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t O d A y * [04 Aug 2003|06:20pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | RiGhT tHuRR -- cLiNgY ]

WELLLL!!! so far .. its been pretty good .. lol i picked up joe's present .. lol he thinks its an amp LOL! well .. hell b pretty surprised .. * i h O P e * --> i went to publix to pick up ice cream .. juss in the mood duno why thou ... ahhh! lol but NOW! me and kelly worked out stuff and we are back to el best friends-o .. hehe i lit my new candle today lol arent yu happy !! lol

--> tHiS WeEkENd -- well this weekend i work like a LOT of hours ..lol well on saturday i work 7 hours .. and sunday i worked 4 .. then on saturday me joe mike and rich and their dad went to brus .. lol and sunday we got the pizza joe dont like .. lol and my dad wanted to study for the test on tuesday.. BUT never got around to it lol OH WELL lol

The down-to-earth girl
The down-to-earth girl

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wELL tONiTE --> dR. jOES! write back lata.. xoxo

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DUNO WUT TO DO * [01 Aug 2003|12:44am]
[ music | IMiNG SOUNDS lol ]

HEY! well its been a LONG time since i wrote in this .. well july 23 - 25 my family stayed at a hotel on the beach it was fun and nice i happy because i saw joe .. my birthday was fun im glad i was with the person i love <33 saturday and sunday were fun i had to work sunday .. and then came the weeek .. i duno if joe likes this one grl .. i duno it juss hurts .. he talks more to her then to me .. and lately he never wants to talk to me on the phone .. i try not to let anything bother me and i try not to say a word but it hurts .. my cousins say dont worry he loves yu .. i try to believe that but i dun .. i love him so much and i know i havent shown it to him in the best ways .. but its really hard for me to do that .. i dont know how to .. havent had a person care about me so much like he shows it to me. if hes reading this .. i juss wanna tell you i love you so much .. and im sorry for EVERYTHING :-( he tells me he doesnt like her .. but he talks to her more then he does with me :-(

on the 10th we might go to maine .. but i dont want to .. i want to stay here i hate flying on planes
its juss scary .. i juss dont wanna goo .... :-( and then 14th is coming up and i wanna make him
feel really special and i duno how to do that because i try to and nothing i plan works .. :-( i juss
want this to go right .. i got him something really good .. but i told him i got him something else
so he wouldnt suspect but I KNOW HES GONNA LIKE IT!

i love joe .. xoxo

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xOxO * [20 Jul 2003|11:41pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | MY LOVE iS LiKE .. WO --> MyA ]

today was good! i worked saw everyone lol im glad that i saw joe today! i LOVE him so much! hehe
lol maria is so funni shes like ALRiGHT WHERE iS AsH! JASON iS HERE! im like wtf?! and then we walked out to leave nd shes like OMG OMG! lol and then joseph..stupiddd lol YUR JAMiCiAN LOL! haha cant spell!
well i talked to ppl today! and my momma is like in a el crappy mood today! she said FCK yu to me..uh ohs! and was like all pissed when i told her where to go..shes one crazzi person..lol


`ASHiE .. JULY 25 --> 5 DAYS!
`AMY .. JULY 26 --> 6 DAYS!
`RYAN M .. JULY 24 --> 4 DAYS!
`PERMiT 4 ASH & AMY --> 9 DAYS!

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OnE WeEk * [18 Jul 2003|05:04pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | tHiS oNeS fOr tHe GiRLs - MaRTiNa McBriDe ]

hey! one more week till *My* birthday..well im not grounded nemore so i CAN go out! last nite i watched phonebooth..that is such a stupid movie..the whole movie is about a guy in a phonebooth -- tonite i dun think im doin nethin .. i was supposed to go to the movies but then things changed.. tomorrow i took off so ill prolly do sumthin tomorrow.. i didnt lay out.. oh well lol i got a necklace last year for my birthday and it was like expensive.. and i kinda broke it.. WOOPS! oh well ill send it back to him.. and he can get it fixed lol
gOTTA LOVE iT! break stuff that you got from your exboyfriends..lol

well .. ttyl xOxO


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tOdAy wAs Ok .. [17 Jul 2003|06:49pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | iN LoVe WiT yU - dA BrAt ]

well today was aight..me and joe got into a fight today..but im trying hard for everything to work out.. i really want it to..i miss him and me being together..and EVERYONE tells me that we make a cute couple..nd i juss miss him! We might go to the movies tomorrow..then again he might not want to..but if we dont..ashie's gonna b saddd! well today i laid out for a while and then i went to publix to get my paycheck and to see when i work..& evryone was so nice they were like aww yu look so nice today..so pretty im like thanx..lol but gotta love it..tomorrow im prolly gonna lay out and prolly gonna go to the movies if joe wants to..i hope so!

ill prolly b back tonite if nethin else happens..
much love*

jOe * i LOVE you so much..nevr think i dont! i juss want things to work out and im sorry about today..i miss you!

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GeTTiN StArTeD* [16 Jul 2003|04:55pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | KrAzZi - dReAM ]

HeY! WeLL iM CoNfUsEd On HoW tO UsE tHiS.. BuT iTs Ok.. LeMMe Go aNd FiGuRe THiS tHiNg OuT .. AnD iLL CoMe BaCk ANd TaLk To yU..xOxO


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