1st June 2003

10:58pm: Bitch. Mwe. Asterick. Perfume.
Well I haven't touched this biznotch in awhile. I think I made this journal in case I had problems. Well, Ijust forgot to bitch at them to people that know me online and not even know me maybe, if they're the type of people who likes to read about peoples' lives. (me, ha ha ha.) Anyways....I wonder what's up?

There's this guy, this other guy this *other* guy, two guys IRL, and then some other slut. Well that's just peachy! Vague ne? Well figgur it out if you must. I'm sure you can tell. I'm SO intelligent aren't I? Did that even make sense? Well...I don't know. I just...I've been fine lately. And I'm damn happy for it. Maybe I'll go to the quiz community and postwhore/quizwhore there. I'm ready baby! : d
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