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New Blurty: Friends-Only [26 May 2003|09:10pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Chevelle - Send The Pain Below ]

This is my new Blurty and it happens to be Friends-Only. If you would like to be added to my friends list to learn about my oh so interesting life (/sarcasm), just comment, and I'll add you. If I actually do know you and happen not to like you, I will not add you. I have a few things that will prevent you from being added though:

Grammar: Please have some common sense and do not type like an idiot. If you happen to type like an idiot, you will be considered an idiot and not worthy to be added.

Bitching: I don't care about criticism but if you really begin to bitch about something that I'm writing about, you will be taken off of my friends list, and possibly never added back.

Support: I am a supporthelp on this website. I would like to keep my support work and this journal as far away from each other as possible, as it is my personal journal. Take heed to my warnings. Please do not comment on this entry or anything for that matter asking questions regarding help with your journal. You can do this on the Support Board and you can Submit a Request instead of asking me. I'm sure you'll get an answer faster that way. Also, if you want to be my friend because you want help with the Customization or some crap with your journal, don't even try.


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