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6th January 2003

10:26am: point of information, 1/11/2003
all days an times are Wrong, I'll make the subject say them. The last one was 1/11/2003 at about 5 too by the way
9:54am: A day of action
Today I went to Chicago to show my support for the innocent around the world and proclaim I am against the Presidents imperialistic and oil-driven war efforts. Over 2,000 showed up in solidairity with the cause we and made our voices heard through marching for house through the city chanting and beating drums as the public observed. There were also speakers and dozens of people disseminating literature for various related causes. The cops chaperone the event but didn't intervene at all (to the best of my knowledge). The day was filled with vivacious chants such as:

Free Palestine
No Blood for Oil
Amoco, Exxon, BP, Shell/ take your war and go to hell
What do we want? PEACE, When do we want it? NOW
Who's streets? OUR STREETS
1,2,3,4 We wont fight your oil war. 5,6,7,8 We will not coopoerate
We want unity, love peace/Just like Bush's cokehead neice


From protesting masses to changes in policy
From inaction to real democracy
The real news not seen on TV
Telling the world Everyone can be free

Marginalized and seen as extreme
Simply desiring to carryout King's dream
Iraqi child's death from a comon disease
Contradicts BU$H's 'desire for peace'

One day the World will start to see
They're blinfolded from tyrrany
Progress will never be seen
Through dependence of the screen.


5th January 2003

5:36pm: numero uno
This is my first entry. I won't say much. I will use this mainly to post my poetry and other things that you (whomever cares enough to read this) take interest in. check back soon.
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