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Saturday, December 13th, 2003
1:31 am - blah fukin blah
tonite was fuckin gay i didnt even get drunk i got high omg that lasted for about 30mins! wow fun NOT! i dun even lyke doing drug's but u kno how it's lyke when ur so called friend's force u into sumthin you dun wanna do? anyway i jus got home this stupid guy gave me a ride home n my stupid friend came :| she's prolly gone to fuk him she's such a slut lyke dat :)) oh well i dun care :p i hope she gets an std one day :| oops no i dun lmao dat's not realli nice :)

mmkay i'm bored :( stupid people 8-| i think i;m going to bed?:p
nighty nite!
<3 melz

My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

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current music: Three Six Mafia - Baby Momma

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Friday, December 12th, 2003
8:12 pm - :(
my dads going to Thailand so that mean's he can pay for me to go to America rite!?

anyways i was talking to Carly today n she was lyke "why r u even wif him" "he still has another 2 yr's to go" lyke i give a fuk :| hes my frist real love,woah that would have to b the biggest mistake of my life if i broke up wif him!

anyway moving on :] i'm bored i gotta go to the shop or sumthin so i can post my letter everyday this week i've forgot about it.lol kay i betta go get ready cuz i'm about to go out :]

much luv
<3 melz

current mood: stressed
current music: missy elliott - work it

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Thursday, December 11th, 2003
11:13 pm - @!%@^@^!!@
uhm i finally gots to watch sumthin i liked i watched charmed then little people big live's aww that was kinda sad i jus about cryed :( i watched that for like 30 min's and then watched trista and ryan's wedding and then joined for life that was sad too :( gosh sum people r sickos :)) lmao
anyways i'm going xmas shopping 2morrow YAY for meh not realli :]

ali111m: hellllo
ali111m: how are you
MELANIE: kay n u
ali111m: fine did you go to school tody
ali111m: why
MELANIE: i dont have school for another 7 weeks
MELANIE: cuz we on holidays
ali111m: good what time is it are you alone
MELANIE: 11:23pm
ali111m: alone
MELANIE: no not realli
ali111m: when you willbe alone imean your family out
MELANIE: watever
ali111m: I want you to now that imight do some spelling mistake or not using the right word you now my english not perfect so you must excuse my mistakes idont mean bad things
MELANIE: ohkay
ali111m: can you use mic
ali111m: how old your dad and mum
MELANIE: my mum's 33 n my dad's 36
ali111m: what are you wearing now
MELANIE: um my pjs wat do u think
ali111m: do you want
MELANIE: want wat
ali111m: you tell me ilike to hear it from you
MELANIE: u tell me kay
ali111m: riding orscrewing or shfting or shagging or stffing or fucking
MELANIE: um no thanks i have a bf
ali111m: whore
ali111m: which one you like me to use
MELANIE: dunno dont care

okay there ish more but i cant b f*cked waiting for him to answer so yeah wat a queer lol well i think i'm gunna go to bed or sumthin :]
night nites!
<3 melz

current mood: crappy
current music: 2Pac - Hail Mary

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7:34 pm - Blehhhh!@
i'm lyke so bored rite now :| my dad ish being sucha dork 2 me 2nite :| i hate living here :| wish it would stop raining grrrr :'( i think i'm gunna go friends only :| i dont want people i dont even know reading my shii :| ugh ok so anyway bacc to my stupid dad he cant even make me dinner :| jus because i had kfc yeah so that was lunch for me i didnt eat breakfast because i woke up tooo late god i hate this stupid shii :| n now he's telling to to get off the computer!why so he can talk to his stupid friend tum

it's not even his computer it's MINE so why the f*ck do i have to get off :| blah anyway thats ENOUGH bout him!:]

err i'm gunna go now :(
<3 melz

current mood: bored
current music: scribe (feat p-money) - not many

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4:10 pm - !@~@#$!
Ugh I Just Got Home From Town :'( This Stupid Guy Was Here And He Wouldnt Leave And I Couldnt Walk Cuz It Was Raning So I Had To Wait Till He Left I Was Getting So Pissed And Then Finally He Left At Like 3 Grrr Stupid Person :'( Ugh Anyway I Got KFC Now I Feel "Fat" There Are Sum Crazy Driver's Out There! LOL..

Ahhhhh I Didnt Get To Watch Dawson's Creek :'( Oh Well 8-| Least I Get To Watch Charmed :D...

Kay I'm Gunna Go..
<3 Melz

current mood: happy
current music: Monica - Angel Of Mine

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
11:22 pm - *___*Blah*___*
Thanks For Making My Icon ;]
LOL Anyways My Other Journal Has Been Suspended Or Sumsthing:( Kay Well I Talked To Ghouse Tonight He's Such A Sweetie He's So Sick Right Now :( I Hope He Gets Betta Soon..Who's Ghouse ? MY BOYFRIEND Buh He's In Jail :( Uhm Yeah Anyways Well I Think I'm Gunna Go To Bed..
Nighty Nite!
xoxox Melz xoxox
Luv Yew Ghouse xoxoxox

current mood: okay
current music: Missy Elliott - Pass That Dutch

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