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holla!@* [01 Jan 2003|09:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | No diggity ; Blackstreet [bball song lol] ]

I like the way you work it! hehe oh mii! umm i hope u all had a good new years..mine was pretty boring. I tried to egg my exboyfriends house..well he tried to egg me on halloween [or got his friends throwing them!] but he did not succeed! haha he said that it was 'revenge' for me dumping him..wudda loser, i mean come on, who throws eggs..i mean reeally. haha. me + my friends just chilled + watched Goldmember..wow wudda good movie! it was pretty fun hehe. we all wanted to drink but we had no hook-ups! lol so we werent drunk for the new year ;p oh well. so anyways I got my hair did [lmao] i got the whole highlight + cut thaang. it looks OK..but the dumbass like went halfway down my head wit blonde so the top is soo much lighter than the rest of my hair so I think Im gonna go back + get it fixed. good god. well I think Im gonna go I'll probably update again later! love you muchos!

<3 c A S S I E bAYBEE

oh by the way..can someone make me an icon + layout? comment me if you wanna help..i'll love ya forever, I can tell ya that much! ;D

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