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Monday, October 13th, 2003

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    sittin here thinkin.........
    wow this is new to me, i never really had a online journal. i hope peeps actually read this! hehe wow look at me out of high school and in the work world. it kinda feels good. i like havin the freedom that i now have. OMG oi finally got my license!! but my car still dont run, i guess thats wut u get when u buy a $400 piece of shit. and i also need insurance and that cost alot.
    well i went to my old high schools homecomin this past saturday. i had a blast! me and rachel were dancin up a storm. and omg i saw Mike Kane!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes like the hottest guy ever to me. but i dont think hes into guys. i dont care though. i can dream cant i? well he was lookin at me, but thats prolly cuz my last day as a senior i wrote him a letter expressin how i felt for him, and i kno he knos its me that wrote it. but i dont care that he knos. i want him to. damn i wish i woulda played soccer in high school cuz thats wut he plays!!!!!!!! just to think i coulda saw him in the locker room wit his shirt and mayb more off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh i'm soo mad at myelf LOL.
    well i'm talkin to this one guy that is movin here in a few months. hes sooooooooo sweet to me. he visitin here in december and thats when were goin to meet. hes mailin me his pic cuz he dont have one on his puter. i should b gettin it one day this week. and if come to find out that we dont click or anything. i'm not talkin to anyone else like that. but thats ok i think its time for a break. i need to go out and have some fun for myself. i would love to make some friends that like to go to clubs. cuz i wanna go to them.
    i cant wait till this saturday i'm supposed to go to 6 flags america wit my work. if we go were goin to have soooooo much fun. gettin on roller coasters when its like 50 some degrees out and windy its soooooooooooo cold!!!!!!!!! but its loads of fun!!!!!!

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