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Thursday, October 9th, 2003

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    well im sitting here, bored outta my face, looking to get laid! lol today was the same old same old, some bike race guys tryed to pick us up, it was really amusing, and then some guy on a bike (wangsta, barf) wanted us to go over there, and then you got all those old men looking at us in there cars! like honestly! then we danced on megans bed! that was preety fun, o good old brittney spears, comes in handy it really does! i walked into a door today, my nose really hurts! well you would epect that from me wouldn't you, no!! then i yelled at some old guy cuz i started a fight with megans sister on the road! fucking goof! i swear people really bug me!! i really dont like anyone if you think about it!... guys you cant trust there all asshole, well some of them! I do like peanut butter though:) and kiwi's:D yes im a little odd, i was dunkning lady fingers and pudding together today!! it was really nasty!! well im soo tired, and i wanna get laid, but i dont think thats going to work out for me! its to late, and im really tired so im going to beddy bed!!

    Current Mood: horny
    Current Music: Nickle back- someday

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