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    Monday, September 22nd, 2003
    7:46 pm
    i am very bored
    i am just chatting to my mate amy on msn she like a sister 2 me! she is moving away to spain soon! sob sob!
    i have not put a diary entry on in ages! i have started bak at the drama skool. its great we r performng little shop of horrors which is fab!

    dnt kno wat else to say?????

    i m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored
    Thursday, September 11th, 2003
    6:31 pm
    today was a bit uneventfull actually! i cant wate till he weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am going to my drama skool frm 10 till 3 then i am meeting a frend and then were partying!! i am well xcited!
    yesterday was kool. i am going to italy with the skool and we had a meeting abot it.
    its 6 weeks away.......( ages away )
    we get to do drama dance and music and we go to venice and verona!!!
    theres this wall in verona were u can do legall graffiti so i am sure i will b scribbling away!
    hopefully there will be loadz of lush italian boyz out there!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thursday, September 4th, 2003
    5:52 pm

    actually it wasnt that bad. i got to c my best mates. that was great coz i havnt seen 4 of them all holiday!
    they all tanned and lovely!
    i go to a girlz skool so everyones had an image change.
    this girl becky in my class has chopped all her hair of it looks fab its browny blondish
    this other girl has dyed it orangey brown, and cut it off........hmmmmmmmm.....not as nice as beckyz.......but she looks kinda kool. :)

    i am so pissed! our coolest RE teacher isnt teaching us aymore! he was soo funny and every1 loved and loadz of girlz fancied him he was so nice used to tell us storyz and we wud have really funny conversations.

    our skool has gone all strict and shit! we get sent home if we arnt wearing the right uniform like black trouserz insted of blue, trainers instead of shoes. u kno that kind of stuff.

    o well i will just hav to b gud! i am an angel really ; )

    no doubt still rocks, hp still rules, and perspex jewllery and rocky wristbands will always be kool!
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