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[03 Jan 2004|04:39am]
hey its been awhile since my last update but i have a lj now.


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My Day [03 Nov 2003|06:14pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | White Wedding ~ Billy Idol ]

Today.::Period there late by like 5 minutes..who cares..had to leave after like 2 minutes to get a stupid prc..i went without a pass..the people in the office sent me back and back 15 minutes left..slept..who cares about stupid child development...and placenta...::Period 2::No Mr. Mckeon thank god. Did nothing watch Real loose to BS. LOL. funny. talked to kerrii....talked to some dude with kels and through a desk..which hurt...i think i scraped my back...o well....did my english homework...opps..forgot to do it while in vegas...o well....::Period 3:: Took pictures..of Salpy, Trenton, Susie, Alex <3, Lollipop (Lanzelle or however u spell his name) , Lills, Kels, Everett, and Otis <33...took alot of pictures...played basketball...saw Alex fiddlin with his looked really wrong..)<33...lets bored...went and walked around in the rain...they opened the freggin gates late..was late to class for once...::Period 4::Like I said i was late...I didnt get to see the end of clueless cuz i was absent..darn...fiddled with peter... bugged terry as usual...did stuff...::Period 5::Watched the Mummy returns, with horrible sound quality..::Period 6:: slept..left like 15 minutes early...yah....::After School:: Went to Sears and listened to music..and chatted on the internet....yah...i need to unpack from vegas..whatever..bye...((COMMENT))

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Another Survey. [26 Oct 2003|02:53pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | Baby Boy ~ Beyonce Feut. Sean Paul ]

LAYER ONE: -- Name: Joi -- Birth date: December 28 -- Birthplace: a hospital? -- Hair Color: brown wit some blode -- Height: 4'3 -- Righty or Lefty: Righty -- Zodiac Sign: Capricorn LAYER TWO: -- Your heritage: alot ok i dont wanna get into that -- The shoes you wore today: black sandals -- Your weakness: little kids. -- Your fears: clowns. dying. -- Your perfect pizza: eaten. -- Goal you’d like to achieve: graduate lol LAYER THREE: -- Your most overused phrase on AIM: "lol" -- Your thoughts first waking up:skool noooooooooo -- Your best physical feature:i dunno -- Your bedtime:dont have one! -- Your most missed memory: barbies. lol LAYER FOUR: -- Pepsi or Coke:Dr. Pepper -- McDonald’s or Burger King:Mcdonalds. -- Single or group dates:who gives a crap -- Adidas or Nike: nikes -- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton -- Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla -- Cappuccino or coffee: coffee LAYER FIVE: -- Smoke: nah -- Cuss:sometimes -- Sing:i cant but i cant help but to sing along with every song i know -- Take a shower everyday: duh. -- Have a crush: yep -- Do you think you’ve been in love: yeah -- Want to go to college: yah -- Like(d) high school:yep! -- Want to get married: yeah -- Believe in yourself: i try to -- Get motion sickness: every now and then -- Think you’re attractive:i dunno -- Think you’re a health freak: sometimes -- Get along with your parent(s): i guess -- Like thunderstorms:yep there fun -- Play an instrument:used to kinda play the drums LAYER SIX: In the past month... -- Drank alcohol: no -- Smoked:never have never will -- Done a drug:never -- Had Sex: no -- Made Out: no -- Gone on a date: yep -- Gone to the mall: yah -- Eaten an entire box of Oreos:alone yah when i was sick -- Eaten sushi: yea -- Been on stage: i dunno -- Been dumped: nope -- Gone skating: yah -- Made homemade cookies: yea but i burned um -- Gone skinny dipping: no -- Dyed your hair:highlights thats all -- Stolen anything: hmm... LAYER SEVEN: Ever... -- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: no -- Been caught "doing something":nah -- Been called a tease: yea -- Gotten beaten up: nope nope nope -- Shoplifted: i stole a barbie when i was 4 -- Changed who you were to fit in: no LAYER EIGHT: -- Age you hope to be married: 24 or 25 -- Numbers and Names of Children: hehe. Jesse Tal (J.T or Jess) and Ryann Elaine -- Describe your Dream Wedding: haha. -- How do you want to die: havent thought about it -- Where you want to go to college: Sarah Lawerence or something in Seattle -- What do you want to be when you grow up: i dunno -What country would you most like to visit: canada or paris LAYER NINE: In a guy/girl.. -- Best eye color? green or weird color -- Best hair color? haha -- Short or long hair: no mullets. eww. gross. -- height: doesnt matter to me -- Best articles of clothing: haha -- # of drugs taken illegally: none and i never plan on it -- # of people I could trust with my life: 4. Kelsey. Lilly. Nikki. Kellie. -- # of CDs that I own: alot -- # of piercings: 5. -- # of tattoos: none. as far as i know. ;) -- # of scars on my body: around 17 -- # of things in my past that I regret: alot

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[25 Oct 2003|08:44am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | R.E.S.P.E.C.T ~ Aretha Franklin ]

Yesterday was the best day of my life. I just want that day to come back again and again! :) If you want the details im me at Surrfduckie. :) I love my guys ~ nothin better! You guys know who u are! :)

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Yawn.. [17 Oct 2003|09:43pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Dig It ~ Holes Movie ]

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[11 Oct 2003|06:17pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Degrassi Theme Song ]

110 survey
1.) Name: Joi
2.) Age: 14
3.) Birthdate: 12.28.88
4.) Hometown: Tarzana,California
5.) Sign: Capricorn
6.) Occupation: 9th grader at T.H.S
7.) Pet Peeve: Spitting
8) Fave foods: iunno
9.) Fave colors: black, baby blue, white
10.) Fave movies: Sixteen Candles. Bend it like Beckham. The Fast and the Furious.
11.) Fave day: Friday
12.) fave Animals: dogs
13.) Fave Holidays: Christmas
14.) Fave T.V. Shows: iunno
15.) Fave Actor:Craig Epstein. Vin Diesel. Eminem.
16.) Fave Actress: ......
17.) Hottest Guy: ......gimme a ****!....
18.) What Youve Been Listening to Lately: The Ataris and Thursday
19.) Friends: they know who they are.
20.) Fave Hangout: The Commons
21.) Fave sport(s): no comment
22.) Fave Thing to do: hang out
23.) How far have you gone?: wouldn't you like to know
24.) My most embarassing moment was: lots. to many too list
25.)The wackiest thing I did as a kid: hahaha
26.)Biggest rumor about me that wasn't true: all of them are probably not true
27.) Have you ever had your heart broken?: yeah who's hasn't been
28.)What are you wearing right now?: a strawberry shortcake tank and tigger pajama pants
29.) What is the meanest thing you have ever said to anyone? no comment
30.) Are you in a relationship right now?: define relationship?
31.) Pepsi or Coke?: pepsi
32.) Beach or Snow?: beach
33.) Rainy or Sunny?: rainy
34.) Square or Circle?: circle
35.) Dark or Bright?: dark
36.) Left or Right?: right

37.) have a best friend: yes of course
38.) have a boyfriend/girlfriend: wasn't this question already asked
40.) speak another language: Oui
41.) drive: not yet
42.) have a car: no not yet

43.)Who was the last person you talked to online?: Josh
44.)Who have you known the longest?: Nikki and Sam
45.)Who do you talk to online the most?: iunno
46.)Who do you talk to on the phone most?: Jennifer
47.)Who do you trust the most?: Lots of people
48.)Who listens to your problems?: Lilly
49.)Who do you fight with the most?: Nikki and Kelsey
50.)Who do you fight with the least?: Lilly
51.)Who is the nicest?: they're are all nice
52.)Who is the sweetest?: read above
53.) Who is the funniest?: iunno
54.)Who is the most outgoing?: iunno lots of people are outgoin
55.Who is the smartest?: iunno
56.)Who is the ditziest?: Nikki
57.)Who is the best singer?: Not me...
When was the last time you...
58.)...answered a serious question?: um. the other day
59.)...had a serious conversation?: the other day
60.)...went to the mall?: Monday
61.)...went to the movies?: went to see lost in translation
62.)...smoked weed?: never
63.)...did illegal drugs?: not that i know of.
64.)...had sex?: nope

65.)Are you talking to anyone online?: i am online. but away.
66.)What are you doing?: this survey
67.)Are you lonely or content?: content
68.) Are you listening to music?: no, not right now
69.) Who is your worst enemy?: i have no comment
70.)Who do you cry to most often?: Lilly
71.)What is your favourite perfume scent?: hmmm!
72.)Favourite school subject?: P.E
73)Least favourite school subject?: algebra
74.)Who will understand you the most?: Lilly
75.)Who was the last person that broke your heart?: iunno
76.)Who is the love of your life?: iunno

77.) dissapoint you?: iunno
78.) ask you out?: iunno
79.) make you cry?: me
80.)...brighten up your day?: my friends
81.)...that you thought about?: Lilly
82.) went to the movies with?: iunno
83.) went out on a date with?: iunno
84.) talked to on the phone?: Nikki
85.) talked to on AOL?: wasnt this question already asked?
86.) saw?: Nikki and Sam

87.)...ever slept outdoors?: yeah
88.)...cussed someone out?: not to their face
89.)...thought about suicide?: no can't say that i have
90.)...stayed up for 24 hours?: yep
91.)...swam in the rain or snow?: no
92.)...gotten drunk?: iunno
93.)...gone a day w/out eating?: yep
94.)...talked on the phone all night?: yeah
95.)...been in a bed w/the opposite sex?: nope
96.)...smoked?: nope
97.)...made prank calls?: yes..
98.)...been in love?: yes i have been
99.)...slept all day?: yes
100.)...killed someone?: yeah i'm filling this out from prison right now
101.)...been out of the country?: yes
102.)...told a guy you loved them?: yeah of course
103.)...if yes, did you mean it?: yes i meant it.. i wouldn't have said it if i didn't mean it
104.)...gone skinny dipping?: no
105.)...kissed someone you didn't know?: can't say that i have
106.)...thought you were going crazy?: yes
107.)...threatened someone?: nope
108.)...done anything sexual with a member of the same sex?: no i haven't
109.)...asked out a member of the opposite sex?: yeah i have
110.)...finished one of these surveys?: yeah i just finished this one

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Hey [10 Oct 2003|06:49pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I am happy and hyper...listenin to some rap shit....latazz...

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Why Me? [09 Oct 2003|04:45pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Shut up ~ Black Eyed Peas ]

Life sucks.

Today at school during 3rd period, which is the class I have with the guy I like well like its pe and he has a diffrent teach and shit..and they went to some other part of the pe thing..and we had to go to the fuckin track, so i didn't really get to see him! I know he don't like me..but still...he is so god damn fine! Anywayz I was so bum in 4th that i started being all bitchy..and shit to some people...but then i was walkin and then I saw him after 4th so i was all like omg ! yay! i got to see him! O well. Tommorrows Friday which brings the weekend Hell Fuckin Kung Fo! <--Don't ask. Well...tonights back to school night and i am fuckin not going .... i told my mum u go and buy me a sweater and thats He's prob gunna be there...well if u wanna know who I like Im me and i might say... :(...I have the worst love sickness stomach ache....:'(....lots of love...xoxo...peace !

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Random Ims [07 Oct 2003|05:11pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | Into you ~ Fabolous/Tamia ]

surrfduckie (5:10:07 PM): i love u
Kristian (5:10:32 PM): riiite

Jenny(5:17:08 PM): does she like bob*
* name changed

surrfduckie (5:18:31 PM): where is brooklyn?
surrfduckie (5:18:40 PM): is it in california?
Frankie (5:18:40 PM): brooklyn
Frankie (5:18:44 PM): new york
surrfduckie (5:18:48 PM): oo yah sorry
surrfduckie (5:18:53 PM): *blonde moment*

Ilya: everyone wants ur big ass

Nikki: a blonde was having a really bad day and she was reaching in back of her ear looking for a pencil and found a tampon

surrfduckie (5:34:19 PM): i'm talking to u on the cell and online
Jenny(5:34:32 PM): Yah

Katy (5:40:33 PM): hey duckie!!!

Erik: Your so cute
surrfduckie (3:53:23 PM): Hell Yeah!

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More Bout Me!!! [04 Oct 2003|09:54am]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Love at First Sight ~ Kylie Minogue ]

1. Full Name: Joi Patrice Meyer Brewer
2. Were you named after anyone?
3. Do you wish on stars? sometimes
4. Which finger is your favorite? Uh.....
5. Do you like your handwriting? Yeah its ok.
6. Do you paint your nails? Yes.
7. What is your favorite lunch meat? varies
8. Any bad habits? Um... probably making people angry...
9. What is your most embarrassing CD on your CD rack? Oh,my Nsync cds probably...
10. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? yeah.
11. Are you a daredevil? yah
12. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell? Yes, I have.
13. Do looks matter? No, not really.
14. Have you ever misused a word and it sounded absolutely stupid? Many times
15. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I highly doubt it.
16. Do fish have feelings? Probably
17. Are you Trendy? Not really.
18. How do you release anger? listen to music.
19. Where is your second home? Nikki's
20. Do you trust others easily? Yes and no.
21. What was your favorite toy as a child? gosh i don't know.
22. What class in school do you think is totally useless? hmm, Algebra
23. Do you like sappy love songs? Not really. I have to be in the mood for them.
24. Have you ever been on radio or television? Yes, of course.
25. Do you have a journal? umm. yeah!
26. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Yes.
27. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? Yes.
28. What do you look for in a guy/girl? brains/humour
30. Would you bungee jump? yah
31. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? yes.
32. What are you worried about right now? Nothing at this current moment.
33. Do you ever wear overalls? No.
34. Do you think that you are strong? Mentally or physically?
35. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Cherry Garcia
36. What's your favorite color? Black
37. What is your least fav. thing in the world? I don't know.
38. How many wisdom teeth do you have? No clue
39. Are you in love w/ anyone? Well, I don't know if I'd call it love...
40. How many people have a crush on you right now? Oh I'll say 1 or 2...
41. Who do you miss most right now? Chase and Julia

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