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Monday, January 5th, 2004

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    feeling refreshed, yet tired...
    first day back to school was good...considering i enjoy school, especially as a senior. goin to enter an essay contest for a $1000 scholarship, goin to get involved in the play and some other stuff all right when i get back. but its ok, i feel more motivated than i was and hopefully i can rebound from the C- i got in calculus for the second marking period. i jus hate that teacher and him and all my classmates know it...we joke about it with him in class quite often, lol.

    umm...besides that i found out i saved one of my friends live without ever knowing it by jus being a loyal friend. pretty amazing feeling i have to say. thanx brit, i love ya! and then kristins ex, todd, again is bein an ass. she still has feelings for this guy who isnt even deserving of her or her time. she deserves so much better and hopefully will get over this asshole and realize the good people that are out there that will treat her with the amount of respect and care she truly deserves. i jus dont want her bein hurt, jus like i dun want neone i care about hurt. altho pain is a necessary feeling in life, it shouldnt overwhelm our lives and become too much of who we are.

    also commented on a strangers journal---some one who has been on kairos, which is a retreat on God's time where you look deeper into your relationships with others, God, and yourself. that retreat for me was life-saving when i went as a retreatant and live-changing when i was a student leader. im sure ill have much more to say on this interest becuz its such a huge part of my life. but neways i checked the interests feature on blurty to see that 9 people listed kairos as an interest and only one, besides me, has actually used thier journal in the past few months. so well see how that goes.

    and i still duno who my *angel* is or whats goin to happen...still waiting.

    all for now...peace

    Current Mood: productive
    Current Music: "closure" - chevelle

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