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[13 Jan 2004|07:11pm]
[ mood | calm ]

So friends at school say that we may have no school come Thursday. What's the excuse? Cold weather. Too-cold-to-snow weather. Oh, it snowed the night before last. Didn't stay around too long. That's alright since I hear that it'll be snowing more again this week. YAY! I love snow! So anyway, I had two letters in my backpack yesterday and decided to show my friend Laurence pictures of Maggixial (flower in hair) and Karabera (homecoming) :) He thinks they're pretty! Either that or he was just agreeing with me when I showed them to him and asked enthusiastically, "Aren't they pretty??" Naw, it was the former. It's unlike Laurence to just agree with something someone says; Laurence has built his own opinions and he follows no-one. I admire that about him. So anyway yea he thought they were pretty. On another note, I just got back from rehearsal. Laurence says I sing my solo too pretty. Wow what a compliment. I never knew anyone would call me a good singer, but many did. I was so surprised. I think I suck at it! That's why I used to sing in front of no-one until this whole Musical Revue thing came up. I'm supposed to sing my solo in an annoying nasal voice..I'll have to work on that. Hehe when I do get it down, people will be saying I suck at singing! Oh well. I'm just scared is all. I'm still a little shy, I guess. Anyway, I'm writing about crap no-one wants to read. I'm terrible in school and I have no hope for a career in journalism anymore. I'm just not smart enough. bat told me to stop complaining and do something about it. I agree with him. So I'll try. I think. I'll probably end of shrugging it off again.

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