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Friends only, meh... [04 Jul 2003|01:06pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | (song) Lover I Dont Have To Love ]

Friends only!

My journal is friends only, nothing personal or anything. There are just some people out there *coughs* mother *coughs* that I dont want reading my stuff. So I thought it'd be easier just to make it friends only. Leave me a comment and I'll more then likely add you.

Things to know before adding me...
×. I speak my mind
×. I love artsy stuff
×. If you dont like homosexuals, you probably dont want to add me. (I'm a gay rights activist and I have this odd obsession over gay men. :) )
×. I am very emotional
×. I dont update EVERY day
×. If you're shallow, save my time and dont add me, please
×. If you are judgemental, stereo-typical, or close-minded, once again, dont add me

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