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your mom...hehe [12 Jan 2003|10:39am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | wanksta ; 50 cent ]

heyy im really bored + these kept me occupied..here are some quizzes haha yah Im a loser shut up!

Which Boyband Member Is For You?

Which Teen Movie Queen Are You?
Which Teen Movie Queen Are You?

Which 'Stripped' Christina Are You?

m U C H <333

GRR!@#$;[ [08 Jan 2003|05:38pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | n O T H I N G ]

for the love of God! I really hate people. UGH. everyone has been pissin me off lately + I just cant stand it no mo! [haha lmao] but my mom has been starting it all. she like yells at me for the gayest shyt like my bed wasnt made + I left the house + she was like "I never want you to leave the house when your room is like that again!!" i was like yahh ook i JUST put that stuff on my BED not my whole frikin room..UGH + she just kept on bitching! its so wack. oh well shes been pretty good this week tho so thats good. but she makes me never wanna be home so I never am..like over vaca. I wasnt ;] how was your christmas break..wud ya all do? Id love to hear about it! lol [wow im suucha loser]
wow I really need to go + get my permit ;/ but i just like dont wanna..but i do, i dunno. some of my friends can drive so I can just catch me a ride from them or wut not so it doesnt really matter to me. i dont get wut the big deal is about getting it anyways bc its not like Im gonna be gettin a car so my dad can really stop bugging me! hehe.
omg basketball sucks, Im ready to quit! like for real. I just dont love to play like I used to. sometimes I do tho but other times im like fuk it! oh well i love the gurls on the team theyre all nice + we all kinda clique so thats good. + I dont wanna quit either bc Im REALLY not a quitter..+ I dont wanna stop bein friends wit them lol so Im just gonna suck it up + deal..take it like a man..u kno u kno! haha lmao * AANYWAYS@! wuts shakin? anything interesting goin on? well comment me + let me kno ;]*

c A S S I E<33

holla!@* [01 Jan 2003|09:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | No diggity ; Blackstreet [bball song lol] ]

I like the way you work it! hehe oh mii! umm i hope u all had a good new years..mine was pretty boring. I tried to egg my exboyfriends house..well he tried to egg me on halloween [or got his friends throwing them!] but he did not succeed! haha he said that it was 'revenge' for me dumping him..wudda loser, i mean come on, who throws eggs..i mean reeally. haha. me + my friends just chilled + watched Goldmember..wow wudda good movie! it was pretty fun hehe. we all wanted to drink but we had no hook-ups! lol so we werent drunk for the new year ;p oh well. so anyways I got my hair did [lmao] i got the whole highlight + cut thaang. it looks OK..but the dumbass like went halfway down my head wit blonde so the top is soo much lighter than the rest of my hair so I think Im gonna go back + get it fixed. good god. well I think Im gonna go I'll probably update again later! love you muchos!

<3 c A S S I E bAYBEE

oh by the way..can someone make me an icon + layout? comment me if you wanna help..i'll love ya forever, I can tell ya that much! ;D


;] * [31 Dec 2002|12:11am]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | [[ nothing ]] ]

hey everyone! wut uup..nuthin here Im so bored. I really should be sleeping bc who doesnt need the extra beauty sleep u kno?! oh well! hehe. umm I havent done like anything over vaca..its so booring! + the weather has been all shitty so no beach, no boats! ..or sun..or even FUN! nothing to do. i saw 'catch me if you can' wit leo dicRapio [sorry, had to do it ;] tonite. hehe wow is he hottttttt dayum! + i drank a lil wit my friend woopie lol. oh well its all gravyy.

ya kno wut i hate? how i ALWAYS seem to have the biggest crushes on guys that are wayy outta my league. it really sucks + pisses me off. i cant get anyone that i seem to like..ugh it makes me so mad. + its the worst feeling too..bc i cant help who i like + who gives me butterflies. even if i dont even kno them. they could be the biggest a$shole but yet i still fall...+ keep fallin + hit the ground hard! lol when i realize that theyre not for me or i dont have a chance. oh well life goes on!!!!

anyways! how do u like the new layout? i pretty much to the same thing wit different colors so um get used to it! lol..unlesss someone wants to help me? you dont hafta but only if you would like to ;]* i made the icon myself guys! ya should be proud of me..Im creative but not talented to do that kinda stuff! haha

well have an awesome nEW yEARS!! ..dont do anything i wouldnt do! ..ha ;]

c A S S I E<33

hehe [25 Dec 2002|06:29pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | my neck, my back.. ; Khia ]

ho ho ho hoez! lmao anyways mERRY cHRISTMAS!! I hope all is well wit everyone + such. it doesnt feel like christmas at all, really. well considering its not the usual white christmas here in florida so it sucks. + it was really boring too. blaa, oh well..everythings so jolly today + then tomorrow everyone will be all bxtchii again ;x .. anyways I got some cute things like the usual clothes, make-up, + bath & body works things. its all good. ugh I always feel bad tho bc we never get my dad anything. lol I kno that it sounds weird but we dont bc I dont have a job + my mom doesnt work either so we dont have any money to buy him something from us..without using his money. my grandmother gets him something tho + so does my neighbor [we're good friends wit them so its ok]. his birthday is coming up on saturday so I wanna get him something nice bc he really deserves it. anyways! not like you care or anything but oh well! well have an awesome christmas + comment me pleease!

c A S S I E<33


hii [17 Dec 2002|05:17pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | bump bump bump ; B2K + P.Diddy ]

hey guys! Im new to Blurty + if anyone can/wants to help me wit an icon + layout..comment plz! thanks bunches ;]

c A S S I E<33


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