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Friday, October 10th, 2003
10:19 pm - I WANT STEVE ....
damn .. lol im so fuckin bored lol im on mynew dell in mah room yeah im happie its my first computer in my room lol and hmm angie came over after skewl and showed me a fewthings bout a pc scince im used to a mac and yeah and then hmm .. u guys have to check out my answerin machine ull love it lol angie did her ghetto voise its great !!! lmao i realllie want steve so fuckin bad i mean he is my friend and all and he talks to me in skewl but around paige and other ppl he doesnt talk to me so othen i think he isntmy frined and thats when i start getin annoying asking him if he is mad or sad or annoyed lol anyway yeah steve is locker number 78 and mine is 87 lol what a kawinkie dick , lol i mean dink ahahah any way silvia is mad at me because she lied to mew not that ica re idk y but shee told me she wasnt gunna gow out with kyle bcuz she knows ill be sad:-/ but than in skewl she sux up to me and shit just like paige .. idcare anymore ppl r gay sumtimes i mean paige is kewl and all but like she talks s ooow much shit ... lol shit talking paige lmao but she sux up toi me and she is sowww jealous lol its soo funni ill be talking to steve or sumthin and she will but in and say like omg i am wearing his sweatshirt and ill thats gay but he was the one who let her i got to suport him even if he is with her i cant wait till me and him gow out afta they brake up .. if they even doi .. hopefullie they do but anyway i dont wanna be mean i just reallie realliie like steven ................. all i want is him nothing else all i want for christmass is you .. even though xmas isnt till 3 months lol ahahhaha all i want for holloween is youuu lol ahahahaha a anyway yeah ill talk to ya all l8er .. xoxo alexa

current music: movielife-walking on glass

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