1st time!   
11:16am 10/04/2004
mood: dorky
music: like a virgin! lol jk
HEY ALL! this is my first jornal thinging thing.... and ya. So whats been happen lately? well i am grounded. I haven't been grounded in a long time! O ya i am a good kid gone bad! well me and mel(my sis melissa) took off last tuesday and went to her Xbf's place. i had an ok time there. and i am surpised that i am only grounded 4 1 week. that is not a long time @ all man! o ya i am good.
~ i am glad i did that cuz now my sis angela and my mom r talking again and my nephew was able to sleep over my mom's house! i love my nephew he is the illest kid ever! but he can b a lil shit that i wanna kill. And thats how he got his nick name devil's child! but i love him newayz! and if u touch him I AM GOING TO KILL U!

well i am going to go cuz i am mad gay peace out home fry! lol