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Carnivals Suck [19 Apr 2003|05:00am]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Lisa Marie Presley:: I dont know ]

OMG! I just went to the stupid carnival... I hated it, I thought I was gonna puke it was a waste of my damn money. I can't believe I went! But, other than that, I'm pissed! Its a long story... but I won't explain! GrRr, I'm so bored! I have to clean the whole house! I don't want to! Well, I really have to go puke, sleep, and clean!

The rest of that day (^) turned out pretty good lol. It was great fun! hmm lets see... I went bike riding... got ice cream and thats it, dont ask how it was fun it just was. I got all my problems worked out, isn't that great? Well... I think im gonna put my background on here so CYA!

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