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[29 Nov 2003|12:10am]

There isn't any more hardcore kids on blurty? =\
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Awesome show [17 Nov 2003|12:08pm]

In late December Municipal Waste, Annihilation Time, and Holier Than Thou? are playing in my hometown. Oh yes.
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[08 Nov 2003|07:51pm]

im new...ya i like good music
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poke your eyes out!! [24 Sep 2003|06:13am]

[ mood | news on tv? ]
[ music | milli vanilli - the one where we arent singing ]

yeah, im new. obligatory list of bands: anti-cimex, infest, discharge, terveet kadet, negative approach, mob 47, fu's, angry samoans, lärm, ccm, deep wound, siege, bad brains, and crossed out.

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Thrashcore...Excellent! [21 Sep 2003|05:46pm]

[ music | Napalm Death - Ripe for the Breaking ]

Hey, I'm new..and I love thrash, along with a bunch of other stuff too.

I don't listen to too much hardcore though, well not american hardcore..Like Finnish and Swedish hardcore are great in my opinion.
Favorite bands=dropdead and Gauze

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shit ya [02 Sep 2003|03:11am]

[ mood | enraged ]
[ music | =zao - free the three ]

just stumbled across this community, read what it was about, looked at the interests and decided it was the shit...i live for hardcore, i dont think i will ever stop listening to it...there is something about listening to it when im pissed (which is most of the time) that helps me calm down...maybe its knowing that there is someone that is as pissed as i am out there...idk...but ya, so i just wanted to introduce myself...

my top 5 favorite bands are:

norma jean
dead poetic

o and The Early November (not hardcore in the least but they are really good)

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Ignorance is bliss atleast that's what they say... [04 Aug 2003|03:46pm]

[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Infected - Bloody Fuck ]

I joined this community because I read the stuff on the info and I liked what I read.. better than my communities.

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hello [01 Aug 2003|12:31am]

hi. i just joined. Uhhh. i read the descrition and liked it and love the music and whatnot so i joined.
god i wish people here in flint would even know what a circle pit was. it sucks that we cant even slam anymore. at any rate, i went to see the locust not oo long ago. good stuff
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[23 Jul 2003|09:52am]

[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | [Yellow Machinegun] ]

Has anyone here even heard of the Futures, besides me?
I've seen them live before and they fucking rock.

oh by the way, im new here.
This site intriguied me when I saw that it had the Futures on the interests list because I don't know anyone else that's even heard of them.


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[06 Jul 2003|01:27am]

hey this community fucking rocks.the bands are all good. i totally agree with keeping the scene DIY,and not stupid jocks and such.anyways ill post more later, Im Kat. = )
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[19 Jun 2003|01:31pm]

ok, since noones posted yet, then I shall say howdy
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