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tired [30 Dec 2002|11:23am]
I'm tired I just woke up and sam has already come online with his directors cut haha he's a funny kid last night he's like reading the script holding his chin. well from like 12 to 2:30 last night or early this morning hehe I like fought with caroline online (haha that rhymes) no no u don't understand like seriously fought like she wrote ::punch:: and I was like ouch haha neway it was pretty funny (guess u had to b there hehe). I had one crazy ass dream last night well I guess since it was like 2:30 I went to sleep I had a crazy ass dream this morning haha men only can hear about this one tho srry ladies :^) haha so IM me if ya wanna hear it it's pretty damn wierd and I don't remember it all very clearly. it's wicked boring right now usually caras on and I could just talk to her but like no ones on or they have on away messages or they r the stupid reject people who no one likes no offence :^) well I got nothing to do and since this computer wont let me put up one of those faces about how I'm feeling I'll make my own. MOOD- ,^() tired haha I know u like that one catie sargent wont leave me alone when will she relize I DON'T LIKE HER!! ahhhhhhhhh well I'm out peace.
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The night life [29 Dec 2002|11:14pm]
All I can say is STAY AWAY FROM LANCASTER GIRLS they r nothing but trouble haha they're crazy. Sam and I went to the strand but the movie was all sold out (big fat greek wedding) so we went to Z's where we stole sam's bottle cap and he went crazy. then we just walked back to the strand so chleseys dad could pick them up but while we were walkin over sam and heidi decided do go down the rough back ally ooo scary and chelsey didn't want to go back there cause I think she was scrrd so we walked to the strand talkin about how the other 2 were pobably falling down on the ice haha then we saw them commin up to the strand and they were skipping (I donno it's sam) so we get back to the strand and then me and sam r talkin and then we decide to sneak into the strand and maybe ditch them but then they tackle us into the glass doors haha. then the dad picks the 2 up so me and sam go back to his huse while being followed by a police car haha so thats when we ran to sams house. so we get to sams work on the script to our movie laugh at his stttttuddering grandpa and play grandtheft auto vice city and kill cops and pick up ho's haha. it was a pretty coool night cept when I was hit with a dirty snowball in the mouth.
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no one to talk to [29 Dec 2002|11:43am]
[ mood | amused ]

Everyone is gone!! no one is online. but thats ok life is good hmmmm well actually come to think of it no it isn't. but I'll make due. katies so nice :^) dontcha just love how she signs off in the middle of a convo on pupose. I'm supposed to go to the movies with sam and some lancaster folk but I need to find some peeps to go with us talk to me if y wanna go I have no idea what movie we r seeing but most likely it wont b too good it's the strand. Now I started this journal thingy so I could claim my cartoon character so that no one takes it! but this journal is confusing the hell outa me and whats the difference beteen ujournal and blurty?? they all look h same to me but w/e. this is pitchblack signng off aka Jeff u know my last name don't play games

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