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Monday, July 28th, 2003

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    Ok. This is my first entry, obviously. I am the usuall, BORED, and sipping the end of my orange juice. My mother is at work and I am here with Grandpa, what he's doing, who knows. Yesterday I was at Michele's for her birthday. We went out for sushi (gag) and saw the stupidest movie ever invented by man. I wanted to see Legally Blonde 2 but she wanted to see Spy Kids 3. So, since it was her birthday, we saw dumbass Spy Kids which was in 3D so we had to wear these dorkmyer 3D glasses that made the whole movie red and blue/purple, blurry, and retarded. Plus, no use in taking the glasses off because the screen was even more retarded.

    So now I have resorted to writing a diary, on the internet. O. Ok. well, I woke up this morning in mom's bed and watched the diary of avril lavinge on mtv and I loved it because avril rocks and just seeing her on tv makes me smile. I could talk about her for hours!!! Like how she is becoming a casuall dresser, craves subway, sucks at golf, enjoys sunburns, and loves shopping for underware and candles + she does her own makeup at concerts and stuff. Ok, I'll shut-up now.

    Well Well well. Uh, I am going to courtney's today like at 4, its 1:10 now, so a nother 3 hours or whatever. We are going to her grandpa's and stocking hay in the blazing sun, o what fun! what fun!!! ha. not. Then I have to try to get my arm cleared of the so called "temporary" tattos I slapped on last night. I have a picture of eminem on my hand. WOW. Then theres a dolphin, a flower, beyonce, justin timberFAKE. ha.

    You know what? I hate Ashanti. Im sorry. I had to say that. I dont hate her. I strongly dislike her. Every song... aww baby, come on, lets have sex all night, blah blah blah, Im a slut, yah, yah, im a whore, yeah, mmmm, yummy, yeah, some one please shoot me, yeah, sup, so hannah dont have to suffer no more, yeah yeah, *Gun shot*...*Cheer*...*Hannah starts singing "bandaids"*...that would be such a kewl song, wouldnt it!? Ha ha. Brianna must NEVER SEE THIS! hee hee. she would pull the trigga on me. She loves ashanti. Wanna know who I love? GOOD CHARLOTTE. Ow la la. Hee Hee. Here's how I see it. Paul is cute, Benji is hot, Joel is sexy, and Billy's a sex symbal! Yah! But I'm married to both twins so go disect an octopus. Speaking of octopus, wanna now what I ate at suchiland with Michele? FRIED OCTOPUS LEG. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. It taste like chicken! But I am going to go now because my day is over... times up...for now.

    Every time you go away, it actully kinda makes my day

    Current Mood: crappy
    Current Music: I Don't Give A Damn - Avril Lavinge

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