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    Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
    10:23 pm
    why would you do such a thing? honestly.
    yeah.. so today started out pretty funny.. i tripped in the stairwell and like did a bellyflop on the ground and i was cracking up for liek the entire period after it.. and i even said to myself like wow i am in such a good mood i havent been in a really good mood in SO long. and yeah so i left math (one of my favorite classes) then headed off to italian.. and once again my shoe was untied so i made Pagan my bitch and he tied it for me but anywho i got ot my locker then to italian.. took my test (which i did horrible on) then i left to go to history.. and kathleen asked for a piece of gum and im like yeah let me get it .. its in my pocketbook and i was lookign everywhere and it was nowhere to be foudn so i told my teacher and i went to italian and the latin class was inthere and i was like umm.. has anyoen seen a pocketbook and some jerk stood up and was like what do you want.. and i wanted to punch him.. so i went to my locker and looked int here.. but no luck so i went to the office and they didnt do like anything for me. so i went to my math class and yet still no luck so i went back to history and i wanted to cry. my cellphone (which i love was in there), my wallet with some good money in there, my pocketbook in general which i was inlove with also from boston. and i just started walking down the hallway and i saw jenny and i started to cry and i really didnt care.. i was so upset.. then like all these people were like stopping and i just wanted to have it and so i walked to gym with kara and dj and yeah.. i still never found it THEN in lunch i was really upset bc i thought maybe my italian teacher took it but she didnt cuz i talked to her in lunch.. then i dont know who it was but they put a piece of chicken in my pocket.. and i got super mad.. it was not a time for kicks and giggles let me tell you. and ahh this day was so bad!!!!!!!!! merrrrrrrrrrr

    but look at this haha i found it so funny..
    Str8EdgeJoe88: and ur adorable

    i'm adorable? noone ever told me that haha

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    Monday, September 8th, 2003
    12:40 pm
    um im just trying to figure something out.. - have a nice day!

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    Sunday, September 7th, 2003
    12:09 pm
    Brand New Diary!
    Brand New Diary -- Whoopeee! Im trying this new site for a diary, i needed a change in my life and since im at a new school, meeting new people, i might as well share it with everyone. its pretty late. So tonight Devin Kara & Sara came over and we had fun. Before Sara came, Me dev and kara went in the woods and it was really scary because i havent been in the woods since David like made a paintball field back there.. so they have all like bunkers and crap back there and there was a big black couch on its side and we were like.. OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT, i thought it was an old fashioned baby carriage and Devin thought it was like a bums house or something it was so messed up but then we figured it out. and since they cut down all the trees for the field they put it on the walkway up to the pond so we had to figure out a way to get up there without getting really muddy or falling on our asses haha. SO we went over and took a piece of wood that was nailed to a tree and me and devin were pulling on it. We kept saying ok "1 - 2 - 3 PULL!" and it wasnt working so we asked Kara to push on the board when we said 3 and so "1 - 2 - 3" SMASH! me and devin fell FLAT on our asses and the big wooden board was on top of us.. it was so amazing haha. Then we finally got up to the pond and we talked about how messed up it is that they might be building a house back in the big field and that like in 10 years there wont be like any woods or anythign, everywhere will be houses and stuff its really messed up. And so we looked around for just stuff and we found a Turtle!! His name is Jimmeth we wanted to take a picture but we had no camera and yeah so we went back to go get one but then my mom told me Sara was coming over so we waited for her and by the time she got here it was too dark out. So we made a fire in the outdoor fire place and we made smores it was fun. I love autumn nights. they are so nice. like today was Perfect, it was pretty warm out but the nights get so cold! Perfect for snuggling! :) I cant wait for football games and ahh! If only school wasnt .. school, and working wasnt actually work, life would be beautiful. I hope to find a snuggle partner for cold football games haha. Any suggestions? Then we jumped on my big black tramp and we video taped cuz thats the cool thing to do. And i am off to figure out how to make this "journal" pretty.. im such a noob!
    - Jess