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had a lot of girlfriends_i should have known them. [13 Jul 2003|11:43pm]
♥ "it feels like something's heatin up, can i leave w/you?"
♥ harry potter and hermione granger and ron weasley on hogwarts express(bright red and rumbling)
♥ political cartoons
♥ summer wind
♥ brightly coloured quilts
♥ driving rain. big cities.
♥ baby onesies
♥ earring shopping
morning view:incubus
♥ "summertime" by the sundays
♥ "dawn can't decide" by the lemonheads
♥ jordan going over to angela by the fence and going "why are you like this?" and she goes, "like what?" and he goes, "like how you are." and she goes, "how. how am i?" and he walks away.
♥ white picket fences
♥ steak
♥ my top 5 favourite counting crows songs: #1-"anna begins" #2-"american girls" #3-"st. robinson in his cadillac dream" #4-"carriage" #5-"chelsea"
♥ roast beef and mashed potatoes and peas
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but always in the best of taste [13 May 2003|02:15pm]
♥ writing in notebooks
♥ blue jean jackets
♥ lists
♥ diamonds
♥ applesauce
♥ bright sun blue skies
♥ dirty bare feet
♥ spaghetti & meatballs
♥ merlot
♥ pale yellow walls
♥ small hands
♥ booty shakin
♥ robbie williams
♥ tea towel curtains
♥ cherry print
♥ making pillowcases
♥ castles
♥ disney movies
♥ watching him shave
♥ baby toys
♥ sitting with my feet up in the chair
♥ sitting outside w/chrissie
♥ getting off work
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the work of our Lord's hand [06 Apr 2003|08:45pm]
♥ lightcigarettes&coffee under the moon
♥ old b/w movies
♥ cary grant being beautiful and gentlemanly and hilarious
♥ making cookies
♥ front porch swings
♥ just me&the boy. the whole house to ourselves. over&overagain.
♥ small striped sweaters
♥ doris day singing
♥ dewberry perfume
♥ highlife_the champagne of beers
♥ alison krauss
♥ beth orton
♥ wrapping presents
♥ the sunday paper
♥ spring skirts. ginham. linen. stipes. flowers.
♥ tiny violets peeking through grassgrassgrass
♥ julie deply in before sunrise. absolutely perfect in everyway.
♥ spring showers bring may flowers
♥ free bread w/dinner
♥ good good wine
♥ quiet
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wish i knew if i could be the one that you want [24 Mar 2003|11:09pm]
♥ "the call" by bsb
♥ having long hair
♥ nice home decor magazines
♥ "whenever wherever whatever" by maxwell
♥ maxwell and his hair and him period
♥ adrien brody winning the oscar and his wonderful nose and speaking voice and for being rad
♥ seeing lo's polkadot boxers when he stretches
♥ being called and asked out to lunch
♥ mint green and pale pink and powder blue and tawny and brick red and lilac
♥ balconies
♥ champagne & stars
♥ children's books
♥ cadillac escalades
♥ too long pj pants
♥ outlet shopping
♥ walking past a mirror & liking what i see
♥ cherry jolly ranchers
♥ how samuel clemens got the pen name mark twain
♥ rose petal linen spray all over the bed and pillows and in my hair
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disposable dixie cup drinker [12 Mar 2003|11:14pm]
♥ wilco
♥ a coffeeshop connected to a bookstore.
♥ legwarmers
♥ bottled water
♥ indie rock band names
♥ really good song titles. for example "this is a long drive for someone w/nothing to think about"-modestmouse. "if we can land a man on the moon, then surely i can win your heart"-beulah. "i know and i said forget it"-mates of state.
♥ tiny flowers
♥ red dixie cups @ parties
♥ walking outside after being inside @ work all day
♥ water from the garden hose
♥ drawing
♥ listening
♥ office pizza parties
♥ david letterman's grin
♥ 50's cookbooks
♥ making a big pot of soup
♥ writing songs
♥ cherries
♥ zines
♥ boys doing tricks on bikes
♥ smelling like spring
♥ robin's egg blue
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she's slipping through my hands [06 Mar 2003|01:26pm]
♥ toast
♥ hot pink nail polish
♥ the go-go's
♥ kelly osbourne's cd
♥ chatting w/allison on msn messenger &laughinglaughinglaughing
♥ finding brandnew clothes on sale for less than $5
♥ italian restaurants
♥ boys wearing headphones
♥ a boy leaning down so you can smell his neck. he smells so good.
♥ armani cologne on boy's neck
♥ holding hands w/my girlfriends
♥ getting so excited, i scream like a little girl
♥ when a really bad headache goes away
♥ watching jamie oliver talk & chop & cook
♥ newcastle beer
♥ rereading a short story that i'm working on
♥ pinot noir
♥ the sun right after a big rainstorm
♥ "amber"-311 ("you live too far away...your voice rings like a bell anyway...)
♥ justin timberlake wearing a pimped out white suit & gigantic diamond earrings in each ear
♥ boys in boxer shorts, getting ready for bed
♥ huge celeb sunglasses
♥ pins on my jean jacket
♥ earring shopping
♥ on the couch, watching brand new DVDs
♥ vince vaughn telling a story
♥ pinching booties
♥ sour apple blowpops
♥ chopsticks
♥ sitting in the grass
♥ kissing on the mouth
♥ "we kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves"-modest mouse
♥ ben folds lyrics
♥ better than ezra
the little mermaid
♥ "when sky blue gets dark enough to see the colours of city lights... trails of ruby red & diamond white hits her like a sunrise."-john mayer _ "tonight she's out to lose herself....from mixed drinks to techno beats it's always heavy into everything..."
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the carnival of you &me was coming to town [03 Mar 2003|07:13pm]
♥ ben folds five
♥ sunny days
♥ making spring mixes, just to get me in the mood
♥ a boy who goes to the bar to get drinks
♥ when i'm half asleep, i feel loran hugging me tighter
♥ fun surprises
♥ twee pop
♥ ben covington jumping out of his chair to kiss felicity porter. all set to the fife of bolero.
♥ kale greens
♥ chili cheese fries
♥ "see i've got your old ID, you're all dressed up like the cure."
♥ witty greeting cards
♥ drawing
♥ small circular metal tins of burt's bees lipbalm
♥ marie claire magazine
♥ daydreaming about beaches & white picket fences & pies & barefeet flipflops candy apples barbecues
♥ laughing until my cheeks hurt
♥ holding hands w/my best friend
♥ microsoft word
♥ baby bunnies
♥ carebears
♥ pooh bear singing "i'm just a little black raincloud"
♥ "if you dance too much very longer, you'll be known as the boy who's always dancing." -belle & sebastian
♥ "bar lights" by whiskeytown
♥ a boy w/a cigarette behind his ear
♥ lightning bugs
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six numbers. one more to dial. [28 Feb 2003|12:26am]
♥ "man on the side"-john mayer
♥ cloves
♥ my pink hello kitty phone
♥ the colour red
♥ staying up late &talking to alli on the phone. esp. when my ear begins hurting
♥ cds on repeat
♥ sarah jessica parker
♥ highschool promgoers
♥ blowing up balloons
♥ scotch tape
♥ new calendars
♥ nashville, tn
♥ get ready raspberry dirty girl lip balm
♥ canoes
♥ oranges in a black bathtub a la fiona apple's "criminal" video
♥ trees that bear fruit
♥ candlelight prayer services
♥ quilts
♥ old lady names (dolly. nanny. elsie.)
♥ brown new balance sneakers
♥ diamonds. duh.
♥ the tiffany's catalog. to drool over.
♥ "tell me something good" by rufus
♥ my morning jacket
♥ making mixtape covers
♥ kneesocks &short skirts. catholic girl uniforms, period.
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toutes les jolies ├ętoiles. [25 Feb 2003|12:05pm]
♥ pizza places w/red & white checkered tablecloths & red plastic cups & a jukebox & a pacman arcade game & catfood ice & good breadsticks
♥ van morrison singing anything
♥ "let me take you down cuz i'm going to. strawberry fields...nothing is real..."
♥ olivia the pig
♥ doing the electric slide on chrissie's dining room floor
♥ "i look to like, if looking liking move"
♥ sunrise/sunset
♥ boys who ride bikes
♥ ballet
♥ beale st., memphis, tn
♥ old-fashioned bread delivery trucks
♥ glass milk bottles
♥ heartshaped suitcases
♥ having a day off
♥ men in crisp white shirts & soft satiny ties & black socks & dress shoes that lace up
♥ haberdashery, in general
♥ the french word for star
♥ 25cent wing night
♥ tiny pink cakes
♥ "your skin. yeah your skin & bones. turning into something beautiful"
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soldiers fill the hotels on the weekends. [24 Feb 2003|07:55pm]
[ music | fiona apple: on the bound ]

virgin suicides
♥ movie ticket stubs
♥ a new pad of post its
♥ cherry scented soap
♥ hugh grant in a button down shirt & jeans
♥ the clash-"london calling"
♥ people who are beautiful & not the least bit generic
♥ smart boys who listen to good music
♥ spicy hot thai soup w/shrimp
♥ the bathtub
♥ "ooh baby i love your way"
♥ sitting in a parked car while it's raining
♥ ink stained hands
♥ the ER theme song
♥ people who are hilarious w/o trying @ all
♥ brown shoes
♥ photographs of libraries all lit up @ night
♥ photographs of rain-soaked fire escapes
♥ pretty stripes
♥ sophie dahl

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my heart is drenched in wine. [23 Feb 2003|10:00pm]
i do get quite excited about beginning a new journal. even when it is merely almost an exact copy of my other one. if only just b/c it's something a wee bit different. but i'm gonna poke around some more. just wanted to make sure this was working.
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