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    Monday, March 14th, 2005
    12:54 pm
    One day my kitty poo
    was a sitting on his pot
    he tried to make the poop come out
    but oh no it was very stuck!
    he pushed
    and i pulled
    and i gave him a whack
    and finally we managed
    to make it all come out
    my little kitty poo
    he has some words of advice
    "NEVER NEVER eat a whole jar of peanut butter!"
    Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
    12:10 pm
    my obeesity is out of control! i ate so much today, i can't help but cook and drink melted butter, its all i do eat melted butter. i am really wierd. well my syciatrist says i need a better life htat to drink butt but what can i say? mr butter is my best friend. hey if you need a good friend add doughnut_girl to your friends list! haha my friend is grossseed out because i pick my nose all the time!

    Current Mood: dorky