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Friday, April 30th, 2004

Subject:HBO addiction
Time:11:01 pm.
Mood: chipper.
Music:Yellow Fever -Rasputina.
"Be brief."
"Be f$&ked!"
Deadwood.....dear god...*drool*'s just occoured to me, we've had HBO for almost a month now, and I've yet to watch the Sopranos....
I'm just pissed that they cancled "Carnivale".
Oooh..and in a few minutes, and interview with William Peterson...*cheer*
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Thursday, April 22nd, 2004

Subject:"There's a Chirst forr whore, a Christ for a punk..."
Time:4:26 pm.
Mood: surprised.
Music:Wicked Dickie -Rasputina.
Whoa...."Cut-throat Christ", by James Fenton can be sung to the tune of "Wicked Dickie" by Rasputina....
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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004

Time:7:40 pm.
Mood: giggly.
Music:Crosswalk -Rasputina.
My old headphones thought it would be funny to stop working, so I have *NEW AND IMPROVED* ones, from Best Buy now. The BASS! DEAR GOD! THE BASE! It's so amazing, my whole head is thumping! Aieeeee!

*ahem* Anyway, still a bit bummed about Matsi. Poor guy. I miss im'.

This afternoon, I went to a meeting with the crazy counsler at school for next year. He says that in two years I'll be doing AP world history! A freaking college-level course! Freak! *spaz*

Battle of the school bands this morning, we got a 2+. (Highest being 1.) Everyone agreed we were gyped.

~Grace Out

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Monday, April 12th, 2004

Subject:Mourning for Matsi
Time:9:11 pm.
Mood: depressed.
Music:Sad Songs and Waltzes -Cake.
Recived upsetting news tonight. The wolf I've been sponsering since 1999 died. As far as the voulenteers at the Preserve can tell, it was of natural causes, but man, this really stings. I feel as if I've lost a close friend. Silly as it may sound, I considered Matsi to be a bit of a Spirit Guide. I've got a few photos of him that the people at WERC sent out his sponsers, and I've been using them as refrance to draw him. Been at it for about an hour now. Aie, Matsi, why did you have to go!? I really miss him, and I'm sure plenty of other do. I am considering adopting another, perhaps Matsi's brother. But it won't be the same. Crap, I'm speaking in clechies tonight. Owie.

~Grace Out
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Saturday, April 10th, 2004

Subject:dot dot dot
Time:3:34 pm.
Mood: thirsty.
Music:There's a storm a-blowin' outside th' window!.
Had one of those uncomfortable "naked in public" dreams last night. Can't remember if I was at school, or visiting an amusement park like the last time I had one of these. Funny thing though, I was my old fursona. Indeed, no pale flab here, I went back to being the old black Timber Wolf I used to be...argh, the shift to Red Wolf is harder than I thought it would be....oh well.

~Grace Out

P.S. Tonight, I'm finally gonna get to see "Pulp Fiction" I revel in glee
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Friday, April 9th, 2004

Time:11:31 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
Music:Fantasia on a theme -Thomas Tallis.
Damn, just watched Trainspotting, now I can't stop cussing...or speaking with a Scottish accent.

I don't want to do heroine.....

My god, Harrison is so short compared to me, I look like a pedophile. Oi.

"Being Scottish it shite!" (Haw haw haw)

A few minutes ago, I went back to look at some old artists I hadn't checked in a while, my god. One of my favorites has destroyed her stlye to become 'dark'. Oi, freaking, vey.

~Grace Out

P.S. No, Jalisa, Yellowcard is NOT the greatest fucking band ever.
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Time:3:46 pm.
Mood: apathetic.
Music:Racecar Ya Yas -Cake.
Man, the art in the old Rupert Comics scare the shmoo outta me...
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Friday, April 2nd, 2004

Subject:Brain Dump...
Time:11:17 pm.
Mood: crazy.
Music:Nugget -Cake.
No doubt this will cause confusion....

His name is Mex. He eats people I don't like. Mex is composed of ink and lives in and inky world I call BiK. (Hee hee, get it? Like the pen brand! Ink! 'Cept with a K at the end so I don't get sued....) While in BiK, Mex is a base, simply ink on paper. I bring him to life (because I'm stupid and silly....) he does my bidding. Mex took a bite out of Danyah, he's nibbled Vicky's toes. Mex has growled at my own family.

He has been very busy as of recent.

Mex is a giant wolf because I love wolves, and we love all of our creations, right?

He is ink, because it's good to press hard with a pen when you're angry. He's everything I love and hate. Mex is grief, anger, negativity, jealousy, apathy, and cynicism. He's inside me.

Mex has no pupils, because hatred is blind.

Mex protects Chii, who used to be me. I wonder what's going to happen now that I'm a different person? Will he leave her and dedicate himself to the new Grace, or stick with Chii? I don't give a damn either way. I'll have to consult Frued on that matter...

His name used to be Max, but Allison thought I wrote an "E" instead of an "A". I thought it was funny, and the name stuck....I wonder what that has to say about my handwriting...................

His name is Mex.
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Sunday, March 28th, 2004

Time:9:25 pm.
Mood: artistic.
Music:Crosswalk -Rasputina (I NEED the new CD!! *pant*).
Damn, I just got my computer back...I had no idea my computer, MY computer could run THIS fast...dear god, I'm in love! XP is so much better than ME, oh yes. *Dance of enthusiasm*

Though only Aidan will find this interesting, I'm representing myself as a Red Wolf know, because:
A: It's been my all-time favorite animal since birth.
B: Chii is a Timber Wolf, and she ISN'T me. I wanted to show that we aren't the same, wolf...

So there, for my own future referance, I'm a Red Wolf now, and plan to stay that way. Indeed.

And now, I SHOWER!
~Grace Out

Oh, and watch "Smoke Signals" it's wonderful. "Heeey, Vicktor!" heh heh heh...
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Friday, March 26th, 2004

Subject:Love, and Pollen is in the air...
Time:8:04 pm.
Mood: loved.
Music:Hot Hot Hot -Buster Poindexter.
Man, I need to visit some more states..

create your own personalized map of the USA

It's been a good week, with my allergies dying down, and cramps subsiding...the possibility of romance is nice too...(Though it's mostly just to two of us grinning like idiots at each other during Band, Gym, and English, cause' he doesn't know that I know how he feels, and he thinks that I don't know that he knows, and all that complicated teen-aged poo....) Anyway, I'm sitting here 'squee-ing' and actually excited about going back to school on Monday...Aieeeeeeeeee!
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Sunday, March 21st, 2004

Time:8:46 pm.
Mood: bitchy.
Music:Save Tonight -Eagle Eye Cherry.
You'd think that listening to a little music while going for a walk would be safe, eh? Eh? EH?! I've learned that there is infact risk involved. Oh yes, Grace lives life out on the edge.
My Dad told me I'd reallly like Pearl Jam, so he stole my little iPod and put about 20 PJ songs on it. Very nice. However, I havn't been able to enjoy a single damn song. Each one just relentlessly drags on! Aie! (And now some Pearl Jam fan with threaten me....oh my.)
Also, another song I downloaded onto it plays at a volume so loud, if I were to take off my headphones, you could hear the chorus in Brazil. Now, I have 134 songs on my iPod, meaning that 21/134 times, I could wind up either blowing out an eardrum, or falling asleep in the middle of the street. It's almost like gambling! There's always that breif few seconds, after each song ends, when I sit there, ready to jump out of my skin.
"Ohgodohgodohgod! Not Pearl Jam! Please!" or, "Ahhhhh! I'm gonna go deaf!"
I'm planning on opening a betting parlor. $5 gets you in. Guess if it's gonna be head-blastingly loud, or boring beyond belief. Whoa, I've got a Summer Job!
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Monday, March 15th, 2004
Time:11:54 pm.
Mood: jubilant.
Music:Mr. Moran -Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
Me: Give me sex, Oliver.
Oliverbot: As Freud said, "Sex is the mathematical urge, repressed."
Me: Yeah, well Freud was afraid of Ferns.
Oliverbot: Ayuh. Have you read all of his works?
Me: Shut up, Oliver.

I love
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Time:9:33 pm.
Mood: giggly.
Music:Polly -Nirvana.
While viewing "Secret Window" I had this thought:

"Oh my god. I'm watching a Stephen King movie...and ENJOYING it!"
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Wednesday, March 10th, 2004

Subject:Art Rant (Because I have to)
Time:8:50 pm.
Mood: cynical.
Music:Roadrunner -Barenaked Ladies Version.
Right then, taking a break from my Romeo and Juliet project because I'm lazy. Aaaaaanyway...I was browsing through deviantart and...I'm not cetain if this is because of my own increasing knowledge of art, or what...but it seems that people I'm noticing slight anotomical flaws, art by people I used to (and still do) consider godly in their talent. Sammie says I'm a perfectionist, but bare with me, it's been getting more and more difficult to find really impressive art out there. (Not that I'm saying I'm anything special, I mean, I'm so terrible at art that I won't even consider posting for a good three-or-four YEARS.)
There is one particular girl in my 4th period band class who is considered a 'great' artist. She's a flute player, and very pretty and skinny, and gothy, and all that jazz which people seem to need today to be considered 'artsy'. As I was often draws during band. Being in the back (Low-Brass RULESSS!!! YEEEEHA! *ahem*) I have a really good view of some of the drawings on her music stand. She likes elves... Subject matter aside, I see where people are coming from, she's got a much better grasp of the human form than I do, (Though I'd like to see her draw a wolf!!!!) such piece of 'art' was of an elf stroking the cheek of some Sea Serpent...thing. The elf, while a little silly, was very nice, but what got me was the anatomy of the Serpent's muzzle/face. It was VERY long, and became very slender in the middle right before becoming rather wide at the tip. Okay, if this thing was real, its mouth would be way too long to properly function, and its head would be way too heavy to even lift off the ground. This thing would be dragging its massive head around like Bart Simpson in the most recent Halloween episode. The Loch Ness monster could kick its sorry ass... So I says to Sammie, I says "Lookit that! It's anotomicaly impossible!" *shakes fist* To which she replied "Jeeze, Grace. Why do you have to be such a perfectionist? It's a really cool drawing."
Aiiiiiie. Who knows. I suppose I'm not one to judge, but yanno...that fricking' flute player really blues my shoes...
~Grace Out
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Tuesday, March 9th, 2004

Subject:Not funny...
Time:9:48 pm.
Mood: crazy.
Music:S.O.F.T -Elastica.
Isn't it funny how similar the word "masochist" is to "macho"? it's not.....
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Saturday, February 28th, 2004

Subject:Wire Hangers
Time:6:05 pm.
Mood: cold.
Music:Wonder Picket-Fence -Oasis.
Only just a few moments did I take the innitiative to check my closet after my Grandmother returned to Blackpool. In there, I found what I believe to be, (and this is a very rough estimate) some 200 wire clothes hangers. I had perhaps three, plastic hangers in my closet before her visit...Remember that bit in "Mommie, Dearest"? "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!!"

Aaaaaaand it's freezing in the house right now. I checked the thermostat-53 degrees! Oh, the injustice of having to keep my sweater on all day..*sarcasm* Honestly, it's cold though....

~Grace Out

(Uh-oh...I think my tush froze to the chair...)
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Tuesday, February 24th, 2004

Time:8:35 pm.
Mood: working.
Music:Loser -Beck.
"Our goal is to promote cultural awareness, understanding and celebration of diversity. To teach effective leadership skills for a pluralistic society. We will take 50 of our best students of mixed races, religions, and cultures to Prescot for a three-day learning activity. We will leave from school 7:45 am on Friday, March 5th and return 5:00pm Sunday, March 7th. Please fill out the following medical form for....."

And I'm going. My Social Studies teacher poked me until I agreed....really.

Anyway, all of this had put me into a rather weird mood, which means Beck-lots of it. Most irritatingly, it's "disrupting my work environment". I've got to finish the outline of my resarch project by tomorrow. It's already three pages long, and I've only gotten about 3/4 of the way finished. Then why the hell am I writing in here when I should be working? I'll mime a lung-clot and pretend I need to take a every time.
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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004

Subject:A little entertainment...
Time:11:02 am.
Mood: apathetic.
Music:Hunter's Kiss -Rasputina.
The Morning Thusfar
A play by

Grace (sitting at table, eating): Mmm...toast.
Enter GRANNY; stage left
Granny: Oh, I didn't realize you were here, love.
Grace: Yes, I stayed the night. I said I was sleeping here before you went to bed...
GRANNY sits down next to GRACE
Granny: Oh, really? Are you having a day off school, dear?
Grace: Yes, it's Sunday.
Granny: Yes...
Enter STEP-MOM; stage right
GRANNY stands up and walks; stage right.
GRANNY: No work today, Deena?
Step-Mom: No, it's Sunday.
Granny: Really? I had no idea!
Grace (to self): Oi vey.
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Friday, February 6th, 2004

Time:10:19 pm.
Mood: peaceful.
Music:South Australia -The Pouges.
Really happy. Not the usuall, hyper happy. Somthing deeper, the kind of happiness where you don't really know what's going on in that four-chambered muscle (heh, sounds like a car engine) just, it's somthing deep. A very...content happiness. I don't know if I feel like crying or laughing. Nyah...laughing, that's it. Experiencing on of those very rare, deep, calm feelings.

I blame Matthew Woodson's return to deviantart...


~Grace Out
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Monday, January 26th, 2004

Subject:My god, I'm an ass....
Time:7:31 pm.
Mood: grumpy.
Music:Cell Block Tango -Chicago Soundtrack.
Medic! 50 cc's of common sense! Stat!
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Blurty for Grace.

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