06:56pm 24/06/2004
mood: calm
music: Nirvana-Rape Me
i havent written in here 4 a while so i decided to do it again, the summers been fun i guess, i went to a movie with brian and nick and andre and of course that was fun, carmen spent the night a couple times and ya me and carmen went to the fair and it was rele fun we rode alot of rides and i was going to bunjee jump but it was 2 expensise so i couldnt do it and her dad made a deal with us if we could make this thing flip we would make 20 dollars each and we flipped it 4 times it awesome! and ya....
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Brians Party   
04:50pm 13/06/2004
mood: cheerful
music: Depeche Mode-People are People
i went to brians party yesterday it was pretty fun! When me and carmen got there carlo surprised us and then ya of course shot me with a water gun, well we like swam in the pool and went down the slide did trains jumped in the pool together we just basically had fun and me and carmen played britney spears and bugged brian and nick with it and i danced to toxic on the top of the slide it was funny and fun, then we chilled in the hot tub and then went into bri's house and Carlo left and everyone said bye to him and then we went upstairs and watched Rocky Horror Picture Show it was funny b/c everyone hates it and andrew was getting creeped out, then we watched scary movie 2 and ate pizza then me and carmen went home and i said bye to everyone and accidentely punched nick in the face (sry about that nick) and ya thats all 4 now
Last Day   
06:55pm 11/06/2004
mood: sad
music: Sublime-Date Rape
Today was the last day of school, and it all started off kinda weird, i was at 6 to 6 all sad and then eddie was talkin to me, when one of the staff notice i was sad and asked why well i told her that i miss andre and i wont see him that day and she let me go to his house and it was rele nice of her, well me and eddie went to his house and i saw andre and i was rele rele happy afterwards (a little sad still but ya) and then on the way back to school thelma called and then told me to say bye to everyone for her b/c she wasnt coming to school and i got sad again and i promised her i would say bye so then we hung up and i kept walkin when little sean and carlo were on there way down, of course sean told him about it and so he came and ya then we all walked back to school and the nick farris called and told me the same thing thelma did and then i got even sadder two of my best friends werent coming to school. Well the day went by, i talked to michael and lauren and kyle and everyone else,every class was clam, Ms Stinson was our sub for choir and it was awesome b/c Ms Rogers wasnt there to ruin the last day and michael and I took Mrs Therriens water bottle and wrapped it in tape it was soo funny,P.E. we saw our dances and adrian made them rewind mine and watch it agian, math was kool 2 we got pizza and took pictures and everything it sucked tho b/c we have a math gang (as ms chen thinks) and the ppl in it are Me Lauren Michael Angel Nick F and Trevor well...angel nick and trevor werent there so it was just michael me and lauren which was still kool i guess, and ya the bell finally rang and school was over i said by to everyone carlo kyle lauren ellis max nate sam juan everyone and lauren started crying, it was sad, and then me and carmen stayed at the 6 to 6 with chris sharita and everyone, well chris asked out carmen she said yes, and then she got all happy and they did their thing, well we went home and then saw garfield with brian nick p bobby carlo and maxfield,and that was fun 2. I AM GOING TO MISS EVERYONE I CANT WAIT 4 SCHOOL TO START AGIAN :(
06:22pm 10/06/2004
mood: moody
music: Romantics-Talkin in your sleep
today basically sucked! the last day of school is tomorrow and andre and trevor are suspened for playing that stuipd fucking game "body shots",so i didnt get to say bye to them which really really sucks! So i was sad and mad all day,i want to go to andres house tomorrow tho just so i can see him since i wont see him that much over the summer. Well the rest of the school day went by okay i guess, i said bye to ppl like angel,we hugged said bye b/c he wasnt coming on the last day, i was going to miss him.