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Sunday, January 11th, 2004

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    school dance...
    well the dance sucked for the most part...jus not fun for whatever reason. but, one good thing did come out of it. i met one of my friend dave's friends jennifer who goes to roseville. i talked to her online for a few mins before the dance and that was kewl. and then i saw her and shes beautiful, sorry if this is embarrassing, lol. and we danced a lil and then ended up goin out to eat....me, jen, her friend kady, and dave. had a good time jus jokin...better than the dance. then after i got home i talked to her for like 20 mins to see if she thought i was attractive and interested in gettin to kno me and she said yes so we'll see how this goes. she seems like some one that has a lot of the same thoughts about things that i do like we agree on a lot of levels i guess. she jus said she was lookin for some one to treat her well cuz her last b/f was an "prick," i think she said, lol. so if she wants a guy who will treat her like a girl should be treated, thas me. well now that ive fully embarassed jen (sorry) ima go to sleep. nite all...

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