I'm addicted to you.

AT 07:06P

I'm a non-bracketer. I don't follow the rules. I'm one bad mofo. I'm on top of the world, see? I be-head stuffed dogs, see? Scampy is a freak. She has real curly hair. Really scary. She says, "um" a lot. Studders a little bit, too. No. Actually, she studders a lot. :D Did you know that igloos hate arctic tents? Even the bald emotional nerds just italicize. Yeaaa. :D Laugh out loud. LOSER ON LINE! Heck yea, buddy! Did you know that Mrs. Thimons smokes crack? She likes anuses. Yea. Uranus. Haha. Yea... NO I WON'T MAKE OUT WITH YOU!

(insert incoherent rambling here)

Did I mention that I hate you? Because I do. :D

AT 07:49P

[ Sorry. I'm not looking for attention. I'm looking for someone to cheer me up. :\ ]

AT 10:04P

Well, I'm in New York, NY right now. We just finished our performance in the Irving Plaza with Diffuser, Gob, and Madcap. We'll be leaving soon. Well, we ARE leaving right now. Tour bus. ;) Show was great, though. Great fans. :D THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING!

Who wants to lick me?

AT 04:41P

Dude, I'm not a camel. I'm a llama. :D

AT 01:16A


Yo, kids. This is my journal.
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Peace. \m/

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