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    Wednesday, October 29th, 2003
    3:09 pm
    Today sucked...Ms. J-G's class was boring, during Drama we were supposed to have an assembly but it got cancelled due to the performer fell ill...Drama then sucked. Then we went to Mr.Miller all we did was talk about our project. Then Ms. Johnson's Pre-Algebra class, it was okay. Then to Science we watched Bill Nye the Science Guy..After that we went to Mrs. McNeil and she was in a sour attitude again and stuff so I tuned her out. Then I went to chorus and I think I'm getting strep or something because my throat hurts like a bitch!@#$ I didn't feel like singing so i pretty much talked my way through the songs..At lunch I had lunch detention but Mandie came along with me and got in trouble for talking..Stupid Ms.J-G.

    i'm craving some coughdrops...

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    Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
    9:40 pm
    BLURTY...- Today sucked it was boring and blah like. J-g's class sucked and well Drama there was a lot of drama. Ms Johnson let Sara be the director so we did Edria's play, I'm the narrator. Edria got pissed because Sara was trying to help her direct it because it was her job and Edria was like whatever. Yeah so then I had Mr. Miller, Mandie went to the dentist so she left me sitting next to Jessica Johns' purse and binder..What a companion. That class also sucked. Then it was Pre-Algebra with the other Ms. Johnson, we had her class for like 20 minutes then it was time for lunch. I had lunch detention with Ms.J-G and Vanessa was supposed to go but she didn't and I had permission to yell at her, I didn't though. After lunch we had to go back to math, Ms. Johnson gave us time to do our homework but I didn't, I sat and studied for our science test. Then we went to Mrs.Ready's Science class to take our test. It was okay. We graded them in class--I got a B. Then I went to "American History" with Ms.McNeil, she was a total bitch today. Then I had chorus with Mr. Whitehair and...well we got a new song and we just-sang..well what a great first entry!

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    Current Music: Less Than Perfect on tv