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    Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
    3:28 pm
    I haven't written in a couple days

    monday- didn't go to school, nothing much happened. but i DID go to taco bell...mmm...yumminess

    tuesday-nothing much happened. i worked like the wholeeeeeeeeeeee day.i had school, the i went to maggie's and stayed there till six working on our bio project. then i came home, and started my other homework around 8 and worked till 10:30 and went to bed. tireing day. rawr

    today- it was day 5 which i like but other people don't. i like hopw short the classes are. plusssssssssss i have long study, which is always good. Bryant ferro is having a party. everyone goes!!! too bad i'm not going. I am going to jennahs :P hehehe

    the harwinton fair is this weekend. i am gonna go for a couple hours prolly. i have to march it anyways. on sunday we have a our fall foliadge festival thingie which is alll day in north adams mass. we won last year which was cool. it is a 2 hour bus ride...but i love the bus rides those things are maddd fun.

    oww i am in pain. damn fitness tests. I hate doing that. i mean seriously, i know i am in bad shape, not flexible, and weak, but why do i have to do it just to prove it. they say certain numbers are "healthy", but what about me? i have long legs and a short torso, where do i fit? i mean i can't even touch my toes. but i am not gonna die early because of it. i suck at doing that. i got a 10:36 on the mile(which is actually good for me...i jogged the whole way) i got a 17 on the sit and reach, which is also good for me. i did 8 pushups. wow who cares. lol but i pulled a bunch of muslces and my left foot hurts like hell in a can.

    i get my braces off soon:-D well i don't know when yet but whatever

    mr bently is scary.

    i had a geomerty test today. i did bad. i know i did. rawr.


    i'm out



    Current Mood: sore
    Current Music: simple plan-perfect(gooooooood song)
    Sunday, September 28th, 2003
    9:45 pm
    good weekend kiddies
    omg this weekend was sooo much fun. i left an entry on friday, so i will start from saturday.

    saturday-woke up on the couch at juliann's with andrew's foot in my face. lol. we all fell asleep watching 8 mile. we hung around. took showers. thehn we went and got some lo mein. mmmmmmm. we went to go bring some chinses to juliann's mom at work(pevridge farm haha) and she gave me some free goldfish *giggle*. then we went home and late we went to see freaky friday. omg it made me and juliann all giggly. that is such a feel good mavie. god i love those. thennnnnnnnnnnnnn when we got out of the movie we saw our GOD CAMP BUDDY!!!! yeah me and juliann saw KYLE! hehe it put us in another one of those good moods. it was so nice to see someone from camp. i hadn't seen him or talked to him in sooo long. it was kinda awkward...we didn't really have much to say...but it was still really cool seeing him. after we went to rue 21 which is a supercool store. it was one of those moments where you are totally absorbed in life, and nothing matters. god i hadn't been that happy for a was sooooo nice. i was like runnning in circles and jumping off light poles. i was sooo fucking happy. then we went back and juliann dad picked us up and we drove down to the beach to pick up andrew and juliann's mom(andrew hit ssome kid with a stick and could have broke his arm) then we went back to juliann's. i called my mom andshe said i could stay another night:-Djuliann's mom took us out to eat and i got buffler wings. then we went back to juliann'sand i talked to charlie online. hehehe another good moment. well the day was all around veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy good. god i loved it. then we just kinda hung out downstairs for a while and then we went to bed. we actually slept in juliann's room this time.

    sunday-i woke up at like 12 and me and juliann talked to julia on the phone. then i talked to charlie online and he told me that soccer was canceled. but we didn't end up doing anything cuz he didn't have a ride to the mall. but me and juliann and julia went to the crystal mall. it was fun. julia spent $80 in 1/2 hour. i admire her. lol.omg sailor costumes turn ME ON! ahahahahaha. then julia's mom picked us up and we went back to juliann's i ate dinner and we met my mom to go home. i had sooooooooooooo much fun this weekend. i swear i wanna go to juliann's like every weekend.

    i have homework...but i don't feel like doing it. i am so lazy:-[ i can't find this thing for global. and it is prolyl some major thign but i can't find the fucking paper. oh well. watch me fail global.

    i guess i'm gonna go now



    Current Mood: giddy
    Current Music: new found glory-my friends over you
    Friday, September 26th, 2003
    10:35 pm
    andrew is SEXY


    i am at juliann's right now. her house is so sexy. i actually got ym mom to drive me a half hour away at 8:30. haha. andrew thinks a clitoris on an ankle. ahahaha. stacey's mom has got it going on. dudddeeee. i can't see charlie this weekend:( oh well. julias' birthday is tomorrow


    i am in madison right now. i wish i could live here, it is sooo much better then burlington. they have cool stuff man.

    charlie is so perfect:)

    i have to march on sunday:-/it's a competition. weeeee. well it won't be fun, but i hope we win. damn band is taking up my sundays. charlie's only free day is sunday. damn soccer. lol

    juliann is talking to davvveeeeeeee. shy kiddies.

    andrew said my hands are BOTH ways.






    Current Mood: chipper
    Current Music: smash mouth-all star
    3:41 pm
    doo doo dum.

    last night i had my depressing entry. yeah i have those moments. but i wasn't very happy today. or sad. i wasn't really anything. i didn't think. i didn't do...anything. but it was okay. it's not like it was bad or anything.

    maggie thinks i am ditching her again. cuz i ran ahead with lindsay in the hall. she takes things a little too seriously. it's not like i was ditching her.

    today was senior halloween. i saw some wierd things. eric was fat bastard.

    i might see julipoos this weekend. well i will. but i might see dave and charlie too. juliann really wants a double date lol. i miss everybody from camp sooo much. it's just not the same when we talk online. i dunno. i wish i could see them all again in person. but i don;t know if that would ever happen. i talked to carrie today for the first time since camp. it was pretty cool. not that we really said anything, but just talking to someone that i haven't talked to in 3 months was nice.

    i miss stefferdoodles. i miss paige. i miss...everyone

    god i am so wierd today

    i had study hall with lindsay today. we colored. and painted adgendas. and had fun.

    i am getting my class ring


    my toaster strudel is done.

    it is raspberry.

    i am gonna go eat it now


    Current Mood: blank
    Thursday, September 25th, 2003
    10:46 pm
    It seems as though my happy days are ending...
    yesterday i wasn't as happy, and today wasn't a very good day. i guess my happy moods are ending. i was hopeing they'd last a lot longer. people tell me to be happy, but how can i just "be happy"? i mean i try to be happy, but then i think of stuff, that i don't wanna think about. arggg it is so confusing

    i had pictures today. they sucked major horses ass.

    some of my friends(i won't say who) are all depressed and stuff. i hate it. i hate it when my friends are in pain. for some reason, i don't mind it as much when it happens to me, but when it happens to other people it just sucks so bad to me.

    i miss god camp sooooo much. i feel so bad cuz i haven't talked to any of the people except juliann and charlie. i mean i talk to lacey occasionally, but it just doesn't feel the same. it seems like everyone is so different now. i just want us to all be together again, like we were at camp. i mean i haven't talked to like anyone. i have only seen juliann, and it has been like 3 months since god camp ended. God i miss everyone soo much. that is the one sad thing about going to camp and having fun. it's gotta end some time :(

    we have a project for bio. i am working with maggie. she is a little overly obsess with schoolwork sometimes. it is annoying. god you have to just have fun sometimes. i mean high school is just 4 years of you life. do you really wanna spend all those 4 years working hard and never having fun? i hate that. who really cares about what grades you get. i mean do good, but why do you need to get an A in every subject. people that have to be perfect bug me, cuz the world isn't perfect, why should you be?

    i am going to juliann's tomorrow

    i didn't get to talk to charlie today=( i hope i get to see him this weekend. juliann wants to do a "double date" thing with our bfs. i didn't exactally follow, but i am good.

    ugh i guess that's it. i am just a little lost right now.

    i will be back when i find who i am.

    well...maybe sooner


    Current Mood: gloomy
    Current Music: limp bizkit- break stuff
    Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
    4:46 pm
    good day kiddies!
    ::giggle:: another granderific fantasitcal day for melly!

    nothing really happened i am just happy:)

    well suff happened...but just small things. lucky day.

    i was supposed to have part of the spanish test today, bur mr aceson was late into school(i had it first period) so we didn't do it. it was so funny. we were correcting our worksheet and you could tell he was rushing through it. and he was squriming in his chair and stuff. right after we were done he got up and ran out of the room and he was liek i gotta go to the bathroom! ahahaha it was so hilarious. in global we were supposed to have a quiz too but he decided to make it tomorrow. good mr olander. in english we had a quiz but it was little. i had long study hall. it was and lindsay just goofed off as usual. i had some chocolate milk today:) cuz of the NO LONGER lactose intolerant me. i didn't do my bio homework but we had a sub so she didn't collect it. wow i guess i was really lucky today. i had gym but it for once wasn't bad. except i didn't like the thing where we had to use those overpriced rubber bands and do some tricep(could have been bicep) curls. ehh whatevr i don't care. it was such a lucky day for me today. i hope i have these more often.

    i have money! well not really i have $3 but to me that is money.

    brendan want to see me naked. i am scared.

    i prolly get to see julipoos this weekend.

    i want to go shopping. and not spend money. and not steal something. that is my goal. lol

    i want to have my birthday party at chuck e cheese. i hope my mommy is gonna pay for it. she prolly will, she payed for my other party which was only a little cheaper. oh well i gotta see if we are even allowed do do anything. we might be too tall. damn child oriented fun.


    bye kiddies


    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: lifehouse-somebody else's song
    Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003
    10:26 pm
    =) for some reason, i am just happy tonight. not like excitedly happy...just...happy. i am all content and stuff. it is nice:)

    i had to go to band tonight, i didn't really mind it though. my marching skills got a lot better which is good.

    um...i ate food. it was yummy.

    i talked to charlie:) he is prolly gonna go to homecoming with me*giggle* i can't wait to see him again.

    i am gonna go to the durham fair this weekend with julian...that will be cool. then i have the mum parade on sunday. i hope we do really good...cuz i wanna win. that would be cool. we won last year.

    uhh yeah i think that's it. i am going to bed now




    Current Mood: content
    Current Music: good charlotte-hold on
    4:06 pm
    today... was okay...but i didn't have spanish which was good. i have a test in it tomorrow...damn destinos. i know i'm not gonna do good. i am so stupid. forgetful. i forget sooo many things. it is so bad. i leeft my english thing at home today so now i get 10 points off. damn. i had p.e. today. ms. tieman collected our notebooks. i don't think i did very good :-/ today was juliann and dave's 2 month=) they are a great couple, i hope they stay together long. too bad they are both VERY shy lol they know what i am talking about.

    jennah had some "technical difficulties"

    i had band tonight. i doubt it will be fun. actually i know it won't be. stupid band. i have a parade competition on sunday. jennah's in it too, for dance.

    my friday and saturday are open. hehe well i am prolly doing something with juliann. or charlie. but i doubt i am gonna get to see charlie. he is to busy with soccer and stuff :-/ the poopyheads make soccer take up 6/7 days. wow i am never busy i couldn't imagine being worked that much.

    um...i have a global quiz tomorrow, and i bio quiz friday. i hope i do good on both of them. i got a 62 on my geometry quiz:-[ but i got and 84 on the test, which is good. i doubt i will do good in that class anyways though.

    spanish sux

    the most annoying sound i can think of right now is mr bently's chewing gum. (oh god...)

    i can't think of anything else...but i'm sure there is more. oh well.

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Current Music: fountains of wayne-stacey's mom
    Monday, September 22nd, 2003
    4:12 pm
    sorry my entry yesterday was kinda mom kept yelling at me to get off the computer.

    zeke was all pissy that my room wasn't clean when i went to the big e so he took my computer. i personally thought it was a little harsh. he wouldn't give it to me last night and i needed to do my spanish transcriptions. so finally my MOM gave it to me at 9 pm and i did a lot of the trnascriptions, but i didn't ahve ebough time...but i worked on them for almost 3 hours. then i leave it at home anyways. argg...pissoff of the day.

    yesterday we went to goomba's(a resturant in granby) for katelyn's birthday. and then we went to this extreeeeeemly boring thingy for awards for zeke's police department then we came home and we had ICE CREAM CAKE (and i could eat it hehehehehe) for katelyn birthday again. i gave katelyn my present first, but then it seemed so small cuz sarah always has to outdo me so she got her some perfume, this whole bath gift set, and a gc cd. i mean, that is sooo more then she gets me. she gets me like $4 stuff, not like $50 worth. it bugs me.

    I don't think i am doing that good in school. wel i am doing good in bio and maybe global, but spanish and geometry isn't so good.

    i didn't get to talk to charlie last night:( i haven't talked to him since saturday night...damn zeke. my mom found out about him. she won't tell me how. oh well. i guess it was prolly obvious. alicia said to call charlie charchar and i said no, and then i thought of choochoo trains. but then that made me think of smoke so i was like no i am not calling him choochoo. lol thennn my sister told me to call him woody cuz of his last name. but i am not gonna call him the name of a sexual manly organ lol. too many camp memories. they tend to disturb me. except the ones with charlie hehehehe. he smells good.

    my friday this weekend just opened up man. if you have anything you wanna do let me know.

    i have a lot of stupid homework.

    and i want a cheese sandwich.



    Current Mood: thirsty
    Current Music: good charlotte-hold on
    Sunday, September 21st, 2003
    10:11 am
    hey kiddies!

    i had fun this weekend. i am pretty glad i went to the big e, but i could have gone to juliann's, and we could have gone to her school's soccer game...they were playing charlie's school. oh well...i just hope i get to see him soon. the big e was pretty fun. i won a cookie monster!:) hehe i mostly hung out with alex and alicia the whole time. alex was actually acting like he wanted me around, which was good.

    on friday i went to lindsay. we satyed in the hot tub for like 3543546546 hours. i left my necklace there :-/ i got lindsay a fruit pie hahaha. we all fell asleep on her 4 recliners in the basement... it was overall fun. yup it was

    i gotta go cuz mommy is yelling at me...again



    Current Mood: calm
    Friday, September 19th, 2003
    3:10 pm
    nothing much happened today. it was a pretty good day i guess. the thing that prolly made it the best was my loooooooong study hall. spanish sucked, also long period. god i hate destinos. i know mr acheson is gonna yell at me on monday. i didn't feel like answering the second half of the questions so i just rewrote the questions down. i didn't expect him to collect it lol. i got a D on my lab report for bio. i think mrs. davies corrected it on her bitchy day. bryant called me cute today. cuz me and lindsay were sitting alone at lunch and he told me that he couldn't believe that were didn't have friends in our lunch cuz we are little cuties. whatever lol

    i am going to lindsay's tonight:-D i can't waiiiiittttt

    there are some definite maggie jennah problems going on. apparently jennah is too "bad" for maggie. well maggie's goodness can get a bit annoying, like the way she preaches me so i have to do the right things. it's liek i told jennah, maggie can be my friend but she has to respect what i do.

    i didn;t go to the volleyball game. i decided not to cuz i wouldn't get any home time till sunday if i did.

    i want some ramen noodles.

    hehe 15 baby

    i will be 15 october 28th don't you all forget it!

    ehh...i guess that's it...

    toodles folks

    i am gonna go eat my ramen noodles now


    Current Mood: hungry
    Current Music: something corporate-cavanaugh park
    Thursday, September 18th, 2003
    3:08 pm
    good day man

    i don't really know what about was just good. mrs davies was so bitchy today. she was all like RAR! it scared me. mr interesting fellow. we were sitting doing some silent work and he said "es verdad que j lo y ben affleck no estan juntos?" or it was somethign liek that...i was like whoa there.

    i didn't do any of my homework last night...counldn't concentrate.

    i am not lactose intolerant anymore...i am soooo happy about that. i had some milk before i went to bed. charlie said it helps you sleep:Dand it worked=)

    yesterday...i never really said how it was. it was good. it was one of those good days, and it got even better at night. i ate a taco, it was so yummy i want another one. um...i got my bio test back. i got a ninty fucking four. that is the BOMB DIGGITY right there man. i had long study hall. i just kinda hung out with lindsay. it always makes for good clean fun. mrs. davies moved me in science so i sit near maggie and dean, which is good.

    dude i love september 17th

    aww man hehehe

    i had itallion dunkers for lunch today. they were yummy. liz spilled some soup. it looked all nasty. me and lindsay went tot the library in study hall. my sister was telling peopel that me and liz are lesbians. i wanted to shout that's not true i have a boyfriend, but then i decided to let her find out herself lol.

    i am going to band tonight. oh well i don't really care.

    i am going to the volleyball game(hopefully) then i am going to lindsay's party. it's a slumber party:D *giggle* i am going to the big E saturday. i guess that will be cool besides my major lack of money.($0, oh wait...lindsay gave me back the dollar i stuck in her pants today, so i have $1) ahaha yeah i guess i am done now.

    i am prolly gonna go eat some ramen noodles



    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: lifehouse-hanging by a moment
    Wednesday, September 17th, 2003
    10:32 pm
    god kiddies i am soo fucking happy right now. words cannot decribe.

    i think you all should know about my god camp buddy, charlie. he is such a cute kiddie. and i liked him=) and omg today i told him that...i am so glad i did. i liked him for a while. man what a cutie. then i finally told him today. and he was all happy. then i asked the cute kiddie out and he said yes=D god words cannot describe the feeling when the kid you like wants to go out with you. i am so happy. i can't concentrate on anything. =D i have like the best feeling in the world, and i don't want it to go away. sorry if this entry is a bit choppy, i can't even think. :D:D:D:D:D:D hehehhehehehe dude charlie is the greatest. THANK GOD FOR GOD CAMP. hahaha i am getting a little overly excited...but i don't care. hehehe god this is a good one. charlie's gonna like this entry lol. i can't wait to see him again. hehehehe happiness:D it is so great

    i don't even feel like writing about the rest of my day. too happy


    Current Mood: crazy
    Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
    10:41 pm
    hehehe good day man

    i went to the orthdontist he said i can get my braces off veryyyy soon. like 2 months.*giggle* i can't wait to be able to eat eveerything without getting food in my teeth. mmmm and corn on the cob:-D

    My mommy told me that my daddy said he might be able to pay for the trip to cali so i still have a chance at going hehehehe. i am so giggley tonight. i love those good moods:)

    I had KFC tonight.

    I want a cheese sandwich...yummy:) yes i am a very simple girl

    i didn't really have much homework, and band wasn't that bad.

    I can stay over lindsay's friday:D i don't mind leaving early to go to the big E. i just hope i have someone to walk around with this year

    okay i am gonna go to my beddie now



    Current Mood: bouncy
    Current Music: o-town- all or nothing
    3:04 pm
    hey folks...

    i just got home from the ickyness of my day to have more ickyness. i have an orthodontist appointment then

    i bently is evil. he kept bitching about how you can do whatever you want in his class cuz he gets paid and it's WE who pay the taxes and he gets paid so much to babysit us. he is so wierd. it's like the story he said. some girl failed his class and became a stripper. i'm gonna fail 10th grade english and it's going to matter that much in my life. whatever. wierdo. but seriously. he scares me. today he kept doing this scary laugh and rubbing his hands together as if he were planning to kill me. freaky man.

    radio 104 is gone:( stupid ass rap. i hate that so much. it's not even music, and we have waaaaay too muhc of it. argg...


    how come some people complain so much? i mean i tend to complain. but that is all some people do. it gets really annoying after a while.

    tomorrow is katelyn's birthday:) she is 13

    friday is lindsay's birthday/PARTY i can't wait...but once has to interfere...and i don't think i can stay over. it is so stupid. i was in band cuz i wantedf to go to cali so bad. but my stupid parents made us poor. stupid zeke.

    lindsay will be 15=) i wish i was 15:)

    stef has bob. bob is good. see bob run. see stef and bob run. ahaha yep guys, once again, the person stef wanted, she got. if only i was like her... sister makes me want chinese food. damn beef sticks.

    i need gloves for band. stupid me never bought them. god. i am so...stupid. I hate the big E. it is argggg. i have to go there for a day and hang out with peopel i am not even really friends with, but are nice enought to include me, ven though i know they don't want to. and the whole this is so expensive. and just to march for like 2 secs. it is such a load of bullshit. it's not even a competition. and to think i could be with lindsay. or juliann. argg

    dumbass school band.

    Current Mood: bitchy
    Monday, September 15th, 2003
    4:54 pm
    i took some quizzes... here they are

    My inner child is six years old today

    My inner child is six years old!

    Look what I can do! I can walk, I can run, I can
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    3:49 pm
    i had school no like school :-/

    let's see...

    spanish was as boring as hell. I had a quiz in global today i think i did good:) geometry sucks ass. we had an "unannounced" quiz whatever mr rossi says they are not pop quizzes but sure. everyone keeps going on about italian foods and the rossi posse. whatever floatrs their boat. wow it's stupid though. ahhh english sucks ass too. but bio wasn't that bad...maggie is my lab partner:)

    dude i was so overloaded with homework last night...ughhhhhh...i have more today. no fair:(

    kyle was offering me some raunchy looking cookies on the bus today. jess was accusing me of being a stoner. yes, a normal day.

    mom and zeke come home today. hmm...i wonder if my mom will be pissed about me dyeing my sister's hair without asking. there's only one way to tell. and around 8 tonight i think i will find out lol

    julia's new boyfriend is sexy i want julia

    i have to mach this weekend:( i hate the big E i have no money and it is fucking boring...everything is so fucking expensive. arg...i can't go to california:( i wanted to go soooooooo bad it is gonna be soooooooooooo much fun...but noooo we have to be poor. ugh i am gonna like cry when everybody comes back talking about how fun it is:( stupid zeke.

    i am chewing gum right now.

    and i am peeling the stripes off my wall.

    and my little sister looks like a beef stick.


    Current Mood: cranky
    Current Music: green day-basketcase
    Sunday, September 14th, 2003
    4:13 pm
    my weekend...some FUN shit!
    ahh god i had so much fun this weekend... lets start from friday

    friday- we went to the yacht club. we just kind of hung out. me and sarah sold tickets. we hung out at the end of b dock and pretended to swim...ahhh...good times good times. we invcented the extrme sports of riding our scooters(yep we still ride those:-p) and jumping the gates by the pool and rolling down the hill. we get so silly when we are at dad's hehehe. we went home and me and sarah snuck some food up into aur room and ate till we were sleepy:) then we made movies lol and went to beddie

    saturday- we had to get up early to go to the club...but it was buckets of fun...CLAM BAKE hahahaha juliann didn't come but i still had sooo much fun. i won't go into details:-P. but i had funnnn. i ate lobster. i hung out with erin, patricks little sister. she is so cute:) we did hair wraps hehe. i met a cool kid named brian. we hung out for a while. um...OH YEAH...COTTON CANDY! omg that is like the yummiest shit...there was freeeeee cotton candy and popcorn alllllll day. it was the fucking best. ahaha the clam bake was funnn. me and sarah went swimming in the FREEZING cold pool in our clothes :-P silly us. then me and sarah and brian gave phillip a sex ed. lesson. ahh...good times good times.

    sunday-we woke up on our boat:) ahh i had to share a bed with sarah it was really crowded and i almost fell off and the rain was making a lot of noise and so was my dad and i kicked sarah in the face:-/ but then we woke up and hung out with brian some more. we walked into the woods and found some old beer lol.then we went home...ate chinese food. and i dyed sarah's hair:). she is a redhead now hehehe. it is so cool thgat she lets me do that to her. i have wanted to be a hairdresser since like 6th grade=). then we went back to mom's...and that's where i am now so yeah...

    we have no water:-/ i have to piss lol

    ahhhh...i hate men...they give you all these mixed signals...they act liek they like you. then they go and kiss someone or tell you about this person they like...arg it is so confusing. i mean seriously, when someone likes someone...why cant they just TELL THEM? it is so much easier than sending some very obvious hints...aggg

    i have so much homework. i hate it. bio lab report, global capt essay, world lit essay...then some bullshit geometry homework and some spanish IV destinos shit...ahh i am so overloaded...

    lindsay was felling pretty crappy the other day...i hope she feels better:)

    ahhh i think that's it


    Current Mood: exhausted
    Current Music: everclear-wonderful
    Friday, September 12th, 2003
    4:01 pm
    dude...that is such a cool word
    ahaha nothing much happening...i am getting ready to go to my pop's.

    school as it could be lol. we had looooong study hall today. hehe i love it. me and lindsay went to thre library. but then we left after 3rd lunch(i made her) we went back to study and we painted kyles nails lol. i don't think he liked it. ahahaha

    i had a bio test today...i did good :D i am so proud of myself. i am actually doing good in my classes:) well...except spanish. but that's just cuz i am stupid and i forget my destinos cd:-[

    stef is talking about biting people. i am a bit scared.

    i am going to my dads and i am actually sleeping in a BED *giggles* i am happy we finally got our bed:D i like going to my dad's. me and sarah share a room, and you would think it would make us fight all the time but we are actaully lot closer when we are at my dad's it's nice:)

    i miss all of the people from camp:( i wish i could see them all again...even the people i didn't really talk to. on the last day of camp i remember someone saying that most of the time you never see those people again...that makes me so sad. i mean i was so close to these people for a week and thenwe go and never see each other again...the whol thing is kind of sad. ahh...i think i am just a bit emotional today for some reason:-p :-/ eh...

    yeah i am gonna go now...



    Current Mood: melancholy
    Current Music: Daniel beddingfield if you're not the one(corny but good)
    Thursday, September 11th, 2003
    9:56 pm
    juat about to go to much to say. I just felt like writing. i didn't do any of my homework. All i had was spanish lol. I lost my destinos cd:-[ I can be so stupid sometimes. I hung up the pictures that katelyn gave me...the ones of Good Charlotte...mmmmmmmmmm.

    jennah is going...somwhere tomorrow...good luck jennah lol. i am watching er right now. i never got that show. It confused me too much. I went to the library with lindsay during study hall today. It was fun...we did micro type like old times...except she got 127 gwam and i got 118...a lot better then we used to get. i talked to charlie:) that was cool since i hadn't really talked to him since camp. he is such a great kiddie=) i need to go out and give his ex a beating. he deserved so much better.

    Yay! tomorrow is friday! hehe i love fridays(i'm sure jennah is even moreeee some of you know what i am talking about) it is day 2:-D i don't have global or english...and i have looooong study hall with lindsay and dean. it is the shiznit. if ya'll wanna call me this weekend i will be at my dad's. I can't put the number in here lol everyone can loook at it. so if you want my number ask me tomorrow.


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