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[[eat worms]]

Oww [18 Apr 2003|10:57pm]
[ mood | guilty ]
[ music | Finch - Stay with me ]

Do you think Jimmy would hurt me? Well Matt does.........I should completely keep all this to myself. You.. and myself. Matt says he thinks that now that me and Jimmy are closer and crap that he may be expecting more now. Which I didnt tell him about today.... But hes just saying...I dont think Jimmy would try and get mroe out of me... he seems like the sweetest guy ever. Its unbelievable that he would even try to hurt me. So I dont know. God fucking damnit. Now Mark is saying I should give him space. Fuck everyone. This is what Mark has to say about this situation

LeperMessiah54: hey
Frank the Muffin: hi
LeperMessiah54: whats up?
Frank the Muffin: whats up
Frank the Muffin: nothing im just thinking
LeperMessiah54: ahhh, i thought alot today, for 5 hours, or so, cuz at work i have all that time to think
Frank the Muffin: me and jim came by but we didnt see u
LeperMessiah54: round what time?
Frank the Muffin: i dont know
LeperMessiah54: oh
Frank the Muffin: proably like 5
Frank the Muffin: jim went ot dinner and it sucks
LeperMessiah54: hhmmm, i should of been their
LeperMessiah54: yeah
LeperMessiah54: well, you gatta give him some space
LeperMessiah54: you cant be round him all the time.....at lest i wouldnt think he would like that
Frank the Muffin: no he didnt want to go.. his mom made him.. mark why do you think im so fucking obsessed with him
LeperMessiah54: i mean....just my thoughs
LeperMessiah54: i dont think you obsessed, but i do believe that abscence make the heart hungry for love
Frank the Muffin: then why do you say that im to young for him to him
LeperMessiah54: i dont, we all just poke fun at him
Frank the Muffin: thanks

[[eat worms]]

Do I have to!? [18 Apr 2003|10:35pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Static X - Push it ]

I keep debating weather or not I should give Jim head again. I mean his cock was litterally HUGE. I cant even picture me doing that again. Guys have soooo much easier when it comes to that shit. Giving a girl head is so easy..... You just lick! Ugh...I mean there I am.... Can you imagine what I was thinking. I was thinking what if he cums...thats what I was hinking. And I have no problem with kissing him afterwards, thats his choice. Wow. but now that I think about violating my shower. It makes me think he wants me to swallow. He does, I can tell. His exact words word "It'd be nice, but its all up to you" That kindof made me feel bad. I miss Stuart. Man. My school kicked ass. ::sigh:: Some CD's I'm really craving right now....are...Static X...Deftones....Hed P.E.....and Finch. Ugh fucking Nero is so stupid...my computer is a homosexual and wont let me download Kazaa. Piece of shit. ::smacks moniter::

[[eat worms]]

Wasn't expecting that to happen. [18 Apr 2003|08:40pm]
[ mood | dirty ]
[ music | Trapt - Headstrong ]

I'm shocked myself. Jimmy came over like he said he would. He got here by like 3:00 and we sat around and felt around ::blush:: lol. We had started to discuss the shower....and...Wow. Well lets just say we violated my shower completely. lmao. We got in and jesus christ! His dick is HUGE. I was like.... oh my god...I'm supposed to fit..that.. in my fucking mouth??? God that was a challenge. Well we were kissing and I layed down and he ate me out for a little bit. It was the best feeling I have ever had. I've never done anything below the waist...so that was interesting. I definetly came. I also went down on him but he didnt cum because I didnt for very long. I'm a pussy, and I didnt want cum in my mouth thank you. We are discussing me "swallowing it" that feels better....I want to give him pleasure and he ate me out pretty fuckin good.....He just has to do it longer for me to actually like..cum..lol Well he didnt so I felt horrible....Whatever... it doesnt benifit me. I dont even really like giving head. Man-o-Man. My brother came home right after Jim got out and that was a rush. Whatever its cool I'm cool with him with shit like that. I wish Jimmy had a dick that wasnt choking me....lol...It's not that bad...... Its the SEMEN 'm worried about...Ickky.

[[eat worms]]

::Yawn:: [18 Apr 2003|02:34pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]
[ music | 30 seconds to Mars - Capricorn ]

Last night was awesome. After I came home and everything I got situated and Damian told me to sneak out and smoke a black with him. So I did, but the 27 minutes of being with Damian were so un-pleasant. That kid is disgusting. We were talking about him sucking Jennat's dick. Gross! I wanted to puke. Fucking nigger. There are black people and there are niggers. Niggers give black people a bad name, such as Jennat. I was so grossed out the whole way home. I got in safe and junk but ew. Jimmy dyed his hair reddish brown and he's about to come over soon. I hope. My mom gets home in an 2 hours. ::scratches head:: I wish he would hurry up! ::sigh::

[[eat worms]]

Good day.....Bad day? [18 Apr 2003|01:58am]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Out of Ashes - Waiting ]

Today evened out. Jimmy woke up late. Mark was a crab. What else is new? Well Jimmy picked me up in the morning and we headed to the beach jammin to MSI the whole way there on his brand new tight fuckin sound system. When we got there we drove around for about 10 minutes looking for Trey and Alex. When we finally found them we sat under the pier in the shade. They started to plan this "huge hole" which really turned out to be a ditch surounded with shovels...and they dug it right next to where Alex, Melissa, Rachel, and I were sitting. That was Trey and Marks idea.. Jimmy had no say so as usual. I was eyeing Jimmy working hard...up and down...muscles flexing. He was sooo adorable. It was sexy until Alex made a joke about how funny he looked throwing himself and all his body mass into digging this stupid hole while Trey and Mark were shoveling with the least amount of effort. After about 10 minutes of digging. I flipped over to come eye to eye with Racine. She was standing there with this sexy revealing baithing suit and her blond hair falling over her shoulders, not to mention her awesome surfboard. She looked really hot. Knowing Racine with her extremely outgoing personality.....She offered to teach me how to surf. I passed, but Jim didn't. How would you feel if your boyfriend was in the water with some hot girl in a baithing suit getting touched and held up? Well I was edgy...But Racine does flirt alot and she is really hot so how was I supposed to know what she was thinking? I was going to say something but I didnt want to point out that I was jelous. I shouldnt be. There was no reason to be. I walked over to Trey and Jeff because they were crackin on Jim. I just listened and mingled. Jeff was like "God, Look at him...he's like 'Oh gosh! I fell on you again'" that made me so edgy I wanted to cry. It was funny though. I was hysterical trying to hide what I was really thinking. Racine and I went in the water and talked blah blah and then she left. After that Trey and Mark burried Jim in the "huge hole" and then me and him got in the water and just washed off and left. His dad called and told him to come to pick up Miss Lil and come to Markham so me and Jim went home and got his mom and left. We met up with his family and their friend Vinny at Markham park. We went on their dad's boat and I jumped in a couple of times but Jimmy and Tommy water skiied. They are in for some pain tomorrow. Woo... so many wipeouts. I was too chicken to try. lol. I got a little burnt, but I'll live.On the way home I was about to pass out. I was so whipped from the beach and the boat and the sun and God was I tired. Miss Lil got us Wendys and I came back to Jim's and he gave me a Tool shirt and some shorts to wear because I was freezing. We played some video games and then left for Nick's house. We went to my house first. On the way there I called Sam and bitched at her about Jim's flannel and made her cry. =] Stupid pathetic bitch. She got some guy to call Jimmy back and yell at him. What a whore. At my house Jimmy and I had the perfect oppourtunity to hop in the shower but like the idiots we are... it didnt even dawn on us. I took a shower and changed and then we left for Nick's. Nick stole 5 beers from wherever and was all excited about it. Hes like " man were going to get so smashed tonight! Call some honnies!" It was truly pathetic. Does he not know that beer is for pussies? He got very annoying after a while. Me and Jim smoked some clove supers on the way over so we were out of it. lol. We went to Marks and Mark and nick went back to Nick's to get a guitar string, which added up to Trey, Jim, and Mark jammin for us in the garage. They played Waiting and Goodbye. Waiting is an awesome song. and Goodbye is just..... fucking hilarious. Because the whole time I was saying Sherrif Joe in my head and cracking up. Mark was playing with this look on his face like he was having an orgasm. That was hilarious too. After that we made an acid bomb and almost killed a hcicken. Dont worry it was just for fun. We ended up blowing an owl clear out of there and killing some grass. That was just for kicks. Alex and Melissa showed up and we all headed to the bowling alley. There it was freezing and stupid. Jimmy an I went outside and smoked a clove and got really lightheaded and they were all crackin on Jim about being gone so long with me. Stupid asses.I hate the way Mark always points out that I'm in 8th grade. I being in 8th grade! It was almost time for me and Jimmy to be home so we left and the whole way home I was turning him on so bad. I was sucking on his finger and playing with his fingers with my tounge. I completely throated his Index and Middle finger enough to the point where he damn near creamed his pants. And that was only his fingers so I imagine that giving him head would blow his mind...which doesnt sound like a bad idea. I dont think I would be bad at it , But I'm still debating.When we got to my house in the parking lot we were on top of eachother. I wanted him so bad but we had to be home soon. We kissed for a while and he felt around...fun. Tomorrow my mom is working so hopefully he'll be able to come over. =] and we can finish what was started tonight. Kelly called him and bitched about alot of shit and upset him but he seems ok right now. What a night.

[[eat worms]]

Ahhhh [17 Apr 2003|10:43am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | none ]

God I am soo hyper I'm bouncing off the walls. Weee maybe its all this adrinaline. I can't hold in how much I want to be in the car with Jimmy right now blasting MSI. Oh Shit! hes here!!! ::flees::

[[eat worms]]

Lazy ass [17 Apr 2003|09:50am]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | Finch - Untitled ]

Mark is so lazy. He made me get up at 9 in the fucking morning to wait until 10 for his ass! What the hell! He's being a dick lately too. He brought Lilli over to Jim's house "just to see him" Pshh....he shouldnt be doing Jimmy favors he doesnt want done. The few people I have to put up with because of Jim's class.=] I'm just happy I have him and THEY dont. ::snicker:: Mark is now concidered desperate. He is bringing along some chick named Rachel. This should be fun , Jim got a new sound system for like 200 bucks! Wow. Didn't expect that to happen overnight =] But it did so proves what I know. lol. Sorry I'm distracted by eating my Life cereal. muahaha.Via..getting it all over the keyboard. We should be leaving soon. Watch....This is a day I looked forward to so now I bet its going to be ruined by something...OR SOMEONE.::sigh:: Why do I put myself in these situations...? =[

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