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Saturday, March 4th, 2006

Subject:"One o' them self-hatin' Jews"
Time:3:40 pm.
Mood: nerdy.
Music:Amerika -Rammstien.
Heard Rammstien for the first time this week. REALLY catchy and orchestral, but I continue to feel a little strange listening to it. ARGHNAZIROCK...... I really shouldn't have this prejudice, but god, "Reise, Reise"!! Oi vey...

Hopefully "Tristram Shandy: a Cock and Bull Story" will prove distracting.
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Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Time:10:41 pm.
Mood: artistic.
Music:5/4 -Gorillaz.
Just "googled myself" (still sounds dirty to me).

...I remain the only Poochiini.

And now, I shall go make popcorn...
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Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Subject:For the lack of constructive motivation...
Time:5:35 pm.
Mood: relaxed.
Music:The Wings -Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack.
My, it's been a while hasn't it? I had one of those horrible, humbling experiences re-reading old journal entries- I'm not unique nor am I especially talented when it comes to writing. Oh well, I do hope that in the time during which I have neglected this journal I have matured, of only in the slightest.

I have recently taken to playing mystery adventure games for the PC. I tried (and failed to complete) Grim Fandango, which was really stylish and entertaining, but never managed to hold my attention for more than twenty minutes at a time. It was physicaly exhausting to play it- so much made so little sense and the only reason I made it to year three was by following a walkthrough ver batum. I hope to give it another try soon.
After my failure, I purchased a new title based off of Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None". It was rendered in the classic style of the point-and-click third person adventure game that I absolutley adore. It was certainly a noble attempt, but suffered the fate of many adventure games in that I wound up picking up every damn item on the ground and trying it on everything else. The playable character, Patrick Naracott, was all too eager to inform me that he couldn't "make those two items fit", resulting in filthy cursing on my part. The dialogue at times, was unintentionaly comic: "Where were you at the time of the murder? Who do you think killed him? Will you help me sew these sheets together to make a parachute?". In the final confrontation with the killer (not the same as in the novel- big mistake, no other ending could be as brilliant as Christie's), I was tempted to throw a cheese wheel, simply to get it out of my inventory. The music, however, was superb.

I mentioned my quest to lose weight last year, and indeed, as of now I have lost 37 pounds, bringing me to a size 6 jean. I shall celebrate with a hot fudge sundae. (Actually, if this is not too immodest, I have been asked to do some modeling as of recent. My god.) The only downside to this sudden drop: I am ALWAYS cold, so, so cold...

Here's to a marvelous New Year.
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Saturday, May 21st, 2005

Time:1:41 am.
Mood: awake.
Music:I Put a Spell on You - Screaming Jay Hawkins.
Get Backers, episode 30:

Shido and Emishi escape in a whirlwind... of fish.

The show has consumed my soul.
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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005

Time:7:54 pm.
Mood: drained.
Music:Just -Radiohead.
Oy vey, it's been hectic.

My daily schedule (for the past three weeks, expecting the same for the next.)

6:30 wakey, dressy, eaty, caffinate
7:45 leaving for school
8:15-2:40 school (ARGHGETTINGHARDER)
3:15-5:45 collapse and sleep on couch while watching Judge Judy and People's Court
6:15-7:00 dinner, caffinate
7:15-8:15 fuck around on the computer, work on Picture of Dorian Gray essays/novella/re-write/(i.e. -utterly geeky crap I do for fun...*sob*)
8:15-11:00 homework
11:00-11:30 shower
11:30-12:45 pacing up and down the hallway, draw, watch T.V. ("me time")
12:45-1:30 read (Currently a book of Puccini operas, was "Stiff" by Mary Roach a few weeks ago.)
1:30-6:30 comatose

Yay....this'll most likely explain to everyone why I'm never um...concious in the late afternoons.

In other news, I've lost 7 1/2 pounds! *dance* *puff-puff* Five more to go...

Also, did you know that it's been proven- a severed head is aware for up to four seconds after it is detached from the body? Indeed! Keep that in mind for the next revolution....

-Grace Out
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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004

Time:6:22 pm.
Mood: discontent.
Music:Trenchmouth -Rasputina.
That's it.

I've got to learn how to draw people.

I will not survive in the world drawing only fucking anthro.
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Sunday, October 3rd, 2004

Subject:American Graffiti
Time:5:27 pm.
Mood: exanimate.
Music:Within a Mile of Home -Flogging Molly.
"10 dollers goes a long way."
"Then we go get layed."

Please, folks, of you're going to tag a sign-post, at least use propper grammar and spelling.
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Sunday, September 26th, 2004

Time:10:19 am.
Mood: bored.
Music:Every Dog Has Its Day -Flogging Molly.
Really, I'm just killing time...

You're the smirk,a frown-smile hybrid that's a
little bit cocky and usually associated with
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One thing-why is it that I always pick quizzes with animie pictures...(without knowing before?)
Yeah..there's really nothing going on...I'm very boring, ne? *smirk* (ha ha.)

On another note: April Ryan! Stop stealing my goddamn hair cut!

~Grace Out
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Monday, September 20th, 2004

Time:9:23 pm.
Mood: full.
Music:Blue Collar Suicide -The Refreshments.
Aww, crap...I sense an impending phase....

You are Midou Ban!
You are Midou Ban! You're sometimes too rude, but
you work hard to get what you want, or what you
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Sunday, September 19th, 2004

Time:11:53 am.
Mood: jubilant.
Music:Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone -Jewel.
Jeeze, I've been really getting lazy, ne?
"Oh, I didn't realize you were gone!" Exclaims the one (or less) person(s) reading this. Yes. Yes indeed.

So, has anything interesting happened recently? Yes!
All of my internal organs attempted to escape out of my colon...or somthing similar.
Yeah, not fun. Four days in the hospital in utter agony, with uncontrolable..stuff. I've learned that morphine is my new best friend. Also, the novelty of an IV bag wears off after a couple of days...
The worst part being that, despite all of the dozens of tests the doctors preformed on me, we could never figure out what was wrong! I wasn't even allowed to eat! Gargh! Not. Fun.
At one point they had to do a "C.T." scan of my intestinal tract. To do so, I had to drink this really vile tasting contrast fluid, and was then wheeled into another room where they preformed the scan. There, they had to fill my intestines with more contrast fluid. (I'll spare you the details on just HOW they accomplished that...) However, it was one of the single most painful experiences of my life, really. The fluid caused a gag-reaction, and I wound-up, well...throwing up all over myself, and the machine...and the nurse. At least she was really nice about it, and said it happened to alot of people...still, Christ, it was humiliating.
However, my experience made me really appreciate nurses. They are the kindest, most hard-working people I've ever been honored to me. I admire their dedication, and wish I could go back to the hospital and tell them all how thankful I am. Really.

But now, I am indeed a healthy, robust individual! Huzzah! And am back to my usual antics. Yes!

~Grace Out
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Saturday, August 21st, 2004

Time:6:14 pm.
Mood: hungry.
And now, a joke:

"A lawyer, a psychologist, and a chemist were asked whether is was best to have an affair, or stay with their partner.
The lawyer said: Stay with your spouse, what with pre-nups., etc, most folks come out of a divorce wore for wear!
The psychologist said: Stick with your partner- an affair puts uneeded stress on one's mind and body.
The Chemist said: Both! Let your wife think you're with your mistress, let your mistress think you're with your wife-then go to the lab and get some work done!"

Hah haha aha...I'm such a geek...
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Thursday, August 5th, 2004

Time:10:24 am.
Mood: confused.
Les' hope this works...


i adopted a chibi duo!

you can too, as long as you believe that heero is not toast!

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Friday, July 16th, 2004

Time:5:43 pm.
Mood: amused.
Music:Opening Theme -Tripplets of Belleville Soundtrack. seems Alina (sakura07) is attempting to beat my total amount of entries?! Hah! I laugh... I've got a lead of at least 20! Hah! Hah! Try'n stop me 'Leanie!!!! Yeah...the Starbucks has gotten to me...I need to slip back into "cynical bitch" mode...hang on....*strain*

Got my dress for my Dad's wedding, black satin, I feel so godamn cosmopolitan. Yes, oh, yes.

New haircut to, but the stylist kept my bangs long. (Meh, I like 'em that way, actually.) But now they've given me a sort-of anime look. (I.E., They blend into one big spikey hank which all but covers my right eye.) Yeah...christ, this had no point..bleh..
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Saturday, June 26th, 2004

Subject:MSA (Music Snobs get the joke...)
Time:1:12 am.
Mood: apathetic.
Music:High on Life -Rasputina.
*steps up* name is Grace...and I am a music snob.

Hello, Grace.

Right, I've got the admit it, I really, REALLY *emphasis* dislike so-called "popular" music. (i.e. Yellowcard, System of a Down, etc....) I suppose this is all due to my father, who carefull molded me in his image...(music-wise....) Feeding me a diet of wonderful tunes from the mid-80's on, all a great variety of artists and compossers. Thusly, I adore lesser-known bands such as Elastica, and have a real appreciation for high-quality music. For example, the leading singer cannot fucking BLEAT the lyrics like a goddamn sheep!!!! (*coughYellowcardcough*)

Sadly, being in a high-school environment, I am contsantly surrounded by such cheap, dull music. (Though, and I'm rather ashamed to admit this, I've got a growing affection for Linkin Park.) I suppose it's these teenagers with wich I constantly interact who keep Rasputina off the air-waves.

Rather, I came to the conclusion of my own snobby-nature this afternoon with Sammie and Alina (Sakura07). We were "cold-chillin'" on our usual stomping ground, and, from where we were sitting, we could hear the radio. Every few minutes, my companions would say somthing along the lines of: :Oooooh! This is a good song!" Or, "Hey....I like THIS!" And yanno what? Thay all sounded the fucking same...poo.
Alina: Hey, Blink 182!
Me: Ugh....
Alina: Uh-oh, you can't let *Name with-held* know you don't like Blink.
Me *thinking to self*: Blink? What the fuck? *stupified*

So....yes...I DO know that I am, in fact, a total asshole, but yanno what? I don't care, as long as I have my new Cake album. And thas' alright by me...

~Grace Out, OMG!!!!!!!!111

And yanno what? I LIKE Björk....
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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004

Subject:It continues...
Time:5:47 pm.
Mood: artistic.
Music:Fantasia on a Theme -Vaughn Williams.
And they ran. Nothing was making sense. Can's brain was on fire, snippets of thought....
"Weight in my jaw...yes..pup...I grabbed the pu-oh god...the bang!"
Another shot violently disturbed her toughts. Yi, lagging behind, squealed in terror and proppeled herself faster.
Breathing hard, Can caught a wiff of somthing, sending off an alarm in her subconcious. Dog. Dog. Dog. But what-?
She could smell the Gruff with the ginger fur too. She could feel his anticipation, his desire to see Can and her remaining pack-mates mounted on his wall...
Somthing was looming up, getting larger and larger...but she was running too hard to even ract.
"Oh my fucking god! Run!"
It was so near...stipes on the snow, just like her dream.... And suddenly she was snagged in the razor-wire. It was all coming true! The claws scratching at her dragging her back, and then...
"What?" She was out...her paw was cut, but only a little blood...
Cold relief...awe...
"I' an-"
Can spun 'round.
She was stuck in the wire, now in a blind panic. It was cutting her through-and-through, curling around her neck. Yi jerked wildly, trying to call out, totally irrational. Can could smell the blood, and knew it was too late. It was filling up Yi's throat and lungs-spraying out in a fine mist as she tried vainly to free herself of the wire, only to become more entangled.
Dog. Dog. Dog.
All this Can watched in a dream-like state. Her dream, THIS was her dream...but the perspective was all wrong...she was supposed to be caught...her own life..should be draing onto the snow...
Yi fell still, but her eyes were still staring ahead, black ovals which contrasted horribly with the rep-stained snow beneath them.

Yeah..a snippet from a story I'm writing over the summer to keep's awful, no?
Yes, I've been re-reading "The Foxes of Firstdark"....
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Saturday, June 19th, 2004

Time:10:06 pm.
Mood: drunk.
Music:Comfort Eagle -Cake.
I love my new brush-pens. Yes ah do....
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Saturday, June 12th, 2004

Subject:Post-birthday shmoo
Time:11:11 am.
Mood: lazy.
Music:Sheep Go to Heaven -Cake.
Gwah. I am indeed another year older, and another year closer to the drinking age. Aie......I have nothing to say...I'm "say-less..." Oi.........

You're an Etch-a-Sketch!! You're the creative,
artsy type who doesn't need to actually utilize
a single muscle group in order to have fun.
Doesn't matter though, you're still cool.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
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~Grace Out
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Saturday, May 29th, 2004

Subject:Oncoming epidemic of "teh summer stoopids"
Time:11:31 am.
Mood: nostalgic.
Music:Fossiles -Carnaval Des Animaux (Still fighting "T.S.S").
Oop. School's been out for a good three days now. I've been literally "blobbing" around the house, and yanno what? I really really need a shower. It's been days since I've been able to say anything intelligent at all, in fact, for the rest of this entry I might as well promote Bush! (Haw haw! Ohmyfreakinggodthatwasbad...)

Got my hair cut and dyed yesterday, now I've got the shorest haircut I've had in my entire life, but hey, it makes me look older. I think I'll try to buy some beer later. Haw! Aie, the onset of "teh summer stoopids" is drawing ever nearer! Heh, at least with this hair, I look EXACTLY like my Mom did when she was in her Twenty-somthings. It'll really freak out my Dad when I go over to his house on Monday. *evil*

And...hey....birthday in 14 days it's my birthday! Huzzah! Indeed! Other similar words of glee...

~Grace Out
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Saturday, May 8th, 2004

Subject:Strawberry Nirvana
Time:1:50 pm.
Mood: hyper.
Someday, I plan to get a time machine and go back to 1950. I'll grab some guy and bring him to Jamba Juice. I'll say "this is what all the food of the future is like!" It'll blow his mind, man......
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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004

Time:8:09 pm.
Mood: artistic.
Music:Smells Like Teen Spirit -Nirvana (not my usual, but, meh...).
ARGH! F*^&! WHY!!!??? GOD DA*$(#!!!!!!!!!!! GROWF!!!!!!!!! *Spaz*

Ok, now that I've got that out my system...had a very interesting yesterday. I got to drive out to this really rural part of Chandler and, standing in a corn-field, wearing pink-silk pajamas (greatfully recived from my cousin Gregory from his adventures in China.) holding a pink umbrella, and my Trombone, (now lovingly dubbed "Mr. T.") posed for many and insteresting photograph. I also sat in jeans and high-heels on concrete steps in the middle of an empty lot, crouched in a broken chicken-coop (coup?) and danced in a field full of weeds infront of a water-tower. Somehow, I doubt this is quite what my Dad had in mind when he wanted a "portrait". Also, Mr. T. is full of corny-dirt now, and sounds freaky when I play, must clean....

~Grace Out
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Blurty for Grace.

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