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Friday, February 6th, 2004

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    Why does everythign have to be soo blah??
    well i was prety bored so i figured i'd make one of these again. so i dont wanna be in school today i'm soooo tired! and just some people here really bother me! oh well i gues i have to deal with it. theres 5 more periods left in the day...this stinks! i hope it snows more so we can get out of here. i wish i could go see todd today :o/ i'll see him tomorrow so i guess thats good. well i've got awesome accounting next with some awesome people...adios
    Back Againn!!!
    so today is looking better! i think i was just waking up earlyer! i think the phone call this mornign made me happier!!!! :o)schools going by a bit faster now! its almost lunch!! i cant wait for today to be over! i get to go home eat my panera and talk to todd and rest!!! but then theres ugly work :o( oh well i need the money!!!! well i'm done now!!!! adiosss!!!

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Current Music: none! i'm in school duh!!!

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