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it's been awhile 0_o [18 Mar 2003|11:33pm]
hmm. havent updated, not that it matters i don't think that anyone reads this anyway.. not that i'am aware of o_O. things are seemingly good right now.. which is cool. my side is hurting for some weird reason today though. just started all of a sudden and hasn't stopped since. i had to go make an eye appointment today, stupid eyes. >:| some shows are coming up. not too sure if im going.. the Expo is soon. it's already going to be April.. that's crazy.. Wayland was in the paper today i find that very silly.. the kid has finally done what he has been setting out to do since he started his "hippie" phase ;p. ashley got a new tatttoo. jon got his nipples pierced -_- silly.. ermm.. yeah i duno what else to type.. im happy.. for once?
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burn. [31 Jan 2003|11:04pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | reveille - the pheonix ]

here is some excerpts from my main journal. a few things thats been going on.. woooppy?

benjis last post made me think i duno
like. i need to get shit going seriously.. and i know its that do it rather then say it. it's already the end of january. times going by way to really like to be with someone either way. everyones finding something i want it, so im going to get it i need out of here, badly. so im going to get off my ass and get my shit together.
i talked with my ex for the first time in a long time he's engaged.. i don't find that suprising, he clings to things and moves way to fast.. but whatever, go him i guess. he wasn't a dickface to me either, which is suprising on the terms we stopped talking to each other.
fucking bored. i was supposed to go and do something with jon today but he is busy i guess. oh well. ill have some plans to salvage tomorrow.. need to call ashley and whatever. i noticed when i lay on my back i like to put my legs up on things, does that make me odd? i duno. random fact for you.

random stupid post.

i was trying on my tragedie ann shirt today and my grandmothers like 'damn holly that makes your chest look bigger if not anything'. it just made me laugh... for her to say that..yeah.

anyways.. i was watching MSNBC last night, they had a thing on autopsys and whatnot.. there is no way i could do that shit. the smell alone would make me vomit if nothing else. im not into puting someone elses skin on mine and playing around with it no thanks.. MSI is playing in PA and NY again.. whee.. they're touring there little tails off latley..i need to finish this junk on the cold war.. lots of fun, really.


so bile......?

we get there around.. 6:30'ish almost 7. some band was already on.. i saw tom. the first person i saw, funny huh? he has 3 spikes in his lip and even longer braids in his face now.. i was expecting to see him with a boyfriend.. but he had a girl.. silly heh.. anyway. jon went and found nick got our tickets. he said not to worry about paying for it.. but yeah i paid for mine, and i bought a shirt off him that im going to make into a super cool hoodie cause mine sucks now... too. he was all smily and happy heh. i was so proud of him because the kid fuckin WORSHIPS bile, and his band got to open for them. so good stuff for him. intricut unite was playing when we got there like i was saying..they were decent.. singer kind of reminded me of kmfdm? something like that. there is something with those industrial people in thier tight pvc pants and few strands of either spiked or dreaded hair. go them i spose. so we sat around by the bar.. it was soooo cold in there.. im glad i had my hoodie cause if i didn't i wouldve froze to death. adam from shockwave saw me and he was all smiling and waving at me.. i waved back to him. lol i felt like i was obligated to go over and atleast say a few words to him so i did.. his band isnt really that great but he did get nicks band the gig ;x. hes kept staring at me for long periods of time like he wanted to say something.. and i was like O_o uh huh. so i just went back over and chatted with jon and heather.. because yeah.. weirdo. he gave me some first few prints of their new cd or whatever. i was like yeah sign it!, to make him feel special. saw bazal and his dumbfuck friend giving us dirty looks.. ever since KMFDM they think theyre sooo superior but whatever. some band called glory rise played.. they were horrible. i don't even remember half their set i kind of closed my eyes and wrapped myself up in my hoodie theeen tragedie ann was going on next wooo. went down on the floor squeezed myself up front.. they played a cool set. i FINALLY got to see nicks band live. about fucking time. everytime weve gotten screwed out of going or just never ended up going.. so that was cool.. they did a cover of PT GRIMMS song delusion=happiness.. his gf was up on stage dancing for that song.. i didnt know what was up with that lol. she chickend out at the last minute on the song before i guess.. then andy came on stage and danced around.. that was much sillyness. then Zeller was coming on next.. so i went up back by the bar and claimed my spot.. there was a bunch of idiots around there.. it was like a little VIP section for the bands lol. Zeller was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. seriously.. bazal came on stage with these ripped up clothes and stripped stalkings.. it reminded me of a insanley horrible motely crue meets guns'n'roses, meets a shitty wanna be marilyn manson.. it was to say the least very sad. and all of their songs sounded like some other bands song.. and they tried to imitate msi, sooooo badly...sickening.. blagh. everyone thought they were horrible. and you should too O_o heh. then nick came back over and made fun of them.. and i was like yeah horribleness you guys are 10x better.. and he was all "youre not just saying that cause you know were freinds and im the singer" .. lol i was like "NO!. u silly head" and he said something that happening.. i duno.. sillyness. his gf's real nice too. cool nashua kids. yes. had to sit through some band called dignify.. they sucked too.. had no bile sound to them at all.. sounded like they should be opening for some nu-metal band, but whatever.. i went and walked down on the floor because i was bored and there were these kids i had been watching all night. it was like a group of kids with these masks on.. they kept walking around trying to look all hard.. and i saw them in the "pit" they just looked dumb.. i duno what that was all about thought. maybe it's a bile thing im just not aware about O_o. my knee was bothering me alot :\ i duno why.. i think it's the weather everyone else says that's what it is. anyway.. they finally ended and we watched bile.. woo fun, they played celebrity that's all i cared about. then on the way home we reminiced (sp?) about the good ol times. it was funny.. i was all telling my friend how we need to start a 3 piece industrial band.. it would be hardcore.. ill get my keyboard skills up to date and ill sing.. because i sing all the time anyway.. and besides in a industrial band all you need is a voice changer ;p it would be fun.. not like it'll happen... oh yeahhhh. tragedie ann is opening up for PT GRIMM at the end of the month.. i might be able to get passes and do some photography for the band.. that would be great..cause it would be a shoe in.. atleast a little bit in anyway.. i really really want to do photo for bands.. i would love my job.. well my second job since that doesn't pay shit ;p.

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whatever. [05 Jan 2003|05:07am]
i dont know. things are strange i get to see people soon..kinda soon cool. jimm is very silly when he's drunk and we pick apart ppl on ftj out of tired/boredom. eh :\ i wish it was back the way before i had that thing..and he had that thing..but it just wasnt meant i the weather sucks. i want to leave the house and i can't at the moment.. im just dribbling on because i don't really have much to say.. i want my new tattoo.. i want some sleep cause im achey...this show on koRn is amusing me thirsty i want some water unf.ok.
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[21 Dec 2002|05:32am]

-waited outside in the pouring rain for 6 hours...yes i said 6 mother fuckin hours... cold and wet in the rain..but we had fun times i guess..some random girl came up behind me and grabbed my ass cause i commented on her hairy being pretty i thought that was silly...and a bunch of people coming up to me saying "HEY! i saw you on the internet!" lol.. silly msi community.
-got inside finally.. got to take my soaked hoodie off that was niceness.. DonnyBrook played first...and they were stupid. like i knew they would be.. i saw Brett and Nick at the show. i havnt talked to them in a long time.. they found some random kid named jack in line.. and they happend to be standing behind me so i talked to them Jack was fuckin silly.. nick...was an idiot like he always was..and brett...was.. well he was brett i guess. i tried interviewing jack but he just kep yelling something about anal sex with his mom. and going on about his penis. it was silly gross girl was all trying to get in his pants he was a little scared i wouldve been too.
-atom and his package was next..the guy was rather silly.. the death metal song was great heh... people started throwing quarters at him and he stopped and said "would you please stop throwing those at me?" made me laugh anyhow. then he was over with.. and just like every other time they were playing the left rights before msi came on stage...and nick being the idiot he was said "who's this?" and i gave him a weird look and said "msi side project?".. and then sean turned around and said "you need to leave right now" perfect. everyone makes fun of nick.
-msi hit the stage... just most perfectness.. jimmy had his black/pink outfit looked so much better then the white stuff he had going on.. atleast to me anyway...and he didn't have his stupid was all in normal spikes. :] and his shirt said "give me money". they opend up with dicks are for my friends...good song of course.. they played everything i wanted them to play including, pussy all night!!! it was so great..i havnt' heard them play that live since the met cafe show. jimmy was making out with people was a great show <3. LynZ smashed her bass at the end of the set and i got a huge chunk of it.. it was coolness. everyone was all "yay!!" to me..heh. then i got my kiss from jimmy..went to go find LynZ.. and then to find kitty cause i can never usualy find her.. and then chatted with steve for a few secs..i had agood time.lost my voice and all..and got sick lol..but its all good... i hope i can go to the canada show... or the new cd comes out soon..cause yes.. i want it.

and i really wish i went to the north hampton show..but yknow... wont go into that one...
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new. [16 Dec 2002|08:17pm]
i don't know how much i'll update this. long entries.. short ones.. who knows. none at all? Heh.

that was exciting.
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