sO long farewell   
04:32pm 28/05/2003
  i found a better home. XANGAS are coo ;D. ask me for the link & maybe ill tell u  
call me butter cause im on a fuckin roll   
10:04pm 27/05/2003
music: tBs & the return
3rd one for the day cause i have a lot to say.. wOw that like totally rhymed..

i hate myself right now casue im letting stupid things get to me. i can't help it and i can't stop the way i feel and it just makes me MAD. hah its like im mad at myself for being mad. stupid huh.. but yah. how do u stop things from getting to you.. i guess i just have to get over it. im really sick of bitching and hating but i can't help it. i can't make him like me and if he did would it matteR? damn this... never crossing that line again. yoU know how i fEel, but u can't help it so i can't blame you. hah can u believe i asked you to promise me ONE thing.. "just dont make him fall for you kaE?" i really knew that was going to happen. i swear im psychic sometimes. hah. this sucks times infinity. it really sucks how i get the extremes of things.. its like theres the guy taht doesnt like me and the guy that likes me alot. i find the guy thats just i like you. mEng i think its cause i want it so bad. like they always say.. dont expect things cause they dont happen. well yah they sure dont. but its hard to not wish for things especially when you dont have them. its true nice guys dO finish last. if i had ONE wish.. i'd wish all of this to go away or i wish i just never existed sometimes. im being a selfish brat right now.. and i know it. well people have bigger problems in life.. like world hunger and shit.. haha. but i guess i can smile on the outside.. sOOo its not that bad?

"everything is okae in the end, if its not okae.. then its not the end"
"we're always loving the one breaking our heart, and breaking the heart of the one already loving us"
letters to you   
08:35pm 27/05/2003
music: taking back sunday
so whats up. haven't talked to you in awhile. i really dont know what happend but i guess whatever i did, im sorry. maybe i shouldn't be apologizing cause u know its not really my fault. not saying its yours but you kinda pushed me away with the things you did. sorry, but it kinda freaked me out and overwhelmed me. i was like whoa whoa.. what is this? no im not mad at you, i never was. it just overwhelmed me ALOT cause i've never gone through that. sometimes i didn't know what to do or say. its like all the times you said.. "ill let you go yer busy" or when u asked me if i liked that guy.. i just got tired of it after awhile. like what did u want me to say? im sorry about squad spec, i didn't do it on purpose. so yah.. what now? i just dont want to leave not knowing how u feel i guess.. hMmm yer never going to read this.. sO whut does it matter. just needed to say stuff.
i got the mic & u got the mosh pit   
07:24am 27/05/2003
  hMmm haven't written in here like the whole weekend or like in any blog. well actually i did start an entry but i got caught up in chatting so i just stopped writing. hAH.. first period teacher aiding rocks. but im kinda sad cause i dont have my CDs with me so im like sitting here in silence. sO yah...

great weekend ferreal kind. in a nuttshell all i did was work, eat, go online, go to salutes on sunday and sleep. fun stuFf. even tho the store was hella trashed i got paid double time yesterday. im hoping i break 200 =) we got our friends&family discount coupons so im gonna like hella go shopping this weekend at polo. sO if anyone wants a coupon thingie for 30% off.. just ask me =)

and then and then and then.. ack. i dont know why im still letting it get to me. im like totally cool with him but its HER. she's still kicken my asS. i really thought i was over it, but when i found out about saturday.. i was like gRrr. not cause they went together... its cause shE freaken had to hide it from me. like its stupid cause it wouldn't be a problem if u didn't hide it from me. hiding it from me is telling me something wrong is going on yA know. cmon.. i know you have more common sense than that. & whats stupid is like yer not taking the advice that u gave to me. sO its wrong if i go for her EX-bF, but its not wrong for going for yer close homegerls crush? hmmm.. WATEVS. i dont care if u get together. just dont hide it from me and dont give me bullshit advice that yer not going to take yerself.

three questions people always tend to ask me..
1) are u mad?- NO.. im doin just fine actually
2) are u busy?- NO.. im always doin stuff but not tOo busy to talk to anyone
3) who do u like?- NO ONE.. honestly. i put it on sDSU. =)

weird how i vent better at school than at home.. okae.. im done.
11:48am 24/05/2003
mood: tired
music: blue jeans
yesterday was soOo dope!

first.. we had our tea party for english. hah i have a new found love for tea. mr river went hella all out for us with the hats and the tables and the cute cups& plates. scones are fucken dope. april.. would u like some tea with yer sugar cubes? haha

second.. squad spec was dope x12340918234091820349812034! the poster rocked my world and the littles ones on the wall were dope. thanks to the drill gerls that made me posters ;) i love you babies all kinds. my last words weren't so eloquent i was like laughing the whoel time but yeah hope i got my point across that SMALL MILITARY IS THE BEST SQUAD EVER! jK.. rae's solo was dope and so was like everyone else's. i loved go on.. they didn't clown on anyone AT all. hah. ummms the multimedia was like.. *tear... awWw.. it was hella dope. drill.. im going to miss it sOoo much.. i can't believe it really over.. glendale guys came ;) they rock. but good job to christian, rae, and kitty for pulling it all together. clap clap..

third.. spent some quality time with the chicks at applebees. jean's applebees.. haha. albert.. drOOOOL.. fucking hott man. the food was dope & we all had like a heart to heart about liek everything. it was dope. and when we were going home it was HARDCORE MISTY. hahaha as oppossed to regular mist.

so all in all a dope nite. hmm its almost over.

but i know what i want know... ;) im happy in life right now. sO dont fuck it up. haha
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fuck channel islands high school   
10:27pm 22/05/2003
  i hate FUCKING CHANNEL ISLANDS HIGH SCHOOL! assholes... i can't believe we can't even perform at squad spectacular.. MAN FUCK THAT SHIT. everything really sucks.. im sad. i can't even perform at my last squad spectacular.. i guess its okae.. since u know.. we dont even exist. aHHHhhhhh... fuck you mr martinez & mr ortiz. assholes!!! wtF why can't we perform u ass.. its like a 3 min performance u assholes!!! stuuuuuuupid. man really i hope they die.. cause they deserve it..  
...wait is that BAd?   
07:50pm 21/05/2003
music: i wont spend another nite alone- the ataris
dude i haven't updated in a while.. im like into using the communial blog with the chicks. so yah... nothing much is up with me.

i feel like a loser right now casue everyone is gone at my house right now. even my mom is out. hahaha wTF okae?! didn't go to salutes today cause rae didn't pick me up.

so who's going to win american idol? i think ruben should win cause he sings better, but clay's okae tOo.. so i dunno. we'll see. uHHh yahhh really cool.

im conflicted right now.. things are getting tOo confusing. but i guess its okae.. i was reading rae's blurty and she had like a bunch of quotes on it.. and yah.. i liked it.

quote i live by.."things happen for a reason"
am i that transparent?   
04:17pm 12/05/2003
  april can see right through me. she can still see that im a loser and u know what sucks.. is the fact that she's right. i fucking admit it.. im a LOSER. aHhh.. this really has to stop. hah its outta hand and shits all fucked up. okae.. im moving on now. i guess im selfish huh? so yeah just be together. im okae with it now. soo.. im a cockblocker huh? eFf you then bitch.. be together.. have fun.. fuck.. do watever cause im through with caring. im graduating and dont need pathetic losers in my life. so yah.. done with that shit forreals.

....meanwhile, back at the ranch..

this week is gonnna bE sOoo dopE! gradnite & prom!!! wOohOoo.. i reallly can't wait. im really excited.. esP about prom.. its like one of those last moments where u get to see everyone all formal and pretty n shit. aww.. im really gonna miss this.. times like these are the best.

yUnnO whats crazy.. ms razo is our sub for calc and today me and chrys were talking about our rooming stuff and ms razo said that she dormed with a friend her first year.. and by the end of the year she really wanted to kill her friend. haha.. me and chrys were like.. tHEee fuuuucK!? thats comforting.. =)

kristina B! thanks for visiting my blurty.. yer a cute fOo.. haha i wish i could post comments on yer blog.. sorry for all the bRbs tho =P.

okae i go now. laters...
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you're so cute w/o the E!   
12:51pm 10/05/2003
  taking back sunday fucking rocks. i dled their album yesterday. its dope x10293180. the blue channel is a dope song.. kinda reflects on whats happening now..

and i'm not so sure
if i'm sure of anything anymore

Well this is the last night
that you'll be keepin'
secrets from me

just hit the lights before you leave
you know, the million things you had to say
sorry just, just might have found it's way in there
somehow, some way
but don't worry sweetie
'cause i already know

and you're so guilty it's disgusting
he's been,
sneakin' underneath your sheets
And your hands
have been in places that they probably shouldn't go,
but don't worry sweetie
'cause I already know

regardless if my pictures
they don't line your mirror
regardless you know that
I'll still wait for your call

i love the first line cause its really how i feel. yesterday i was watching the comp tape that maria made me and i felt disgusted.
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its finally over   
02:14pm 08/05/2003
mood: love of my liFE!! =)
music: tbs- great romances of the 20th century
yeSs... no more AP TESTs!! calc was horrible.. >=\. the free response section was like.. uhhh thats cool.. so do u want me to answer it? stupid shit. the whole time i was thinking.. why did i even bother. hah.. but oh well..

saw the "love of my life" =) the hottest guy in the world. if u dont think he's hott YOU MUST BE KUH-RAE-ZeE. hes like x100000 times hotter now. =P.. he's been working out.. fuuuuck he has a nice back. i think thats my new fetish. guy backs. kinna odd... but dayumm.. his body's bangin. he has a hott white guy body. haha.. im definitely keeping in touch with him. i thought about it and i might never see him again in my life.. perhaps at grad nite.. but after that its totally separate ways. the epitome of a high school crush.

i love my friends x129038401923840192384 and more...
"i was feeling sad earlier, but talking shit with yer homegerls make it all better"
lol. no we're not shit talkers.. we're just blunt. =)
online sucks!   
11:04pm 05/05/2003
mood: making a face
music: taking back sunday
damn.. i hate being online nowadays. haha cause there's nothing to do and like all the convos are the same. the same.. "hi how are u" shit like all the time. haha i need a break. i feel like uninteresting and boring.. okae.. semi giving up aim again.

taking back sunday and brand new are dope bands. hah i dled a bunch of their songs after the AP test.

favorite song lyric right now: I hope the next boy that you kiss has something terribly contagious on his lips
i thought it was effin funny. bitter punk rock songs rock just as much as punk love songs. =)

salutes is really cool cause i get in touch with my filipino side. dopEe!

ok getting offline right now..
ap tests suck..   
01:27pm 05/05/2003
mood: burned out o_O
music: the ataris fO shO..
just got home from my first AP test.. dude it sucked. hahaha im so burned out right now. dayum.. i soo got like a 2 on that thing. =(.. im hoping for a 3 haha thats if i pray enough. no test tommrrow. yay. but i have to go to school bOo. umm after the test i went to A burger with raymond. its really good there. and then we went to rite aid to get ice cream. hah that lady sOoo dissed raymond. aWw... im going to miss him all kinds when he goes to school. =\. oh well...

haha my dad's a mutley. when i came home he opened his door and i thought he was going to ask me wh i was home, but instead he made a face and waved at me and told me to turn on the rice at 5. eFfin dad. haha.

i should stop saying "eFF" its too sugarcoated according to april.
rochelle <-- too sugarcoated.
hah nuff said.
san dimas hs football rules!   
08:06pm 04/05/2003
  im currently obsessed with the ATARIS.. goooshhh they make the best songs in the world. i had a good weekend. i finally went to church! hhaha we need a better choir. cause.. hott damn.. they're not that great. dude i got my paycheck!!! and i made 192 =) haha the biggest paycheck i got. i really wanna break 200. i bought a new bag. its dope i put my new AE pins on it. yay... i wanna go back to the AE in the promnade and get a shirt customized.

i have ap tests this week.. =( im really sad. haha cause i know im totally going to bomb on the spanish and calc ones. english i think i stand a chance. but the others i just pretty much bought my grade. dammmmn im screwed. oh well i get out of school at least. heh.

i talk about him too much.. and rachel notices. =P
rochelleLUVZyooh: lol.. dammit.. when i talk to u its like talking to (nameless).. haha
juicyhott applE: lol dont compare me with (nameless)!

juicyhott applE: i want to stop being mean.
rochelleLUVZyooh: efFf you..
juicyhott applE: lol i need to be nice now.
rochelleLUVZyooh: YOU SHOULD GO OUT WITH (nameless)!

rochelleLUVZyooh : hahaha.. id hate to hang out with u and (nameless) at the same time.. i'd cry.
juicyhott applE: ugh u like talking about (nameless) huh?
juicyhott applE: lolOoOooo rochelle has a crush

shaking my head and making a face. i AM a loser!
effin april...   
12:03am 04/05/2003
music: hilary duff- what dreams are made of
right now me and my aprilface are having a really good convo. i HEART YOU APRIL! thanks for the advice.. haha i'll get over it soon enough. i guess its just a phase. bad timming huh? dont worry gerl.. i'd never visit them before you. =)

effin april.. best thing she said all night..
me: its like drugs..
me: the worst kind..haha
april: girl.
april: dont EVEN compare (nameless) losers to drugs. I DO DRUGS. drugs are fun. (nameless) = pathetic.

rochelle <-- major loser x6 so far.
why do you build me up buttercup   
07:54am 01/05/2003
  stupid song!!! but i feel the lyrics. gRrr face.
in first period right now with all the smart AP kids. they're all practicing for their AP test and im like writing here right now! haha sucks to be them kinda.

ummm had an interesting day yesterday. 30th of april!! the day did not live up to the song. hah.. best day of my life right!? yeh watever. i dunno dude.. i dont know what the eff happened.
rochelle <-- utterly confused about everything in the world.
seriously.. how am i suppossed to feel? haha cause i feel like 2319480123945 feelings about everything. haha.. fuck my life does suck with you in it. lol.. just kidding. but yeah.. my homegerls make up for that.
i heart my friends or shoudl i say i cardiac them. hahaha crazy.. me april meryl and erika were in a chatroom last nite casue we realized that we're graduating in like a month.
rochelle<-- sad and reminicent.

okae i have to go now casue first period is about to end. more later. k bye.
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welll fuuuuck..   
08:47pm 29/04/2003
  rochelleLUVZyooh (8:44:49 PM): where is *he*?
rochelleLUVZyooh (8:44:49 PM): haha
juicy hott apple (8:45:04 PM): WHY ROCHELLE!?
rochelleLUVZyooh (8:45:10 PM): i miss him!!!!!!!
rochelleLUVZyooh (8:45:24 PM): im getting lonely without the verbal abuse =\
rochelleLUVZyooh (8:45:27 PM): hahaha
juicy hott apple (8:46:16 PM): ill give u verbal abusE
rochelleLUVZyooh (8:46:31 PM): but yer not a cute guy
rochelleLUVZyooh (8:46:34 PM): hahah
juicy hott apple (8:47:01 PM): fuck you
juicy hott apple (8:47:07 PM): im a hott ASS CHICK!
juicy hott apple (8:47:10 PM): lolz sikEeeeeeee
rochelleLUVZyooh (8:47:14 PM): but yer not *him* =\

i HEART RACHEL DIZON!!!! hahaha i think i like you sometimes!
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can i say, its easier without you..   
07:47pm 29/04/2003
mood: loser with the capital L!
music: tHE return number 9 and 10. haha
well i haven't written in here in like a while. uMmm.. whats there to say? i started my efFfin rag last nite! haha so dont fuck with me cause im in super bitch mode right now.. lol jk.. today was alrite.. had a cool talk with my prom date marlon during lunch. he makes me laugh all kines. im so excited you dont even understand! i didn't know that we were going to eat with like 1239120 people. haha sorry i feel like being anti social now at prom. prom is gonna be dopE!

annie went to gDALE today. i declined the offer to go. cause this one guy.. *COUGHmac*COUGH said i deserve and award for going there so much. i felt too good after he said that. its like eWww.. not even. makes me feel like a fucking groupie which im not. and yeah i realized its pointless for me to go there well with the exception of the mall and lollicups. lol just kidding but yeah.. sometimes i feel like its an incovience of me going there and sometimes i feel like im annoying them by going there so much.. yunnoe all we do is watch them practice. haha its crazy.. no one ever watches US effin practice. just kidding... but the glendale guys are really cool beans.

**apriLface!! i am a loser. loser with the eFfin big asS capital L. haha thanks for making me realize that getting into that kind of guy is just a bad idea. . muaH i heart you.. be good at the next bonfire kaE?

today i found out that one of my friends is kinda mad at me cause of last friday. dont like it when people are mad at me or dissappointed. im really sorry, but yunnoe i can't take it back i just hope you can look past what i did and be my friend again cause i do really value yer friendship.

sometimes i wish i could please everyone... SIDENOTE: ohs is going to be at our GRADNITE!! eFf yAH! maybe ill see the LOVE OF MY LIFE. haha -=) american idoL time. bRb
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one of those survey type of things   
05:28pm 27/04/2003
music: the ataris- between u and me
im bored and straight stole this from kristina b's blog. haha i think i did this one in my melo. oh well..

layer one- stats
Name: rochelle mariE importante
Birthdate: feb 10 85
Birthplace: umm pt hueneme?
Current Location: oxnard
Eye Color: what color are my eyes? how bout u find out! *wink*
Hair Color: black hair rocks my world
Height: 5'1?
Righty or Lefty: righty
Zodiac Sign: aquarius

layer two- describe
Your heritage: dutch and chinese. haha sike. tOo sexy for me. umm filipino
The shoes you wore today: my new roxy sandals! wOo..
Your hair: its everywhere. jK. umm its cOOL..?
The reason why I'm awake: good question.. haha
Your eyes: =P big & small at the same time.
Your weaknesses: i give up to easy.
Your fears: falling down a flight of stairs & being lonely
Your perfect pizza: pepperoni and pineapples!
Goals you'd like to achieve: go to college and not fuck up. then become a dope english teacher. and then get married and have 13812034 kids. haha jk about the kids part.

layer three- tell us...
Your most overused phrase on AIM: lol. im bored. hi. u ass. whut's it to ya?. eff u. stfu.
Your best physical feature: my eyEs! muAHHaha
Your bedtime: umm whenever i fall asleep. yunnoe usually at night?
Your greatest accomplishment: getting accepted to colleges
Your most missed memory: when school was like my freshman and sophmore year.

layer four- you prefer
Pepsi or Coke: pepsi.. come on! for those who think younG?!
McDonald's or Burger King: neither. haha
Single or group dates: group.. yunno. i like mass orgies. jK
Adidas or Nike: puma. hah sorrryy!
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: hmm. nestea
Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate!
Cappuccino or coffee: starbuck. lol

layer five- do you...
Smoke: not even occassionally
Cuss: try not to.. but doesn't work. aha
Sing well: whut are yA psycho!?
Take a shower everyday: duhh.. what are YOU? psycho? haha
Have a crush(es): ya knoe!
Who are they: currently.. james from alhambRa! fat n sexy fO sho!!!
Do you think you've been in love: no
Want to go to college: fO sho.. sick of this high school shit.
Like high school: umm.. refer to the last question
Want to get married: yeah.
Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: yeah
Believe in yourself: yeh
Get motion sickness: no
Think you're attractive: not really. but cuter than some other chicks. haha
Think you're a health freak: no are yOU!?
Get along with your parents: always
Like thunderstorms: ok. that was random. haha
Play an instrument: flute & tenor sax! band rocks fO sho!

layer six- in the past, did/have you...
Drank alcohol: never.
Smoke(d): not cigarettes.haha
Done a drug: no comment.
Made Out: no
Go on a date: yeah
Go to the mall: yeah.. all the time.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: ew thats straight fat ass right there
Eaten sushi: yeah
Been on stage: i guess? do comps count?
Been dumped: nope
Gone skating: yea
Made homemade cookies: yeahhh
Gone skinny dipping: oh yah.. thats hot. SIKE!
Dyed your hair: yeah

layer seven- the future
Age you hope to be married: 27
Numbers and Names of Children: i want 3141234 kids. haha sike i want like 2 at the least and 4 at the most. names i really dont know.. i want white names. like peter smith. haaha
Describe your Dream Wedding: i dont kno.
Where you want to go to college: SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY. fuck the uc system.
What do you want to be when you grow up: a dope english teacher.
What country would you most like to visit: spain. so i can brush up on my spanish.

layer eight- opposite sex
Best eye color? hahaha these eye questions make me laugh
Best hair color? dark/black hair rocks my world -=)
Short or long hair?: guys with big hair is pretty sexy. but not like afro status
Best height: taller than me fO sho..
Best articles of clothing: beats me...
Best first date location: somewhere like downtown disney or city walk
Best first kiss location: wherever the time feel right?

layer nine- number of..
Number of people I could trust with my life: i think four. haha
Number of CDs that I own: alot.
Number of Vinyl that I own: zero. haha
Number of piercings: earS?
Number of tattoos: zero at the moment
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: zero? at least i know of..
Number of scars on my body: alot cause im on drill. ha har
Number of things in my past that I regret: hahaha.. none casue everything happens for a reason. so if it happened then u know.. it was intended to be like that. i maybe a be an ass.. buT yunoe.. it builds character. haha

wow that was dopE! k bye -=)
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hey maybe baby you can keep me up in bed   
10:17pm 26/04/2003
mood: okAe.. still smiling -=)
music: something corporate- konstantine
does that have a sexual connotation? haha i really like something corporate right now. i've had their cd for like forever, but i just really started listening to it. its hella dope. konstantine is a dopE song!

yesterday was hella cool beans. took the sr panoramic. got out of school early. chilled with glendale. went to the sr bonfire. the bonfire was dope! we so "bon"ded. haha. even tho i was a total "whutta loser" yesterday its okae.. haha i still had loads of fun. thenks sooo much to anne and jean for taking care of me and like all the other people. anne i like you!!! good deal huh? lets take a long walk on the beach foo.. yer a good man. seniors o3 rock my world!!!

**apriLface!! i heart yOooU! yer fun to get ^(u like the code for it huh) with and i mean it. thanks for the advice. other school guys do suck. nothing but trouble haha.. i can't believe i said.."you should meet him, you might change your mind" lets run laps on the beach and sing the return again. -=) thanks for everything. mwaH!

i still need to buy my prom dress. i want animal style. muAAHhaHaha. ahh i feel like shit. i can't breathe. haha work sucked as always. hmm k bye -=)
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whut are yA? PSYCHO?!   
03:34pm 24/04/2003
mood: annoyeD by yer facE!
music: something corporate- fall
i've been saying that alot lately...

ok i decided to go public with my blurty.. haha. at first it was friends only and like none of my friends besides rachel has a blurty so it was pretty much just her reading it. so yeah.. it kinda sucks when there's only one person reading and commenting on how u feel. lol but i like rachel for all the nice things she said to me -=) i can trust that chick with my life. haha. i still have my melo tho, but im not giving that to just anyone.. haha

all those damn sr meetings are boring as hell, but today's went pretty fast. cause i dunno less people maybe? i was kinda getting sentimental today too cause they were talking about graduation and all that stuff. in my head i was thinking.. "its really going to be over in a few weeks".. sometimes i wonder if im really ready to be on my own or to have so much responsiblity. i dunno its crazy.. i wanted out of here so bad, but then for some reason i dont think it would be so bad to stay here. i doubt ill stay tho.. bt u never know.. things happen for a reason.

oh yeah!!! i have a prom date!! and its not last minute this time. -=) gyEAh! i hope prom's gonna be dope cause my date is pretty cool. yahhh... go prom.. hope its as great as sr ball. but yunnoe nothing could beat that!

**i like yOUUu, rachel P!!! yer my favorite!!! -=) thanks for the case and the pic! i like what u wrote... made me smiLE! haah u always make me smile. lol.. "you're hair is everywhere.." can't believe she asked u that.. umm duh.. whut are yA, stupid?!.. hope they're happy. .. gRrface! >=T

umm i wont go there right now.. haha.. cause yah i have work! mmkae have to get ready. k bye -=)
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