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tOdAy wAs Ok .. [17 Jul 2003|06:49pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | iN LoVe WiT yU - dA BrAt ]

well today was aight..me and joe got into a fight today..but im trying hard for everything to work out.. i really want it to..i miss him and me being together..and EVERYONE tells me that we make a cute couple..nd i juss miss him! We might go to the movies tomorrow..then again he might not want to..but if we dont..ashie's gonna b saddd! well today i laid out for a while and then i went to publix to get my paycheck and to see when i work..& evryone was so nice they were like aww yu look so nice today..so pretty im like thanx..lol but gotta love it..tomorrow im prolly gonna lay out and prolly gonna go to the movies if joe wants to..i hope so!

ill prolly b back tonite if nethin else happens..
much love*

jOe * i LOVE you so much..nevr think i dont! i juss want things to work out and im sorry about today..i miss you!

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