Chip, who she kinda has a history with (i wanna beat this guy up! haha) knows Chet!!! That's awesome! Chip goes to OLF so next year he'll go to Wilton High. Then I can kick his ass. Mwahahha. Who knows, he might turn out to be a cool kid in which case I won't need to kick his ass. Chip says he knows Chet from skateboarding....I didn't know Chet skated... weird. I'll ask him about it.
Loooooove, poser
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Subject:My evil mother
Time:5:11 pm.
Music:Mest - Chance of a Lifetime.
This morning sucked. Oh God. So I'm late for my bus and I'm getting my hoodie on when my mother says "I don't think you can wear that shirt anymore" so I look down and I notice that like a millimeter of my stomach is showing and she goes "your stomach is hangin outta that!" i was like "are u calling me fat?!" and she goes "no! don't you talk to me like that!!!" and i said "like what?" and she said "YOU'RE A BITCH!!!" what kind of mother calls their daughter a bitch? well that like ruined my morning.
When I got to school I asked Chet if he'd run away with me. he said no. lol. he convinced me not to. I had Humanities first period and I was sitting next to Cori and she kept saying "Chet just walked by...Chet just walked by" So I'm like "ok he's cutting class..." Then I find out he sat outside the classroom the whole period. haha. weird.... lol what can i say? he's original! lol
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Monday, September 22nd, 2003

Subject:Rancid - Red Hot Moon
Time:3:52 pm.
Mood: happy.
Music:Eminem - The Kids.
I had an awesome weekend. On Saturday I went to my grandma's with Chet. Lmao first we went to some show maker guy and we saw Mrs. Burchett there lol we had seen her like 2 minutes ago when we picked up chet!!! So thennn we went to my grandma's and my aunt and uncle were there visiting. so me and chet walked up to the pool to see if it was open and then we went and made out near the pond. I got a huge fucking grass-stain on my ass omg it was so ugly! so then we went back to the house and changed into our bathing suits and went to the pool. no one was there so we fooled around a bit. the water was wayy too cold to swim. after that we went to the mall. I bought a Shady Ltd shirt (which i am wearing right now it's so sexy!!) then I got a button that says "I'm not gay but my boyfriend is" yea I know it's supposed to be for a guy but I like to tease Chet about being gay. I got an eminem calendar and a button that says "drugs are bad mmmkay?" like the song THE KIDS WHICH IS MY FAVORITE ASS EMINEM SONG FEATURING THE CAST OF SOUTH PARK!!! then I got new headphones and I bought Chet an Anti-Flag cd. We were harrassing these little 7th graders who liked good charlotte. hehe i think chet scared them. well they don't know what the fuck they're talking about they're like "benji's so hot! rancid sucks!! i only like benji and omg simple plan!!"
on sunday we went to town center w/ xtine. we went to schenk's island and fucked. mwahahaha.
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Friday, September 19th, 2003

Time:5:44 pm.
I was so depressed before. But now I'm not! Yay! Thanks Chet!!!! you'll never know how much you helped me! i'm so sorry for everything. thanks for always being there for me. i love you. and i promise that i know you love me!! i'm not gonna do anything stupid tonight. all for you. you're the best! i love you!!
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Time:4:04 pm.
my mother is the biggest shitlicker this side of the mississippi. she's so sarcastic. i hate ppl like that. ughh she just completely ruined my day. besides the fact that none of my fuckin friends are home. i'm bored shit. this fuckin sucks.
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Sunday, September 14th, 2003

Time:1:04 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
It's been a while. School's been keeping me busy. It sucks. I have no classes with my friends. Except I guess Madeline. But no Xtine :( I miss her. Lol idk why tho...i'm talking to her online right now lol
Well anyways, on Friday me and Xtine went to the football game. It was so much fun! We sat down in front of Jillian and Becca and we didn't know it but we sat in the Juniors section. So then some Juniors started screaming at us "FRESHMEN MUST CHEER IF THEY'RE GONNA SIT IN THE JUNIORS SECTION!!" So Jillian and Becca started screaming back at them. Me and Xtine decided to go along with the Juniors and we cheered (since we don't really understand football we ended up cheering for bad things haha). So the Juniors decided that since me and X cheered that we're cool and that Becca and Jillian aren't. Haha it was funny. We saw Dan there, and me and X have been kinda mad at him for not inviting us to his birthday party (haha we don't even know him and it's a sleepover! lmao) so we were like "HEY DAN!!! WE CAN'T WAIT UNTIL UR PARTY!!!" and he was like "uhhh yea..." then later i went up to him and i was like "Hey Dan, Christine likes to sleep in the nude, is that ok?" and he was like "yea!! DEFINITELY!!" hahaha. Then I saw Chris Edwards and he was like "I heard somewhere that you lost your virginity to Chet..." hahaha u'd think people would stop asking me this since it's been like 3 months! We saw Dan again and Christine was like "Dan I don't have a sleeping bag. Can I share yours?" and he was like "yea sure! But sleeping nude is required!" hahahaha!!! Apparently he thought we were seriously gonna come to his party because he asked Chet if we were.
Then yesterday I hung out with Chet. We went to Starbucks and I saw one of my Junior friends lmao. SHe was like "you're the freshman from the football game right?" haha
Football games are fun! I cant wait until we play Ridgefield. haha Wilton's gonna lose. oh well, at least i'll get to see my friends from ridgefield! yay! haha.
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Thursday, September 4th, 2003

Subject:another quiz
Time:4:59 pm.
Series one
-- Birthplace: stamford ct
-- Current Location: wilton
-- Eye Color: brown <333
-- Hair Color: brown
- Righty or Lefty: righty
-- Zodiac Sign: aries
-- Innie or Outtie: innie

Series two - describe
-- Your heritage: IRISH!!!! LET'S GO MURPHYS!!!
-- The shoes you wore today: my old adidas that chet wrote all over
-- Your eyes: big.
-- Your hair: brown. i sorta dyed it blondish.
-- Your weakness: punks and ghetto boys =)
-- Your perfect pizza: cheese.

Series three - what is
-- Your most overused phrase: fuck
-- Your thoughts first waking up: ummm
-- The first feature you notice in the same or opposite sex: hair, abs, eyes
-- Your bedtime: like 10ish
-- Your greatest accomplishment: i'm gonna be hip-hop's leading later

Series four - you prefer
-- Pepsi or coke: coke
-- McDonald's or Burger King: mcdonalds
-- Single or group dates: single is funnn but group is funnY
-- Adidas or Nike: adidas
-- Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
-- Cappuccino or coffee: coffee
-- boxers or briefs: on guys? boxers. on meeee thongs lol

Series five - do you
-- Smoke: nope
-- Cuss: uh huh
-- Take a shower everyday: yup
-- Have a crush(es): celebrities.
-- Do you think you've been in love: of course
-- Want to go to college: not really.
-- Want to get married: yup
-- Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: sometimes
-- Believe in yourself: yea lately
-- Think you're attractive: sometimes.
-- Get along with your parents: yea i guess
-- Like thunderstorms: no
-- Play an instrument: piano. clarinet. haha i can play the E-minor chord on guitar. and E-major!! i rock lmao

Series six - in the past month, did/have you
-- Drink alcohol: yup
-- Made Out: yup <333
-- Go on a date: i guess but not like alone.
-- Been in love: uh huh
-- Gone skinny dipping: i wish!!!

Series seven - have you ever
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: lolol
-- Been called a tease: i dont think so.

Series eight - the future
-- Age you hope to be married: young.
-- Numbers and Names of Children: TIM LARS!!!!!!!!
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: big with all of my celebrity friends.
-- How do you want to die: get shot 4 times in the head like tupac
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: A SINGER/RAPPER!!!!!!!
-- What country/continent would you most like to visit: MEXICO!!!!! no haha jk.

Series nine - opposite sex
-- Best eye color: anything but blue
-- Best hair color: naturally brown. but dyed is definitely cool.
-- Short or long hair: short. unless its like a mohawk. then it can be longish. short mohawks suck.
-- Best weight: ummm
-- Best first kiss location: anywhere dark.
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Time:4:44 pm.
1. Make up a name for yourself: Poser
2. Where were you born?: stamford, ct
3. And when was this?: 4:11 AM April 11th for all my stalkers out there
4. What are you parents names?: debbie and glen
5. What is your favorite sexual position?: as long as it's sex i'm happy!

Morning. . .

1. What's your favorite breakfast cereal?: lucky charms
2. What's the first thing you do upon waking?: roll onto my other shoulder
3. Coffee or Orange Juice?: coffee. mocha latte. yum.
4. Stop to smell the roses or rush to work/school?: umm
5. What is your morning bathroom routine?: piss. shower. get dressed. dry hair. makeup. breakfast.
6. Morning breath?: ewies!
7. Toast or pop tart?: pop tarts
8. Sex in the morning or at night?: whenever.
9. Do you have normal sleeping habits?: yup
10. How many hours of sleep you average?: 8
11. Get on the Internet before work/school?: nope. no time.
12. Change your underwear regularly?: of course lmao
13. Sing in the shower?: always
14. Flex in the mirror?: um no.
15. Butter or Margarine?: margarine

Noon. . .

1. What your favorite fast food place?: mcdonalds
2. Take out, drive thru, or eat in?: drive thru. the band. lol xtine.
3. Bring your lunch or eat from a vending machine?: bring
4. Eat in a group or alone?: a group.
5. Would you like fries with that?: yummy
6. Gossip?: yea. about me lol.
7. Do you brush your teeth after every meal?: not after lunch
8. Chew Trident?: orbit or eclipse
9. Are you eating anything right now?: nope
10. Ever had a, how you say, nooner?: umm
11. Favorite TV Dinner: CHICKEN POT PIE
12. Favorite Candy Bar: snickers
13. Favorite chewing gum: orbit or eclipse
14. Does loud chewing bother you?: no cuz i do it. lol it bothers my friends
15. Do you talk with your mouth full?: yeaaa

And Night. . .

1. What is your favorite sleeping position?: on my side
2. Do you dream in color or black and white?: color. i think.
3. Do you sleep alone?: no marshall's with me. haha jkjk.
4. Have you ever been in a bar?: yea
5. How about a gay bar?: EWWW i'm so fuckin homophobic
6. Do you drink?: only with xtine
7. Do you drink and drive?: no but it sounds fun. lol
8. How about drugs, do you do those?: white out in the movies!
9. Do you carry condoms?: YES!!! I HAVE 11 IN MY PURSE!!!
10. Name something stupid you've done while drunk: i sucked xtine's fingers.
11. Tell me a recent dream: chet hated me and wouldn't hold my hand and i started freaking out
12. What are you doing next Saturday night?: fucking
14. What do you sleep in?: lingerie
15. Kiss and tell?: not when i have mono =)
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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003

Time:5:09 pm.
Mood: excited.
Music:If you like to talk to xtine and grace.
Yesterday was my first day at fun! I don't have many classes with my friends except chorus w/ Xtine (and 50 lmao). Today my dad drove me and Jill (my neighbor) to school and I was like so late lol. Then I had to go to the other side of the school for gym and i didn't have a lock for my locker. So I just put up a little sign on the locker I want that said "reserved" but I'm so convinced that someone took it off. My locker is G817...this is how i remember. G-unit, 8 Mile, and October 17 which is Eminem's birthday. :) People better not take my locker cuz it's right next to Emma's. I've seen Grace like twice...last year we had 3 classes together and lockers right across the hall from each other. I have Humanities with Cori so that's cool. Maria's locker is right near mine so I see her on the way to and from lockers. I have no classes with Chet. :(. But I see him in the hallways sometimes. Anyways I think this year is gonna be cool...not as cool as last year tho. 8Y rocked my socks off. I had all my friends on the same team and their lockers were right near mine and we saw each other btwn every class and gave each other letters. except i sorta stopped writing letters when people started dropping them lol!!
All My Love,
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Thursday, August 28th, 2003

Subject:my evil father
Time:9:51 am.
Mood: annoyed.
Music:Allister - Overrated.
Last night at like 2 in the morning I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs to talk to my dad. I (stupidly) told him that I was better than him at the guitar (lmao i've strummed like one chord!!!) so he was like "prove it!". Okayyy so I picked up my grandpa's ancient acoustic (which I guess is mine since he gave it to me when he died) and I played Mary Had A Little Lamb. It sounded good! but that's bc the guitar was out of tune lol. So my dad had me tune it and then he started making me play all these chords and omg my fingers KILL!!!!!!! My dad's like "oh it's ok you'll get a callous" WTF?! I DONT WANT A CALLOUS!!!! My hands are soft (just ask Ben S lol) and I wanna keep them that way! Ew so now my hands STILL hurt. Oh and then at like 3:30 when I was getting tired, my dad wouldn't let me go to bed. So now I'm like really really tired cuz I got no sleep last night.
<3, Er
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Wednesday, August 27th, 2003

Time:12:57 pm.
Mood: happy.
Music:Hottie Simple - Grow Up.
So last night I talked to Chet for like the first time in 3 days. I didn't exactly tell him about my "friend" who likes him, but I just asked him if he thought she was pretty and if I didn't exist, would he go out with her. And he said he's not attracted to her. I feel so much more relieved. Like for the past 4 days I've been worrying that maybe when school starts again that for some odd reason he'd like her. which is so fucked up anyways because she wouldn't let him touch her and whenever I'm with him he can't resist mwahaha. But anyways, now that I know that there is absolutely no chance of him liking her I'm not worried. Her horoscope for September said that her BFF's bf would hit on her and so I told Chet that, and he was like "oh well now I'll make it a point not to" haha.
Love, Erin
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Time:10:43 am.
Mood: cheerful.
Music:Mest - Hotel Room I WANNA BE INSIDE OF YOUUUU.
I AM: a poser =)
I WANT: to be famous
I HAVE: herpes...nah jk but eminem does!! lol
I WISH: i could drive
I HATE: friends who lie
I MISS: grace
I FEAR: rejection
I HEAR: hottie simple!!!
I SEARCH: google lmao
I WONDER: wutup homie
I LOVE: my life
I ACHE: after doing shillates all day
I ALWAYS: sing lalalala
I AM NOT: eminem's wife sadly
I DANCE: a lot
I SING: too much
I CRY: when i'm lonely
I WRITE: often
I WIN: never
I LOSE: myself in the music...
I CONFUSE: people with my theories on posers hehe.
I NEED: you, i need you, more than anyone darlin! you know that i have from the start...
I SHOULD: clean my room

x. father thinks I never: do what he advises me to do musically
x. mother thinks I am: irresponsible
x. my boyfriend thinks I am: i dont know...probably weird. lol
x. makes you happy: xtine!!!!
x. upsets you: friends that are "your enemies in secret identities to hide their true colors".

yes or no...
x. you keep a diary: yuppers
x. you like to cook: sometimes...
x. you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: i'm not sure...maybe
x. you're in love: yes <33
x. you set your watch a few minutes ahead: no lol that's stupid cuz then u just know to subtract the # of minutes
x. you bite your fingernails: nope
x. you believe in love: yup, thanks to one special person who showed me that it does exist.

Who is...?
the prettiest hottest male you know: chet.
the weirdest person you know: me! any maybe xtine.
the Loudest Person you Know: haha xtine of course but in a good way
the Sexiest Person you Know: ooo thats hard...chet, eminem, tony lovato, sid, colin farrell, tupac
Your close friends: Christine and Grace. I think. I hope...
The Person that Knows the Most about you: xtine
your Crush?: why the fuck would i have a crush when i have a boyfriend lol
Most Boring Teacher: SHMITER!!!!

2. Do You...?
take a shower everyday: yup
have a(any) crush(es): i just answered that up there^^
think/know you've been in love: yes
want to get married: yes
have any tattoos/where?: haha i wish!!!
piercings/where?: none...but xtine's gonna pierce my bellybutton sometime soon
get motion sickness: no
think you're a health freak: not at all.
get along with your parents: lately i do
like thunderstorms: sometimes...not when i'm home alone

Ryan: my cutie 6th grade friend who chet is jealous of lmao
Rob: Robert Deniro and Joe Demeirio!! lolol
Drew: Barrymore.
Stephanie: umm.
Heather: mrs. candels lol
Aaron: how people who arent from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Long Island say my name
Amy: Jones
Will: smith dont gotta cuss(dude) in his raps to sell records. well i do. so FUCK HIM AND FUCK YOU TOO!!
Paul: Thomas. good charlotte. lmao
Eve: Interscope Records <33
Jon: Kingett
Lauren: Vanilla!!!!
Alex: ew Jimmy Smith Jr's cheater girlfriend!
Dave: navarro
Justin: timberlake "Ladaysss!!"



CRIED? nope
HELPED SOMEONE? i dont think so...
GOTTEN SICK? yea sorta
WRITTEN A REAL LETTER? no...but christine did!!! proclaming her love!!
TALKED TO AN EX? no thank god
MISSED AN EX? no way!
TALKED TO SOMEONE YOU CRUSH ON? i wish i could talk to sid but he's dead :(
HAD A SERIOUS TALK? tried to...
HUGGED SOMEONE? no but i need a hug
FOUGHT WITH A FRIEND? sort of...i dont think she knows that we're fighting lol
name 10 bands you've listen to in the past 24 hours:
- Rancid <3333
- The Sex Pistols
- Mest
- Hottie Simple
- Count The Stars
- Allister
- Dropkick Murphys
- Distillers
- D12!!!!

Name 9 things you hate:
- Murder Inc.
- friends who lie
- rhyming ridiculous and big's killers
- my stupid dumbass kitty
- school
- avril lavigne
- being ignored
- denise and lauren would be better teachers!!!
- expensive clothes

Would You Ever..
1. Eat a bug? nooooo
2. Bungee jump? maybe..
3. Hang glide? sure
4. Kill someone? only kim! lol
5. Have sex with someone you don't love? no way
6. Kiss someone of the same sex? ew! i'm a homophobe! lol
7. Have sex with someone of the same sex? not if my life depended on it!
8. Parachute from a plane? 10 seconds to live...
9. Walk on hot coals? probably not, but if i was on survivor yea!
10. Go out with someone for their looks? no
11. For their reputation? no
12. Be a vegetarian? i tried that but i really like turkey!!!!
13. Wear plaid with stripes? haha yea that would be cool
14. IM a stranger: sure...*cough*double*s*cough*
15. Sing karaoke? yea of course!!!
16. Get drunk off your ass? hahahaha no comment!
17. Shoplift? why would someone who lives in wilton need to shoplift?! we're not poor!!
18. Run a red light? yea
19. Star in a porn video? DEFINITELY!!!
20. Dye your hair blue? no...probably pink
21. Be on Survivor? haha yea and then xtine could be obsessed with me!
22. Wear makeup in public? duh!
23. NOT wear makeup in public? maybe.
24. Cheat on a test? haha only in mr. yaggi's class...
25. Make someone cry? yea
26. Call your math teacher a motherfucker? o0o that's a good idea!
27. Kick a baby? ummm no? lol
28. Date someone more than ten years older than you? well yea marshall's 17 years older than me!
29. Cuss out a priest? no but i bet cussdude does
30. Take a job as a janitor? only if i could work with Noma. LOL MARIA!!!
31. Stay up all through the night? sure.
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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003

Time:11:47 am.
Mood: optimistic.
Music:Christina Aguilera - Soar.
Last night sucked. I got so depressed and I don't even know why. I was just sitting in my room and all of a sudden I started bawling. It wasn't like a suicidal kind of depressed like I get every so often. It was like a lonely kind of depressed. I don't know. So at like 2 AM when I gave up on trying to sleep I ate some frosting and watched Fantasia. For some odd reason that really calmed me down. I feel like a new person! This morning I went on a 4 mile run through the woods down at the State Park. It was so peaceful: just me, the birds, and the wind. I guess the importance of all this was that I learned that I can't just sit around and wait for life to happen. I have to make my life the way I want it. Anything is possible.
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Monday, August 25th, 2003

Subject:these things are addicting
Time:9:55 am.
Mood: crazy.
Music:Mest - Cadillac (video).
Which Band Should You Be In? by couplandesque
Your Name
Band NameGood Charlotte
TrademarkExtreme Good Looks
Love InterestYourself
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Dude I'm kicking Joel outta GC

You Celebrity Whore by poolofjello
Username (no caps)
You will mess around withAll 5 members of NSYNC
You will have sexNever but you will lie and tell people you did
He will like it when youLick his nipples
You will get lucky onOctober 16, 2004
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Which porn will you star in? by Bert
Co-StarJere Rangel
Porn Star NameMarcy Cucumber
Your RoleMail Carrier
Title of MovieDumb & Done Her
People Who Watched897,229
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

oOoOo I get to star with Jere from Mest!! What about Tony?! :(
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Time:9:53 am.
Mood: dorky.
Music:50 Cent - If I Can't.
This is how a fucking gangsta rolls.. by starlitelily
gangsta name
gangsta jobstand there and look cool
your fucking problemwanted felon
# of times you ran from the cops10
your sayingG G G G G UNIT!!!
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

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Sunday, August 24th, 2003

Time:8:18 pm.
Mood:Let Down.
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I have a friend (I'm not allowed to say who in case other ppl see this) who I used to be so close with. We were like sisters. I could tell her anything and I always assumed she felt the same way about me. She used to tell me all the time "Erin I love our friendship" and I'd laugh because it sounds so corny but I felt the same way. I swear I would not be with Chet if it wasn't for her and her mad skills at Operation:Simple Plan. She helped me to get him to like me. Yesterday I found out that she likes him. This is kinda weird. I mean, she helped him think of a cool way to ask ME out. I've always kinda suspected that she liked him but she denied it completely. I'm not pissed that she likes him because believe me, I know how hard it is to try to not like him. I'm just pissed that she couldn't even tell her best friends. Well no I know why she didn't wanna tell me...I'm his girlfriend lol. But what about her other best friend? Couldn't she tell her? Instead, she told her whole cabin at camp. These are people who aren't supposed to know her as well as her two best friends do. She didn't even like one of the girls! She always wrote to me about how one girl (who goes to our school) was sooo annoying. But yet she told them and not her best friends.
I actually think it would have been cool if she had just come out and said "Chet, this month away from you has made me realize that I have strong feelings for you" LMAO JK!! No but seriously, I think I would have liked it if she had told me that she liked him. Then we could have more fun with Operation:Simple Plan. I know that my friend would never wish something bad on me, but I'm a little worried that she might do whatever it takes to get Chet. Even if it means hurting me accidentally.
So many more things make sense now. For instance, now I understand why she didn't want Chet to tell me that he loved me. And I know why she didn't want me to tell him my wish. And it never made sense until now: she wouldn't tell me why Chet was depressed because "it's not her secret to tell" but yet she didn't mind telling someone MY secret. Was that her secret to tell? It's almost like she wanted to take away from the special-ness of that secret, and make it public. It ruined my whole fucking reputation. I don't even know why I forgave her for that one! I couldn't go anywhere in school without people whispering "Oh did you hear about Erin and Chet?" "Yea omg she's such a slut!"
Secrets aren't secrets when more than one person knows. She couldn't keep MY secret, and then she couldn't keep her secret about who she liked. Did she really think that I wouldn't find out? Maybe now she'll know how to keep secrets...
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