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    Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
    7:31 am
    Sorry i havnt updated this thingy lately or anything..but ive had alot of shit going on and ill explain it ALL to you! lol! Well, as most of you guys know..yesterday was Halloween. And yes, of course, i went Trick - or - Treating. I took two of my little cuzins (Bre, she was scooby and Tiff, she was a witch) out. We went with my gurl Chelz, who is also pregnant...a little over 8 months! But me and Chelz were ghetto babiis! lol! We went around her trailer park, because there is alot of trailer there and we ended up with a shit load of candy! :) But on our way to Chelz, my car was fucking up more and more...which my car has been a peace of shit lately. But it would stall out on us if i turned my lights on and blah! It needs alot of money put into and i really dont think we should put the money into it, but my dumb ass mom does. I think we should just get a new damn car..but ill keep you updated on the whole car ordeal thing..lol! Also, about the whole trick or treat thing...Justin, my babys daddy, lives there also. Well his mother had her light on..so we went up to her door and she gave us some candy and told us to come in and check out there new trailer, because they just moved into it not to long ago! But thank god, justin wasnt there...i guess he was at his slut girlfriends sisters halloween party thingy! But anyways, ive been pretty depressed lately...they said its because im pregnant and it will happen often! So i guess there is the reason! Ive given up on Drew and relized i really dont need him...i dont really need anyone right now. I mean yes of course it would be nice as hell to have a boyfriend, but its not worth the stress it causes! Me and my x~Justin Raatz (not the babys daddy), got into a little fight thingy today, which was over pitty shit. But oh wellz! Im eating some chicken noodle soup right now and its really good and really hott! lol! Just thought i would fill you in on the! Ive been babysitting alot lately..because i need money badly! I wanna go and get a real job, but its kind of hard when you dont have a car that will for sure get you back and furth! So my mom is being nice about me just babysitting. Because i make 20 some dollars a night..and i normally babysit like 4 or 5 nights a week..so i guess its an okay jobie! lol! My mom got this credit card about like 4 or maybe more years ago with my Uncle John and she kind of racked the bill up REALLY high and never got a chance to pay it off. Well she is going through bankrupcy (however you spell it) right now and its supose to pay that one off also. Well my uncle is being a big ol fucking dick about it, because i guess they said something about him going to jail, which really he can rott there. Because he has gave my mom so much damn stress and no one in our family really likes him. Because all he does it bitch bitch bitch! And tomarrow we are supose to draw names..because we find it alot easier if we draw names for Christmas..instead of getting something for everyone. Being that we are getting older and its a little hard to buy something for us. lol! But my mom isnt going to go to the because my uncle is supose to be there and she dont wanna put up with his shit and i think its bullshit he is yelling at my mom about it because he has the money as of right nowbe paying some of it off and my mom could just be paying him some money a week or something. But NO he is a fucking dick and wont do anything the easy way. But i really dont think theres anything new happening! Oh yeah, i dont think ive wrote in here since i went to the docs...but i heard the babys heartbeat when i went, it was so werid but it was the shit! And im 11 weeks and 3 days as of right now! But im going to go and watch some tv because im fucking bored as hell and depressed! So i guess ill update you as much as i can! Bye byes~ -Stina-

    (Life sucks so much..i cant wait til we move into our new place and get my new car and maybe ill have a life back or something! i dont know but i wanna get the fuck up out of this place NOW!)

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    »Imma fighter«
    Wednesday, October 29th, 2003
    2:05 pm
    ( Babys Heart Beat )
    heyy..im kind of depressed and feeling like shit! member how i said i was gunna call drew and shit because of that email he sent me, well i did and i left a message, well a couple, and he never called me back. so im kind of bumed out. because i really like/love him and i just wanted to talk to him last night. i mean nothing big, just say hey and shit! ya know? well yeah anyways, i went to the docs today about my baby, because i got every 4 weeks. well i found out im 10 weeks and 6 days as of today...so yeah i further than i thought i was. :) which makes me a little more happier! but i also got to hear my babys heartbeat while i was at the docs. it was so werid sounding and it was cute! lol! but i got back to the docs Nov. 26th on a wensday. lol, go figure! but i guess ill try and call drew tonight or something because i wanna talk to him really bad. but imma go now because i think imma lay down or something, i feel like shit. bye byes~ -Stina-

    ( Depression and love sucks ass...why the fuck do they have to make them? UGHHH! )

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    »Imma fighter«
    Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
    7:19 am
    ( The Email )
    Well thats night before i got off line, i text messaged drew to tell him to check him email and i was to scared to call him and tell him to check his mail. Well, when i got on line this morning, when i woke up...there was an email from him. Which was a big suprise to me, because normally he dont email me back, he just reads my email. Well the email said "if you wanna call me then call me!" OMG i so just wanted to call him right then but i didnt know if he would be up or if he was in school. So i said ill just call him whenever i get home today and hope he talks to me! :) You guys dont know how much i love him and want him back. But i got to go because i got to leave for school in like 20 minutes and im not even dressed. But ill tell you all about your chat whenever i call him! Bye byes~ -Stina Marie-

    ( You best believe my bitch ass if gunna call drew now! YAY! )

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    »Imma fighter«
    Monday, October 27th, 2003
    7:53 pm
    ( Drew Austin Barnhart )
    OH MY GOD, I seen him finally...i never thought i would be able to see him. Not at his house or anything, me and my mom went to get some food for the house and as we were leaving we seen him and his friend there paying and getting ready to leave! But the down part about seeing him again is that i feel in love all over again..but if only i could have him back! My heart will always belong to him, weather im with him or not and he knows it or so i hope! If by any chance yout wondering who the hell "he" is..its my ex~boyfriend, Drew Austin Barnhart. If you ever happen to read my old journal ( HurleyPimpette ), its basically all about mine and his relationship. He is fucking hotter than hell and i would do anything in my damn power to have him back with me. But he has a girlfriend, go figure. I would love to have him live with me when i move, then going to my school and being able to see him every min. of my life. And i always wanted to have a kid with him and i know this isnt his child, but i would love to have him back and we could raise this baby together and say FUCK JUSTIN! :) I dont know, im just going nuts, really nuts, because i want him back so badly. I know he knows i like/love him so much still, but i dont think he would ever leave his girlfriend and i dont want him to hurt her, but i DO want HIM! She dont need him like i do! Me and Drew were together for about 2 and a half years and omg he was the BEST boyfriend i have ever had and that i will prolly ever have. Thats why i want him back, hes the man i wanna marry, live with for the rest of my life, i mean i wouldnt mind growing old and gray with him. :) Oh god please, i beg of you please just let me have one more chance with him and he wont regret it. I so promise he wont, i wont be my old self and im sure he will still be his old self. He was so caring, i could just lay there and talk or just cuddle with him all night and be happy. ( he doesnt know this part, so if he reads my journal, he is gunna find something new out ), but i used to take my moms car out there, before i got my licens, but i would have to go back home before to long and i would cry on my way home because i didnt wanna leave his side and then of course i go and stop talking to him. But like i said, i would do anything just to have him back. Love isnt love without him, life isnt like it used to be without him...ugh well imma go and be depressed for the rest of the night wishing i had him back. I will keep you updated on my life, but i have school tomarrows, unlike today, so something might happened. lol! bye byes~ -Stina Marie-

    ( I still love you Drew! )

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    »Imma fighter«
    9:55 am
    ( Nothing New )
    Well, nothing big has really happened but i figured i should write in here just to keep you updated. Well, as of tomarrow ill be 10 weeks along! :) And i got to the doctors again Wensday. But i have no clue what the hell im going to do there, because nothing has changed. For those of you who didnt know im pregnant, yeah i am. lol! Im so not with the babies daddy anymore, he was cool with the whole thing for like a week...then he got all dumbassed and left me a week after he found out about it. The babies daddy is Justin Frye, but he claims its not his, which mmm if you put two and two together it could only be his. But he will find out how much its gunna suck to fuck me over, because hes really gunna be fucked over when he finds out it his. And my baby aint allowed by its self with Justin, because he dont even know how the hell to hold a damn baby. Hes so mean to his little sister and shes only two years old! But yeah me and my mom went out to charlotte last night, to look at this Buick they had out there and to also get her heat working in her car. Well i love the Buick, but he wont take payments and my mom wont have all the money til the end of next month. So i dont know whats going on with that. But other than that, nothing big happened! Oh yeah, Thursday and Friday, me, Chelz, Adam and Amanda are supose to go Trick-or-Treating! HOLLA! lol! You know Stina cant not go! But imma go for now because im bored as fuck and being on line aint helping it. I need someone to fix my blurty up. So if your reading this and you can fix it up...will you please comment me or IM me or email me or something?!?! lol! bye byes~ -Stina-
    ( Life sucks ass! )

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    »Imma fighter«
    Sunday, October 26th, 2003
    8:20 am
    ( All about last night )
    whoa, its been a long as time since i wrote in a blurty. i figured i mine as well get a new name since my old one was all about my ex-boyfriend drew and yeah. (hurleypimpette) <~~~ thats the username is any of you wanna check it out of something. but anyways, around 12ish ( in the afternoon ) i headed out to my friend chelz house, i was gunna go take her little brother, DJ, to look at this buick because i need a new car, but the dumbass lady called and said it dont start right now but we can go and look at it still just to look at the inside and outside. i was like im not gunna waste a damn trip if the car dont work. but yeah so i just went to chelz and chilled for a little while. then we ended up going to mejiers to get her older brothers girlfriend something for hr birthday and shit...well we couldnt find nothing there but we found out mejiers is doing a little trick or treat thingy...so we went around and did that. :) it was funn! lol! but after we left mejiers we went to family dollar, AKA the save store, to get something for the chicks birthday and we finally found something. then we wnt to get something to eat and then headed over to this chick amandas house and chilled there for a little while. then went back to chelz house because i had to wait til after 4*30ish to get some money from my mom and shit. because thats when she went into work and she works right by chelz house. but yeah anyways, after we did all this we went to go see Scary Movie 3 at 5*50ish and OMG the begining was the fucking best and funniest...but the end was kind of lame!!!!!!!!! but yeah after we got done with the movie we headed out to the haunted house and we ended up having to wait in lane for an hour, but it wasnt that cold so it was alright with me! and when we finally got into the haunted house.........OMG it was the fucking best and scariest and i kept throwing chelz into the scary peoples because i didnt want them to come and eat me and shit. lol! but after i droped chelz off at home i went home and went to bed and woke up around 7ish because i had a damn charlie horse thingy in my leg and it wouldnt go away! but yeah nothing else good is going on. so imma go for now and write in here when theres something good! lol! bye byes~ <3 Stina <3

    ( Scream Scream Scream Scream! )

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