it rode us all the way to new orleans...   
10:17pm 08/02/2003
  gabe said it was like a sinking ship. he was right. everything at work was like walking through cold molasses. kids were spilling lemonade, ortopedic surgeons were being mean, i want to get a tattoo of a strawberry that i got off of an angel-food cake wrapper. its cold outside, maybe wet. bayou blast camel berry cigarettes are great. i want to see the impotent sea snakes on the 28th at the shim sham. maybe we should see Interpol at the house of blues it would probably improve our image. i'm wearing pajamas and a dress, i look like a bag lady. i woke up late this morning, my hair was sexy/ratty travis said it was punk rock, uh huh. later,A  
"iller than the illiad"   
07:22pm 07/02/2003
  today it was cold and rainy/windy in the big easy, i had some bad people skills at work today for some reason, luckily we were slow. There is an orthopedic surgeons convention in town but i guess they didn't want to venture into the storm to get beignets and cafe au lait. j + i are going to see the Shim Sham Revue featuring Dita von Teese on sunday, i like her. john got 3 stars tattooed on his chest yesterday, it looks very rocking and shows from under a white undershirt in a very fresh way. I took a fairly diorienting nap this afternoon, i'll try and resist the urge to drink champagne tonight. maybe i'll manage. i want to go down to canal street and look at fancy new tennis shoes tomorrow. catch ya later, A