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YEAYEA [16 Jul 2003|11:47pm]
Well, I decided to make a new journal because I rock. and might I add that this journal is right about EVERYTHING. if you dont like or disagree with something in this journal you are WRONG. take into consideration that i am smarter then you and you COMPLETELY suck.

With that said, here's my day and...yeah.

i woke up at about 10:45 at heather's house and while I was sleeping she had already taken a shower and gotten dressed and stuff like that. So i go downstairs and everyone is all dressed and stuff like that and im all..not so im like okay...why didnt anyone tell me we were eating breakfast. so i had me some blueberry pancakes and they were good. then later on we played pool and heather had to mention that the balls were really bigwhich kinda made me laugh. after a few other un-important things we were all bored and outside was being all gay and shit cause it was all foggy and stuff. and me and heather wanted to go boogie boarding. so of course, being such the smart people that we are found an alternative. we boogie boarded down her stairs and it was funnnnn. Jamie kinda fell backwards and hit her head. thats okay though.

Ive been thinking...i really want adigital camera for my birthday or something. just like the 150 bucks ones. i wish i had money. money makes everyone happy. well, it makes me happy and thats really all the matter. i still havent gotten my brother a birthday present. i feel like a horrible sister. i wanna get him a guitar but im too poor:(

heather is leaving for hawaii in a few days for two weeks. and thats uncool. and on august 25th im gettign my orbital. that should rock. well...i think im done.

Yep :)

Im gonna start a new friends list so...yeah
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[09 Jul 2003|12:41am]
Im making a new blurty cause my other one was a fucker and had things in it that should never be read. EVER again. well yeah i am just testing this shit out to see if it wors so i will post laterrrr.
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