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:( [04 Sep 2004|09:29am]
just kidding :)
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FOR CAROLINE!! [29 Aug 2004|10:55am]
[ mood | amused ]

this entry is dedicated to the awesome caroline....:)
x0 Car0linE 0x: UPDATE
x0 Car0linE 0x: UR STUPID
x0 Car0linE 0x: JOURNAL

alright since i met ryan cabrera...which was forever ago...ummm i dno i went to marthas vineyard with MEGZ! haha good times... but ...

FIELD HOCKEY! tryouts were like forever ago too! jeez...and i found out i made freshman! at first i was a little :-/ and upset...but now im so excited cuz CAROLINE is going to be on my team! and so is like emily kate megz and nicole! YAY!! but they cut some :(
x0Car0linE 0x: We're gonna be tight like jeans on a black girl!
YEAH WE ARE!! haha...pasta parties! :-D
happy carebear?

haha..today i woke up and did NOTHING! haha...its great...and im doing nothing now...

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Best Day of my Life [15 Aug 2004|12:41pm]
Friday i met ryan cabrera! the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! haha...so caitlin like calls me or something and is like "AL! RYAN IS COMING TO A MALL!" so I was IM GOING! so i went over Caitlin's house! ohh man! i was soo excited! and me cait...mikey...and shannon piled into their car and listened to chicago! haha! HE HAD IT COMING! scary music and we pulled up to the mall! me and cait like RAN in! and we were looking for RYAN! but he wasnt there yet! :( so we got into a random line! and we were spazzing about ryan and these girls infront of us were like...uhh...this isnt for line...and then they told us to buy his single and if we did we'd get a bracelt to SEE RYAN!! to MEET him! we sprinted to the store and got bracelts! And then some lady took a pic of us!! Haha! haha then we hung out untill he came @ 5:30! it was great! there was a stage! and his opening act was georgie! who was wicked badd! haha! but she talked to us! so if she comes famous! I MET GEORGIE! we're tight! hehe not really

so then he came! omg it was a mad house there were like 100's of people SCREAMING ! haha then ryan came out for a Q+Z session! he was soo cute! one person asked if he wore boxers or briefs! he like pulled down his pants! omg he was so funny! haha! i laughed! Then we had dinner! TACO bell! And mountain dew code red is GROSS just to let you know! So we shopped cuz he was performing @ like 7! And we went to weathervane! I bought 2 shirts for 6 dollars! Haha! And then to claires! And bought a MONKEY wallet! THEN RYAN PERFORMED! But I went to the autograph line so I could be first! But I could still hear the concert in line! It was great! But I wasn’t first! I was like 50th cuz people had the same bright idea as me! then Caitlin cut us! Haha but we were freaking out in line…I was sweating! Haha THEN IT WAS MY TURN!

I came up Ryan is like 10 times more gorgeous in person..haha this was our conversation

Me: hi…
Ryan: hey! What’s your name?
Me: A-A-Allie
Ryan: Hey Allie! Whats up?
Me: im good….
Ryan: :signs CD: there ya go!
Me: T-t-Thanks!

And then the security guard pushed me away and the wouldn’t let me get more autographs! Grr! But it was amazing and I got my pic taken with him! Hehehehehe! :-*
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Its been awhile [12 Aug 2004|08:38pm]
[ music | *She will be Loved* Maroon 5 * ]


i havent written in forever! i just got back from camp! which was wicked fun! ill write like a whole entry about it later...

so today was sad i said goodbye to everyone and amanda! ill miss that girl! it was crazy then i went to friendly's with the doyles...haha it was GREAT...:) i <<3 that family... haha..."if i was a cat id lick you now!"
"THERES NO EFFIN WAY!" hahaha! and lauren was there! hehe it was cool! then i came home and watched BB and PLAYERS! haha david was on it...he said his favorite video game was MADDEN 2004! haha! thats what i remember...

Micheal dancing...lol cait! and tomorrow im sooo excited! cuz im going to the mall with caitlin..my aunt and my mom all day cuz ryan is gonna be there...instead of the free concert hehehe! WWWWHHHEEEEEE im soooo excited! hehe cuz we're "doing something saturday" ergh...

Leave one if you love me!

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soccer [07 Jun 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | *our cheer * :( :( ]

today was the last soccer game ever..i thought i was going to cry...seriously ill like never wear my TOWN uniform again...or do our cheer...lets go! cheer...next year it will be HIGH SCHOOL! yeah..

U14A-we've basically been playing together forever! this is so sad! lols...
dc tf am ek sa mp kt ak ac cb nb km cp cm cb km <-awesome season and like years of soccer..arhs next year :)


theres still U16 :)

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hehey! [04 Jun 2004|10:38pm]
today was fun!! we went to school..then all us orchestra people went to the cafeteria and we went on buses to go to a comp.! hehe the bus ride was fun!! SNL! woot woot! then we played! and i didnt screw up my solo! and WE GOT GOLD! ::blink:: it was weird...but yeah then we changed in the teachers bathroom lol and went to CANOBIE LAKE! WOOOOT!! it was sooo much fun! and i feel bad writing about it..cuz like most of the shcool was still in classes..hmm..well..i did get SOAKING wet TWICE on that ride where you get drenched! lols! i hung out with megs mel leah sam sara kastie zack pat and MR. F! ha! it was grand and then i came home and was really bored.. this is what you get when im BORED and PHOTOSHOP

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memorial day [01 Jun 2004|05:26pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | jailhouse rock..JPL ]


Friday--went to school..hmpph..till 11!!! then LEFT EARLy! ha! then went TO BLUCKBLUSTER and got movies..that i thought were going to be good but were horrible...got into car and went to vacation with michigan cousins...
Car ride--> 9 hours..not bad nto bad...lols.. then watched haunted mansion which was BADD!! Jimmy Neutron which was WORSE except i love sheen :-* and DICKIE ROBERTS which was alright..:-/ and then did some hours of math homework..and we got there and saw ppl and went to bed and woke up!

saturday-->got up...went to airport w/. my sis and aunt to pick up more aunts and uncles (it was my gramma;s 75th birthday..kinda a PaR~TaY) and circled around the airport a couple hundred times lols...it was funny..YOU MEAN THEY'RE NOT RENTING A CAR? haha and counting...hehes

then went swimming and then who runs in! MEATLOAF ahem...DAN and KEVIN and CLAIRE! and we swam and played marco polo...lols dan...he grabbed a random girl! and she gave him looks of evil! haha! then we went on a cruise....and then dan became meatloaf...yep he's MEATLOAF now..and Kev became SAUCEMAN...don't ask...they're just meatloaf and sauceman now..lol lots good times..YOUR A GIRL?? haha so much more..

sunday...meatloaf and sauceman shannon and i went to rock and roll hall of fame where they had NSYNC'S CLOTHES!! which i couldn't reach to touch! more good times..and then the rest of the day we basically took over cleveland with meatloaf and sauceman..ha good times good times..
monday--drove home..finished homework went to bed watched more bad movies

tuesday--went to school..yah im not in the mood for writing this..hmm
KATIE AND ERIC i made them a site..but i dno if they want other ppl to look at it!

i miss you MEATLOAF HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY! im gonna go make him a card

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itz all good [01 Jun 2004|05:25pm]
itz over and resolved...im going to go run around happily now..:)
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woops [23 May 2004|11:51am]
[ mood | ARGH! ]
[ music | kingdom hearts ]

i typed and it erased..grr...

what happened on friday has taken over my ENTIRE WEEKEND. Whenever i try not to think about it my mind just wanders and itz there agaiN! i feel like ive like failed or something...i can't sleep, i cant think, and it's not cool. Maybe im over reacting...maybe some potc will let me not think about it..i need like help...lols..

losing in soccer doesnt help...and i didn't go over kk's cuz im just not in the mood :( i just want it to be all over. i want it to end.

soo yeah..im gonna watch potc...adios

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heyy [17 May 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | turn the beat around ..:diana ]

Mcas today...then came home and did some blends! haha..then i was so like involved in my blends that i didnt hear anyone come downstairs and felt someone poke my shoudler and i was gonna say jj go away but i looked up and it was MEGZ!! lol! i was scared!! ha! then we watched snl ::JIMMY!!::..and she saw my room and TOBEY :-* and we ate dinner..lol subway! and then went to the soccer fields! haha!! KEN! he rememeber me the HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY! lol...opening the trunk of your dads car.. RUN! lol good times...hehe

^ i didnt make it...lol not that talented

Lestido89: wats up
Lestido89: luser

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i made a blend [17 May 2004|03:48pm]
i made a blend for jimmy
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--Tribue to Jimmy Fallon-- [16 May 2004|11:29am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Aww...last night was soo..sad!! Jimmy Fallon said he was leaving SNL! Ill miss you Jimmy!!!


Weekend Updates wont be good anymore I LOVE YOU JIMMY FALLON!!


There it is..LEAVE ONE!

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*yuck [15 May 2004|11:27am]
yuck.>.<. i dont feel happy anymore... I HATE EIGHT GRADE i've been all sad and gross lately...i hate it...today im doing nothing...cuz i dont have a soccer game...i might go for a run or something...:( maybe..it might clear my mind...but...
august 24 ->day 24 i cant wait...

a new blend i made*DONT LAUGH ha...i needed a word...so i said ADORABLE..pUhLEAsE leave a comment

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*wow [09 May 2004|11:53am]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | *HaLlEuJuAH...:...RUfus Wainwright* ]

havent been here in a while..it's been kinda a depressingish week...first george got voted off, then the oc finale was the saddest thing in the world, then friends ended..then we tied a game we shud of won, and then WE LOST a game we totally were winning and better than the other team and we hafta try xtra hard to get to mtoc and yeah

but yesterday...haha...it was my cousins first communion party and CAITLIN was there...and that cheered me up!! oh it was a day of many adventures from going -5 miles an hour on a motorized scooter, getting stuck in a plastic ball (it IS possible), watching the wedding video (again) and seeing old pictures and planning 4th of july..ohhh i CANT wait ha...

now im like gunna do homework..? and umm then PAINT my room..ha

Halleujuah is now the saddest song in the world...


Random QUote
"I'll drive!" Caitlin cuz she says it alot...hehes i find it amusing

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*yesterday [02 May 2004|02:48pm]
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | *Roses...::...Outkast* ]

yeah yesterday was saturday...and uhh i woke up @ 6 to go to micca...where i thought we'd failed miserably but appraently we got a gold ...?? wow...didn't see that one

Then i went to see 13 going on 30 with kate and megz..aww good times...haha..bathroom break..running into mean girls..crap! wrong movie!! the posters!! ORLANDO!! the girl laughing at us "sorry i cudnt help it!" Carnys and the weird guy who was like DO YOU LIKE LOTR?? HA! WHO:S ORLANDO! stalkers...free samples! doughnuts! ha..good times...

Then the Barrys came over!!Everyone! Caiterlin Mikey and Meaghan, Debbie and my aunt and uncle oh it was tons of fun! we chilled and watched hope and faith<--an awesome show<- and ate and discovered a 5-pound bag of mike and ikes..ha..then we WATCHED THE WEDDING VIDEO!! omg it was the funniest thing ive ever seen...crazy dancer number one and 2! haha..david and i were like the stars! seriously...and me and caitlin had our own SEGMENT!! and there were many *awkward* moments...haha...Mikey and Shannon AWKWARD MOMENT FOR TAHE LADY IN THE GREEN DRESS!! hehe...so much funny stuff...everyone dancing..david posing for a picture! ha! the circle where they never showed us HOLDING DAVIDS HAND! well i didnt...shan and cait did :( ahh great night...good times..
--today i had a first communion for my cousin and now im here...writing a 7 poage research paper...joy...

I HEARD ROSES ON THE RADIO TODAY!! countdow extra..haha emily...

-->Random Quote<--
-*THERE'S SOME SCRAMBLIN' GOING ON IN PANAMA!*- Rob Mariano-->who's gonna win

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*Saturday [01 May 2004|12:44pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | *A whole new World" by the aladdin ppl STEVE ]

i'm just really bored so i'm updating this...i guess??i havent really done any thing...just MICCA! and we failed...i think i dont know what we got yet..:/ buts at TwOp (television without pity) a site where like they recap shows...and it's wicked funny...my favorite guy GUSTAVE left! so some other 24 recapper is there...:( theres no ne cool to re*cap 24! arrghhh...

but today im gonna go see 13 going on 30 with KATE!! and maybe megz and the carnival..ohh im excited...

Random Quote
"I love the Vegas! Ryan, you don't understand...i wanna MARRY the Vegas!" Seth Cohen

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*FrIdAy!!* [30 Apr 2004|08:42pm]
[ mood | SCANDALOUS ]
[ music | *rOcKeT mAn-->JPL* ]

Hey..today at school nothing happened...really...we hadda couple quizzes and yah...

I miss my favorite word...cuz i havent said it in a while SCANDALOUS!! i just havent had the OPPORTUNITY!! yah im a dork...so i had soccer practice, and woohoo!! I HEADED the ball it was nice cuz everyone makes fun of me cuz i *tUrTlE* the ball..NOT TODAY!! OHH!! ha...jk..we played danaz puma team..they're good :)

SCANDALOUS!! then me and dana spyed on the 7th grade teennight! ha! good times good times! but yah

SCANDALOUS!! i hafta say it ..tomorow no soccer game...but maybe katernator megz and karissa r coming over..MAYBE so i dno...


-RaNdOm QuOtE-
"Holding that, makes you look like...you've almost reached puberty" Vaughn...to sark when sark was torturing Vaughn...it's okay sarky :-)

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BAND EXCHANGE! [29 Apr 2004|06:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | *The ants go marching one by one HURRAH HURRAH! ]

woah..today was grand...first twas homeroom where mrs. porter gave me and sara breakfast passes FOR TAKING THE ATTENDANCE DOWN! ha! who would have thought..but yah then we went to ingles and played silent apple for a a little i won one :-) then we played some annoying game called GREEN FUZZY or w/e where they were like green fuzzy likes pool but HATES WATER!! but it was so confusing..i was like AHH!! but i got it..after a whileeee...yah im smart like that

then we went on the bus...to TROTTIER or the taj mahal...according to ms. lund...haha..and i sat with mel MY BUS BUDDY WITH A LISP..yah..dont ask..and megz and haley and caroline! and we got there and played with the band...and then MEGZ AND MEL LEFT! i was the only one playing! wow it was scary! but zack was there so it was cool...then we hadda snack..and gathered in the gym for a game called *ultimate breakout* where it was really RUN AROUND AND TRY TO HIT EACH OTHER WITH FOAM BALLS!! quite fun..me and haley and mel were sooo good!! and kelly fixed my belt :) and i crashed into a trot. kid...who hates me... ha! then we played more untill our cheeks exploded...cuz it hurt sooo much and then we went home...and i had gym where dan told me that him and dave were gonna *sChOoL* me and steph in b*ball...uhh yeah..the score was like 20-3...nice try dan "to school..you have to have TALENT" lol steph!! we're so good! haha..not really..they were just..bad! but then iu had field hockey with good OL MR. WELTYY!! ohh good times...and now i hafta go to a concert to kill my jaw even more! funn stuff...byes

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**24 SHINDIG!!** [22 Apr 2004|07:08pm]
[ mood | 24ish!! ]
[ music | Dont wanna think about you-->cuz itz the 24 video!! ]

well...whatz missing 2 eppies of 24 without a shindig!! uhh...that doesnt make sense..but since we were in dc and we missed two eppies of 24 we hadda a SHINDIG and Megz Jill Kate Caroline and Sarah came over!! Jill came first and she showed me her pics from DC they were cute!! LIL HIPPO!! ha! then Megz and Caroline and Sarah came..then KATe!! SO WE WATCHED THE FIRST EPPIE OF 24!! ohh...it was intense..chase was dumb..tony was hot..jack was cool..and kim was...nothing..and the hotel guy!! I WANTED HIM TO LIVE!! but it was sad cuz chappelle died :( he had no friends...but ti was Funny in the beginning...hehe..untill he said he had no friends..THEN WE WATCHED THE NEXT EPPIE!! AHHHHHHH!!

KIM DID SOMETHING!! it was grand!! ha! AND it was a good eppie...what's 24 without kim getting kidnapped at leeast 3 times in a season? this makes NUMBER2! ha! well..then we watched some AMERICAN IDOL!! and FEAR FACTOR!! TACOS BURRITOS!! LOOK WHATZ COMING OUTTA MY SPEEDO!! ha..crazty ppl..and sarah spilled popcorn..lols and it was FUNN!!

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DC WAS AMAZING [22 Apr 2004|07:06pm]
[ mood | missing dc ]
[ music | *WIIGII! ]

-this is my DC entry..wowz..im not gonna make it long and boring..but it was amzaing..

Jill Megz n Karissa-->awesome times!! best roomies!! haha!! rooming was so much fun!!ahh!! the showerss..GO IN NOW!! uhh Im changing!! Karissa...IRONING!! haha!! jk i bet 1000 ppl do..SHIRNK AND GET ICKY!! lols!! THE BANNER!! omg my birthday was the greatest you guys are the greatest!! the mini hippo!! constipated!!! LESTOR AND HECTOR!! lol megz!! OUR BEST FRIENDS!! the squirrelss!! Jill..TREE=HUG!! lols!! the secret service men..HIHI!!! haha..the grass!! EBAY!! MY BIG TEXASES!! ohh i loved them...The bus rides!! ohh good times...too many.!!

Megz and Theresa and Kate--TACO BELl!! haha our fiestas!! Good times..

It was the best birthday i*ve ever had...in dc with my best friends...i love you soo...much!!

*mD*KO*jC*KK*cR*sC*TG*lL*dC*sS*kM*sL*eK*lK*cC*cH*pB*<~Good times!!

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