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GRR!@#$;[ [08 Jan 2003|05:38pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | n O T H I N G ]

for the love of God! I really hate people. UGH. everyone has been pissin me off lately + I just cant stand it no mo! [haha lmao] but my mom has been starting it all. she like yells at me for the gayest shyt like my bed wasnt made + I left the house + she was like "I never want you to leave the house when your room is like that again!!" i was like yahh ook i JUST put that stuff on my BED not my whole frikin room..UGH + she just kept on bitching! its so wack. oh well shes been pretty good this week tho so thats good. but she makes me never wanna be home so I never am..like over vaca. I wasnt ;] how was your christmas break..wud ya all do? Id love to hear about it! lol [wow im suucha loser]
wow I really need to go + get my permit ;/ but i just like dont wanna..but i do, i dunno. some of my friends can drive so I can just catch me a ride from them or wut not so it doesnt really matter to me. i dont get wut the big deal is about getting it anyways bc its not like Im gonna be gettin a car so my dad can really stop bugging me! hehe.
omg basketball sucks, Im ready to quit! like for real. I just dont love to play like I used to. sometimes I do tho but other times im like fuk it! oh well i love the gurls on the team theyre all nice + we all kinda clique so thats good. + I dont wanna quit either bc Im REALLY not a quitter..+ I dont wanna stop bein friends wit them lol so Im just gonna suck it up + deal..take it like a man..u kno u kno! haha lmao * AANYWAYS@! wuts shakin? anything interesting goin on? well comment me + let me kno ;]*

c A S S I E<33
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