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And all I see, it could never make me happy, and all my sandcastles spend their time collapsing... [30 Jan 2004|01:56pm]
[ mood | grateful ]
[ music | "Beloved"-The Working Title ]

Let me just say how awesome my roomies are. I come home last night, only to find they ventured over to the poster sale at the UC, and bought me a poster of Carrie from "Sex in the City." Holy crap, I freaked out. She is my hero. I completely love her. I have the greatest roommates in the world.

Another piece of exciting news: I might have a possible boy interest. In order to not jinx it, I won't say anymore, buuuut I'm hoping. :)

Britt is coming up tomorrow, which I am REALLY excited about. Haven't seen her since I came back from break, and I miss her a lot. So yay, Ritz Cracker, can't wait to see you.

What else is new...hmmm...His House was really good last night. I love it there. No matter how much I feel like I mess up in life, and that I'm not worthy for God to even care about me, it's such a reassurance of His grace whenever I go there. I don't think enough people realize that no matter what you've done, God still loves you and will forgive you for it. I've been a believer my whole life, and to this day, it still amazes me.

Ok, I think that's about all. Have a gorgeous weekend everybody. Bye bye.

*blows air kisses*

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